2010 April Online Trends for 2012 Doomsday Archive

Lowered Interest in Doomsday 2012 Theories during April 2012

This is the time again for releasing the trends for April 2010. What made news last month and what did not for 2012 doomsday. This is purely a venture to keep myself occupied and sometimes I am too much busy to update this site.  Corporate galleries of media are too deep and sometimes run beyond total length of my nerves. Here are the trends for last month.

Lets begin with Google Trends. The data for month of April points to lowered interest in 2012 specific subjects. Some of the searched keywords and trended on the line point to the 2012 election candidates as well.  Those candidates have nothing to do with doomsday, they are too busy to prepare for elections in US.

The search data for 2012 London Olympics is not picking up. It is still not mature enough to point any interest in games from the world community. Lesser people have interest in games, it seems so for now.

Indonesia users came online to find kiamat 2012.  US and UK are the two main countries where people are more concerned about doomsday scenario. At third position comes Indonesia. It is difficult to say why so many users from Indonesia are interested in doomsday.  There may be too many short shows on doomsday on the local TV there.

Vivos continues to make news.  Few newspapers published the stories linking and unlinking the volcano with doomsday. Year 2012 appeared in many companies’ plans and the news coverage.

Reuters UK reported that Uganda police arrested the members of doomsday cult.  This is the first arrest linking to the doomsday theories.

In another news,  A UFO cult is finally saying that doomsday is coming. It has said so 14 times in the past and those claims failed. This is 15th claim.  All the cults do have some in common and that is, how to fool yourself and others perfectly and in most polished ways.

I did not notice the new experts this time. Did not find the new books on doomsday.  There may be new experts in the world with new books in hand and pleading the others to buy their books because they have discovered something new which was not told before.

I received few emails last week, asking why it is difficult to become a credible expert on doomsday related subjects.  The problem is, doomsday experts do not leave space for them to be proven wrong. They do not want to believe in reasoning.  I have not found a doomsday expert who is not author of one or two books. It is arrogance which forces them to believe many things about them.  A real doomsday expert will allow you to put the counter claims and will not tell you if the doomsday is real or not. Under circumstances, something may seem to be true but the data analysis points the fact that we did not look at the scenario with totality.

The trends do not point to the fact that sale of someone’s book is going to pickup.  It is expected that May will see more down turn. We are not dealing with the subject which is in demand. The subject of doomsday is very much linked to the news you see on your local TV or the clues other media generates.  As someone reads the newspaper and finds an article on doomsday, the next stop for him is internet. The same way, a news piece on TV related to doomsday 2012, can send few visitors to your site and book store. Beyond that, the experts and other stores (selling doomsday supplies) depend upon the traffic which is generated by the non-internet mediums.

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