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2012 Predictions

2012 Prediction

Those who are looking for sensational news, will be disappointed with this post.  The reason for writing this post is to give you the logical conclusions how the world may look like in 2012.

According to some scientists, next 20 years are going to be colder. So 2012 is going to be colder if current snow fall and ice data to be based for the prediction for weather in 2012.

There are very little or no chances of any major change in demography or geological changes in next 2 years.  If you want to believe the logical theories. The large changes do not occur in just 2 years.

There are no signs of so called Planet Nibru in sight. Nobody sighted it. It is not going to travel at the speed more than light. And don’t tell us that it would emerge from the dark.  So if such a planet is coming to us, it is not visible yet. There are no reasons to believe its existence. It exists only in theories and imaginations. No smoking gun here.

Political changes may occur in different parts of the world. But not that new world is going emerge. There are no signs of any major ideological changes to be seen. It takes decades and more time to change the societies and communities. Few years are too short to change the thinking. Everything is going to look same.

Here is NASA Page which you can use for understanding more: — Why world would not end.

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2012 Imagination

There are many people horsing their ideas and predicting that weird things are going to happen.  One needs to understand the theme for 2012.  2012 imagination is one thing and the weird events are another. Most of so called weird predictions are just imagination of few twisted minds.

From logical point of view which can be thought there are some pre-announced dates and events which are normal and are going to happen in 2012.

London Olympics will be held in 2012 and the preparations are in full swing.  London is preparing itself for this mega event which will give it large chunk of business.

Other big event that may happen is the possibility of another summit on the lines of Copenhagen Summit this year. The reason is Kyoto protocol is expiring in 2012.  Before Dec 2012,  a new protocol will be presented before the world.

US is going to have presidential elections in 2012.  Probable and would-be leaders are preparing themselves for the elections. There is movement in this direction and in may 2012,  Mr. Obama can be elected again or there may be new president.

The logical world has no serious plans to focus on doomsday theories which are being circulated all over the world.  There is nothing to worry as we see it from now.

The human history has shown that 3 years are not very big time to notice sizable changes  on the timelines.  There are no reasons to fear. Let people run wild imaginations to the horizons.  2012 is going to look better with newer gadgets and the better world to live in.

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2012 Get Rich

Possibly there is no magic formula to get rich before 2012 or with the theme of 2012.  There are many ideas which can serve as starting point to build good value or high sales volumes online and offline.  You can think of various ideas and the tracks to cover your own store if you already have one.  There are many genuine ways to make some great bucks with 2012 theories.

There are many people in the boards and questions are being asked. Intelligent people already have sites up and calling lots of traffic with each passing day.  The goods, products and items are being sold based upon 2012 themes. If you are the one who is still waiting then here are two posts for you to start.  You can borrow the possible clues from here.

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2012 Movie in China sets Record

Chinese rules do not allow more than 20 movies from offshore market to be displayed in the country.  Movie 2012 become top earner in Chinese market as well. It has set new record of ticket sales there in china.

Another movie Avatar is supposed to hit cinema halls in China on January 4th 2010.

A big question is that how and why a well hyped movie can also become top earner in very short span of time. The movie is hollow and does not have good material to back it up. That is what critics think. The movie has surprised not only the critics but trade gurus as well. Movie is going good and still public is well interested in it. The movie is still being awaited in many countries. The DVD and home edition is going make another round of good sale volumes all over the world.

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2012 Business Ideas for Entertainment Industry

Here are some genuine business ideas for entertainment industry which can be built around 2012 theme.

1. 2012 Part III is going to be released in Year 2012. Because it is just wild guess that 2012 Part 2 will be released some where around 2011.

2.  2012 World Tour by several pop/rock/musical stars

3.  2012 Home Videos with Survival Kits

4.  2012 Special Albums by several Musical Stars

6.  2012 Special membership by Casinos.

7.  2012 Special membership at strip clubs.

9.  2012 can be declared as Happy Year for drinking wines and beer.

10.  A rock star may name himself  “2012 Survivor” to tap on the theme of 2012.

11.  2012 Special recreational sports may theme in WWE and RAW sports

12.  2012 Religious documentary claiming that Messiah is on the way to save you.

13.  2012 Specific Themes in Opera and musicals

14.  Broadway Shows focusing on 2012

15.  2012 Magic Shows.

16.  Toys, Books from Disney and other leading brands on the themes of 2012.

More Ideas to come and the above are not limited to the list.

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