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2012 Movie Review

It is just a movie. I was fairly disappointed with this movie. I expected movie to tell us reasons for 2012 events.

These are the reasons I did not find movie to be good.

1. Movie does not elaborate on the sequence of events leading to the main theme.

2. It starts happening suddenly that the big day has arrived for no reason.

3.  There is no linking facts to Maya Calendar.

5. Movie had everything happening at the same time and suddenly the halt.

6. Movie does not tell you that it is going to happen on December 21, 2012.

7. There is no Nibru Planet in this movie. Theorists would be fairly disappointed.

8. There is no global warming theme.

9. The story simply has many families caught in the events and everyone tries to save them.

10. The love stories and family drama, why you need it to be in a movie which is dealing with 2012.

11.  With the established facts, There is no way to reach Himalaya for Tsunami waves.

12. The movie changes theme from 2012 to saving humanity.

13.  Poor screenplay and disconnected events put this movie into bad science.

Now comes the real science which makes impossible to have it exactly same or more than that.

1.  Any geography or geology student will tell you that events on earth do not happen suddenly.

2.  If the earth has depleting crust, the events would be visible much before 2012.

3. It would not happen on a single day if it has to be. Any devastating event will take time to arrive and there must be sequence of events.

The Day After Tomorrow was better attempt than this one.

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2012 | Big companies not scared

It seems that only self-proclaimed experts of 2012 doomsday are the only creature who are scared and they have good fan following which is no different than those.  Almost all the big companies have great plans for 2012.  Are they scared? Absolutely not!. If you ask them about doomsday theories. You are going to get reply “what bullshit you are talking about?” If you are not still satisfied, here is the list for you.

Microsoft to launch windows 8 in 2012
Volkswagen to invest big money by 2012
Apple has great plans for 2012
Chrysler to lead the quality by 2012
Sweden to start space tourism in 2012
London 2012 Games to be held
Many companies are gearing to prepare for Olympic games in 2012
Vietnam to levy taxes on many things from 2012
BMW is official sponsor of  Olympic 2012
Sarah Palin may be candidate for 2012 President

If those so called doomsday experts are smarter than the business leaders, they must check themselves.  All these big companies are not run by the people who would not think twice before making big investments into the dicey future.

So, who is scared of 2012? Only the experts and the followers who like to amaze themselves with baseless theories and feel endangered.  You can surprise yourself almost daily with the expert’s views on doomsday in 2012. The fact is,  nothing of that is true.

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2012 Doomsday: Result of Imagination

Doomsday predictions for 2012 are based upon twisted facts.  There are many websites claiming to have expert’s backed information. It is no secret that these experts are home-grown sometimes and there are no great credentials behind all these people.  For 2012, it seems more over business interest of few which is duping thousands. There are many so-called experts who have written volumes of the books on doomsday.

Let’s say the doomsday theories go wrong this time again. Will these experts compensate for the losses? Writers and other people must desist from misleading people.  The reports have started to come out that doomsday theory is flawed. It does not hold any ground. Maya Calender was created by the people to aid their lives.  Maya Calender does not point to doomsday or anything such. It simply ends there. It does not mean world is coming to an end.

Let us recall something from past. Halley’s comet in 1910 made similar news and nothing happened. The hysteria was at its peak and the so-called experts made many people look for safe-cover without any reasons.

Here is the list of top 10 doomsday prophesies which failed in the past. Read NatGeo feature:

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Business Ideas for 2012

Here are some creative business ideas based upon the hype around 2012.

1. 2012 Winter collection of designer clothes
2. 2012 special Pizza
3. 2012 Toys
4. 2012 Survival Gears
5. 2012 Music and Albums
6. December 21, 2012 Special discounts
7. 12/21/2012 Tattoos
8. 12/21/2012 Cruise
9. 12/21/2012 Special wine and drinks
10. 21st December, 2012 Shopping ideas
11. 2012 Health Products
12. 2012 Special Adult Products
13. Sequel to Movie 2012 to be released in December 2012
14. December 21, 2012 Special flight in Air for 24 hours
15. December 21, 2012 Packages for holidays and vacations
16. December 21, 2012 Party and Dining Packages
17. December 22, 2012 Survival Parties
18. Someone may add more to this list.

Each of the above items can be explored further for the market potential. There are always people available to buy everything and anything. Even most crazy products and ideas find takers.

It is beyond numbers that how many people will be targeted by the scams which are somehow related to 2012 theme.

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2012 Movie comes today

2012 is eagerly awaited movie and pre-reviews look good.  Once general people see it and critics need to write their words, the more details will follow. There are expectations that it would set another record for earning revenue.  Even if it is not near to expected plot, you can hope to see to it Oscar’s list.

Now comes the crux. Why this movie has gained so much popularity even before its release.  All over the world, there is craze and madness over a particular date in 2012. Each and every self-proclaimed 2012 guru has his own theories and some of them do not make sense at all. Over all result is hype. The media is hyping 2012 well because absurd news has more audience than the sensible ones.  It is like dog-bites-man has lesser value over man-bites-dog news.

Anyways, gonna watch this movie over the weekend.

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Glimpses of 2012 from 2009

This is year 2009 and world is going crazy with the dooms day prediction in 2012.  Someone has found Maya Calendar and everyone has their own explanations.  Internet is flooded with sites and scams which are targeting the people who are looking for genuine information on phenomena.

Look at the internet, use keyword 2012 on Google, Yahoo and Bing. What you see! Lots of absurd e-books have been written and many writers have sit down with serious intentions to cash on the media frenzy.  It is perfect situation for the people to cash on media hypes.

There are no stats available for how much these people have earned by selling eBooks and other products.  A general search revealed that there are sites which have started selling the survival kits for 2012.  Do you really need them? There are more such mindless products will launched in future as well. It is too much of noise around 2012.

Most of these sites have nothing to do with 2012, all they have is business and some absurd products to sell. People must be buying these.

Something is missing from the scene.  Yeah, it is those groups which come out in open and say 2012 is going to take them to heaven.  Meaning is cult groups.  Smart people have not formed group so far, or may be those are not reachable with search engines.

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Another movie this time

Last time when Day After Tomorrow was released, people loved to watch that movie. There was hot debate over climate issues. Koyoto Protocol was once such article which was grabbed by media and non-signatory countries were seen as major force behind the global warming. Interestingly this time, it is a movie on Dec 21, 2012. And just 9 days after,  Koyoto protocol expires on December 31, 2012.

Does it mean, 1o days to save the world or we were really warned to save the world before Koyoto protocol ( Read Political tool) expires the same year.

Koyoto protocol may not be this time in focus, I am guessing what it could be that movie is going to bring with it.  And I sincerely doubt whether people will remember this movie in year 2012 too.

Movie is coming on 13th November. I would try to understand how it educates a common man like me who is trying his best to understand the bad science of movies and hyped expert opinions.

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2012 | Is trouble real?

I don’t think so. Neither experts think nor public thinks. Trouble seems real only in movie. Year 2012 seems like any other year from all the angles. It all started with Maya Calendar being dug out of no where. There is no authority which would certified the calendar and its authenticity.  Global warming is not very heavy to say which would bring havoc on earth. I am trying to understand like a common man. Why there is so much noise around 21 December 2012.  I am going to find out if trouble is real.  Looking at the date 12/21/2012, does not ring a bell for now.  There are many stories being circulated on internet and media is going crazy shouting from roof top that world is going end on that fateful day. Hours of airtime is being wasted reporting something which is as dubious as are the experts. I really question the experts why and how they arrived on conclusion that world is going to end.

I am no scientist, I am a common man like you who is trying to find some useful stuff from crap and garbage which has been generated by experts.

So far, I do not see anything coming yet.  If you are more enlightened than me, please leave comments.

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Year 2012

We are excited to begin with exciting journey with our readers. We will be unfolding everything that matters to understand hype and facts surrounding Year 2012.  Keep reading!

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