2008 Revisited for Doomsday Stories

It is back to 2008 when a British sci-fi movie called Doomsday was released. It had sought the limelights that time and was received well.  The movie was made at large budget and when released to halls and the public, it did not do well. The movie is again in the spot light due to its name. Thousands of the people want to watch it.

The movie Doomsday of 2008 has no relationship of the doomsday at all. These is irrational frenzy which is catching up with the people. People also want to know the Rhona Mitra’s connection with doomsday. Some people claim that there is something special in the hairstyle of Rhona Mitra in the movie doomsday.  There are pictures which are in the interest for many.

However, the doomsday movie had Rhona playing the role of Eden Sinclair who is a major in the security department. The movie dealt with the subject o virus outbreak and futuristic force to control it.  The movie does not mention anything about Maya or Inca or anything else.

There is nothing in this movie to watch for doomsday theories. The fiction books and movies which have resembling names are making good movie in the sale. These movies may be unrelated but people are looking for them. Sudden interest in Rhona or Rohona Mitra and her movie Doomsday is an evident fact that some bad movies may be of interest in sometime in future.

Nothing of interest in this movie for the people who are looking for something to link with doomsday theories.

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