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is 2012 Doomsday a random event?

Random Event is considered very rare but has probability on the scale of magnitude.  Such evens do occur out of context and without pre-warning.  2012 Doomsday may fit this category.  One such trait of random event is, it defies the logics and reasons also can not be predicted for its exact date of occurrence.

What do we draw for 2012 from random theory? If there are any such events which are going to happen in 2012 or any year, can not be predicted largely. Rare events do not have sizable parameters and values can not be computed in lab. Well nobody came forward with the scientific model to prove anything regarding the doomsday theories.  Can such model be made?. The existing model of Monte Carlo engine can be used to some extent. Monte Carlo engine is used in financial world to predict the outcome of the investment on the x values.  One has to sit down with previous data and make some conclusion to use Monte Carlo Engine in the context of 2012 doomsday theories.  For example, planet niburu may or may not stand chance to arrive. The hypothetical tools can be used effectively to make note of the probability.

I do not have access to such tools which can be used in labs to predict the dates of natural calamities, floods, earthquake and others.  No credible scientist ever put his name on the stake to predict anything which would tarnish his image in the intellect circles.

Aliens arrival in 2012, can not be predicted because the previous data is absent. The model is doomed to fail in the absence of quality of data.  2012 doomsday theories are full of noise. If you remove noise, hardly remains any usable data.

Lets assume,  2012 doomsday a random event on the horizon which does not have the computable values. May be it can help lots of people to think beyond. 2012 doomsday event holds the same probability as any unpredictable event.  Rest, the experts are guessing in vacuum.  There is no substance in them, just the noise which is loud enough to fool others.

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Biological Changes in 2012

I tried to find something related to biological changes in 2012 because if doomsday experts are right then it would show on the biological side of the world as well.

After spending 2 hours on Google, my search did not reveal anything which is worth mentioning here.  All I found was an ebook written by someone Sal Rachele. Sal wrote that book in 2007 and he sells its copies from his website.  As I read online more about him. His ebook does not even explores the biological changes but he mentions in metaphysical style that some changes are bound to happen. There is no trace of logic in his claims because he cites the reasons borrowed from religious books.

An expert borrowing science from religious books leads to bad science and it does not even accounts for reading free of cost.

In reality,  are there any biological changes happening all over the world?. Answer is not pretty straight. Evolution theorists point out many facts as they inform us that evolution is continuous process and some minor changes in biology of the world do take place every second.  There are no major biological changes attributed to 2012. Biological changes in 2012 are not at the large scale.  Most of the changes are explainable and do not point to any doomsday reasons.

The researches are going on all over the world on the biological changes which are occurring in the organisms due to natural process but none of them is linked to doomsday theories.

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Patrick Geryl A Doomsday Expert?

Patrick Geryl is a writer of 9 books. Most of his books have been published in Dutch.  He claims to be a researcher and writer on the doomsday 2012 subject.  His website has the photos in archeologist’s style.  He has written about many doomsday theories.  He has put the words in scientist’s style and makes tall claims telling us how he is right about what he writes and says about 2012.

He has made fortunes by selling doomsday theories. Publishing a crap theory is no joke. No publisher wants to put money in the theories which are either fluffy or do not have substance. At the same time, publishers like to have lots of spicy material which is even false but will sell the books.

A big question for Patrick is, will he take responsibility if his predictions are wrong and world does not end in 2012?

Come 2012 and Patrick is going to be surprised because world is not ending there.

There are thousands of the people who can cook the stories because they have discovered the codes hidden in waters, lakes, mountains. Anyone can claim and prove those claims with the help of other experts who are in the group, saying to each other, “you earn and I earn”.

There is no scientific evidence to prove that 2012 doomsday theory is true. Nobody has seen any signs so far except the so-called experts.

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Aztec Calendar 2012, What is it?

Those who are scratching their heads on the new term Aztec. I found this keyword when I was looking site stats. Some one reached to this site using this keyword. I was amazed to see this word. I thought what is this new thing called Aztec.

I Googled around and found that Aztec is also called as Mayan.  Aztec is more polished name given to the pre-Columbian civilization.  Aztec Calendar 2012 is the same calendar which is referred as Mayan Calendar.   So what it means. It means nothing because if it meant something, it would be best known to Aztecs.

Actually, more polished and alien words are discovered to make it real that people start believing in hoax stories.  And if you join hands with some dull Phd guys, you bring some credibility to false hypotheses.  More boring expert, more real story becomes.

Does Aztec Calendar predict end of the world in 2012? No. Authenticity of Mayan Calendar is shrouded in mystery and the lesser known facts are available. There are no incidents which point to anything so far. World looks like going on its path. There is no deviation of any type so far. Be it Aztec or any damn calendar, it does not make sense at all because there is no science behind such theories. Read on this site, there are many posts written on this subject.

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2012 Safest Places

Many people are looking for the places which would be safe in 2012.  It is beyond logic why people are looking for such options.  If 2012 doomsday theories are correct then there is no such thing called safe place in 2012.  Many people want to build bunkers and doomsday proof homes.  How? There is no clue. Only speculations and the fragmented knowledge is there.

If you go by the parameters then for 2012, the safest place on earth is doomsday vault of seeds in Norway.  Doomsday Vault of seeds is an inventory home built under a mountain. It can withstand any type of attack of the most modern weapons. If any place is the safest then it is the doomsday vault for staying in 2012.

There are many companies which are selling the space in bunkers. Don’t fool yourself. You must not panic. Nothing is going to happen. Just in case if something happens or you notice something happening. Take a trip to nearest mountain range away from sea. You are petty much safer there. You can follow simple survival tips. Just do not loose the common sense.

The best way is to look at the map of your area and you can figure out where to stay when natural disasters happen. Keep yourself updated with the latest information.  And last, be assured that doomsday theories are just another hoax.

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2012 Ideas for Tourism Industry

Or 2012 Business Ideas for Tourism and Travel Industry relating to doomsday theories.

Year 2012 is very important for tour and travel industry for many reasons.  One prime reason is Olympics are going to be held in 2012 in London. It presents the good opportunities for travel operators to offer the packaged deals of hotels, flights and Olympic tickets.  Other than that,  Year 2012 will also be remembered for the doomsday predictions.  It is another fact that most of these doomsday 2012 theories are either false or badly cooked stories.  Anyways, can there be some opportunities for tourism industry to cash on doomsday hype.  May be and may not be. It will all depend upon the ways which are used for responding to the available options.  Here is small list of such ideas which go around the doomsday theories of 2012 year in particular.

  1. 2012 Doomsday travel to camps in safe locations.  Travel companies can choose the places.
  2. 2012 Doomsday Holidays in Himalaya or other regions.
  3. A tour and travel campaign focusing on the safest journey.
  4. 2012 Doomsday flight for 24 hours in skies.
  5. Tourism industry and hospitality industry can offer bunkers to stay in 2012.
  6. A company may invest money in building the hotels which are doomsday proof.
  7. Exotic travel with free lunch and dinner on board for all the guests on Doomsday 2012.
  8. Yes, if a company can do it, it can offer travel to the moon in 2012.
  9. 2012 cruises and journeys with corporate discounts.
  10. And last not the least,  Bonuses on survival, in terms of free or waived off charges.

There may be many such ideas which can be utilized and used for making it sensible without scaring the people.

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2012 Business Ideas for Video Game Industry

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2012 Business Ideas for Video Game Industry

2012 looks promising for many sectors and industries. The London Olympic 2012 has limited coverage in video gaming industry. There may be few game titles which will be made around the Olympic 2012 theme. But a large market is available to the game publishers and developers to capture the market with the games based upon 2012 doomsday theories.

It is not big surprise, if you search 2012 doomsday games on internet, you are going to see the results featuring many sites which have started to offer the basic games which can be played online. The theme is almost same. It goes like “save the world in 2012″. You are given few controls which can be used during the games.  Here is a list of such ideas which can be used by game developers.

  1. A game can be titled as Doomsday 2012.
  2. Full game can be developed for the title like End of the World 2012.
  3. Some cartoon characters can be developed for 2012 doomsday theme.
  4. You can make WoW and MMO types of the games.
  5. 2012 doomsday theme can be used for creating puzzle games.
  6. 2012 doomsday theories can be combined together in a horror plot which goes into the game.
  7. A game may be titled “2012 Invasion of Aliens”.
  8. You can create the intelligent games of strategy based.
  9. 2012 video game can be fully on the styles of racing and motor-cross ideas.
  10. A game can also focus on the post world after 2012 doomsday.
  11. 2012 doomsday theme can be blended well with almost all the popular genre of the video games.

The truth is, the market for 2012 doomsday games  exists and it has potential. The game developers can experiment with the ideas.  I do not have the complete data on the developments. Some big companies must be developing the game already. It takes time to develop the video game titles. It is very large industry and stakes are always high and so are the rewards.

All popular gaming consoles may have some games before and after 2012 is over.  The impossible 2012 doomsday has takers in the gaming the world.

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2012 Insurance

The power of rumors can be seen in action with stupid unfounded theories which spread like wild-fire.  The latest is lot many people are asking the question, Do I need the insurance in 2012? What would happen if I am not covered under any insurance policy?

Largely, insurance sector has deep rooted foundations in fears of the people.  The fear has been used as a tool to sell the insurance plans to thousands of the people. The worrying part is that 2012 theories are becoming another tools which can be used for selling the policies in the market.

Many people do not want to believe in logical choices. It is truth that we all like to hear the surprises and the news which is hard to believe. 2012 theories fall in to that category. Many people do not want to see any reasons. The result is that many people still think that doomsday is going to come in 2012. No matter, how hard you try to convince them, they would not listen.  These are people are the first customers for any agent who is keen to sell the idiotic insurance policies.

Many people are looking for extra cover if it can come in 2012 insurance policies. Insurance industry is waking up to the new promising market.  It would not surpise many if 2011 sees the campaigns focusing on 2012 doomsday theories.

In reality and principles, a mainstream company should stay away from hyped market. But when the money is real large and it is available to grab,  Everyone jumps in to have his share.

Many insurance agents have started to take a feel of market. If the market can be filled with the policies which would cover the lives in 2012.

And If something happens, all your money goes down the drain and if nothing happened( which has more chances), you would end-up paying for the insurance plans which are waste of money. Just in case of Doomsday situation, the insurance provider goes bankrupt, lot many people would lose the money that way.

Do not rush to have the special 2012 insurance policy. You do not need anything extra in that year. Your regular insurance coverage is more than enough.

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2012 Top 10 Questions

Here are top 10 questions about 2012 which are asked by people.  These questions are asked to get an appropriate answers. The apathy is that there is no authority to answer these questions. NASA has some answers but people do not buy those.

Here are the top 10 questions about 2012

  1. Will the world end in 2012?
  2. What will happen to earth in 2012?
  3. Is Mayan Calendar true about 2012?
  4. Are aliens coming to earth in 2012 to save us?
  5. Is earth going to be hit by some unknown planet in 2012
  6. Is humanity going to evolve in 2012?
  7. Are there any big changes awaited in 2012?
  8. Is movie 2012 true?
  9. Who can tell me what is going to happen in 2012?
  10. What should I do for saving myself in 2012?

There are many other questions which have origin in fear and have been cooked by the people who are trying to sell substandard products to many people.  These questions do not have an answer because all of them do not have any foundation. There is nothing to prove that world is going to end in 2012. Use common sense and your mind knows what makes sense and what does not.

All the questions about 2012 revolve around the doomsday theories and there is much religious crap doing round.  Stay clear from all such crap theories.

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2012 Geology

The focus on 2012 from geological point of view has forced several experts to shed some light on this aspect.  As circulated in the media, the pole shift is expected on the sun. The sun shifts poles every 11 years.  So nothing unusual happened in the past with this shift.

Now comes the pole shift on the earth.  It was before 50,000 to 75,000 years, the last time poles were shifted. And nobody can say that 2012 is the exact year of this change.  Discounting the doomsday theories.  The earth’s magnetic poles are not constant and they change. These small changes happen every year and are subjected several parameters which can be explained easily.

There is none who claim to be 2012 geologist to focus especially on this year. However several geologists examined the changes which are probable. The larger picture is unchanged and there is no reason to panic.

Even a minor student of geology can explain that geological changes do not occur overnight. It takes several thousands of the years to occur and it does not happen in few days or hours.

Another aspect is, the theories  are pointing to volcanoes and earthquakes including devastating flood with rain of fires from skies.  Lets discount this rain of fire first. There is no such thing.

Earth’s history has no year which has not seen the earthquakes or volcanoes. Each year these events occur and at least few volcanoes are active all over the world. So if an earthquake hits the earth, it is not something which has never happened before.  There is nothing special about the earthquakes in 2012. These events may or may not occur. We do not have enough science ready to predict the earthquakes in 2012.

The other aspect is Planet Niburu or Nibru hitting earth and changing the earth for ever. There is no such planet. This planet is cooked story.

There are no big geological changes expected in 2012. The regular changes will keep on happening but not that type of 2012 doomsday theories.

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