2010 June Online Trends for 2012 Doomsday

Interest is declining in 2012 Doomsday

The past data of June 2010 pointed that 2012 doomsday topic is slowing down. More serious site owners have come in the field. Some of those efforts are good while others are just copy of sites.

In June, Robert Basts’ site remain on the top of the charts. The other sites have come up with the words predictions in the name. Lets get back to analysis of the data which we got for June 2010 on the topic of 2012 doomsday.

The data shows that there is significant decline in the subject.  The 20% dip in the volume of searches over all around the world from users, is alarming. June has not seen as many people going to the sites as they were in previous months. It may be due to the reason of having FIFA world cup 2010 during that time.  And people preferred football in the place of reading about the doomsday.

Now, even the search data for Olympics 2012 is not picking up. Both the topics are seeing huge decline in the interest. The other reason may be that media and news were focused on the games.

2012 doomsday subject is great filler for the TV news channels around the world. It is used for creating interests and maintaining the TRPs.

In USA, Texas is the only location from where the largest search volume has emerged. Texas is followed by New York and  California. These three states are front runners in the search volume.

US and UK remain the driving force for doomsday related sites.

There are many affiliates who do not accept the data and search from any other countries. India, China and other European users are not considered for converting them to hits.

In such cases, the right affiliates can still serve the content to most of the countries.

The situation remains grim over the operation cost and ROI of the sites which are trying to make money with the doomsday topic and its sub topics.

It is important for site owners to know that, the doomsday subject can not make money in making the duplicate sites. Many affiliates are not going to like that. You need to keep your readers engaged. The returning visitors must get the new things to read. I would advise any one to avoid creating the feed based sites. Those are not going to make money unless the feeds are paid to click.

Some general sites also borrow the feeds, pingbacks and links from sites which are related to doomsday. Is that going to work. No. The user who is looking for something else may not find the doomsday enough interesting to forget about the things he was supposed to search.

At my site, I get many comments which do not match with the content. I remove them because liking the general sites with the site like this one, is not really good idea. It may change the nature of your site. You need to maintain the focus and keep it in tunnel for long time.

July 2010 data may not either look good. You would need to change the orientation of your sites if you need more visitors.

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