2010 May Online Trends for 2012 Doomsday

So, what made sense trends wise for 2012 doomsday sites and other sources in May 2010. Let’s get down to analyze the data which comes from different sources.

May’s first week was still better and the new searches appeared. The new searches which came rising and remained hot were wm 2012 and em 2012. These two phrases may have made some sense but difficult to know what people are trying to find with wm 2012 online and em 2012 online related subjects.  We leave it here for the people to figure them out.

Google search data for May shows lower bounds compared to April and seems like people are losing interest for now. May’s first week began with the dip as fewer people took interest. New sites appeared fighting for advertisers. They may be getting business with advertisements. Difficult to judge the earnings of a new site.

Only prominent search made with world end 2012 found some data for May.  The downturn is expected for next one year or so. Many 2012 doomsday related sites are waiting to see good traffic but it is not going to pickup before June next year.  Many site owners realize that they are working with the time variable. These sites are not timeless as they would have no relevancy after December 2012.  The investment versus return ratio sounds skewed for now.  The tough competition among the sites will intensify with beginning of 2012 year.

The problem with the trends is that they show what has happened with little pointer to what would happen next.  My media and market experience combination puts me little above than creating a site and posting simply.  Having noticed the problems with the experts and doomsday theorists, it is right to put the people on the track for good.

So, how was it for site owners and the authors of the books. The sales data does not make a good news for many. Almost all the publishers have learnt hard way that the wrong or shaky collection of ideas can be business spoiler in the market. May be a well know scientist is offered the money and time to write something sensible on 2012 doomsday related material.

Again, I repeat, the investment is not going to return good value before June, 2011. You may spend time building your resources until then.  The sites and online stores of the doomsday related products and supplies for protection and general use, are noticing that people are thinking it is too early buy these products. The sale will pickup not before Jan 2012. The year 2012 is going to be very important for the people who have invested money, time and resources to earn good returns.

May be some traffic can be expected to rise in July this year once the FIFA world cup 2010 is over.  People seem to be too busy to think about 2012 doomsday.  If you own a site, store or blog, you need to be patient with the time and focus your attention to build it nicely. Again, do not write for search engines,  Write for your readers and give them something good to read. You may have your own views in support or against the doomsday theories, present them well to the world. The returns would come for sure.

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