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2012 Doomsday and Poland

Is there a connection between 2012 doomsday and Poland? Or it is simply the matter of coincidence?

Recently, Poland lost its president Lech Kaczynski in a plane crash in Russia. For a small country it is big accident and there were other several people from the government who lost lives.  The tragic and sad event has brought people together to find the answers.

Polish people are searching for przepowiednie nostradamusa 2012 (Prophecies of Nostradamus 2012) as they call it.  Nostradamus was a genius of his time. Problem with his written material is that it can be interpreted as one wishes.  Several internet boards are having the discussions on this topic. Almost all of them are trying to link the scattered facts with the available interpretations.  Nostradamus may have said one thing while the interpretations are point to another things.

Poland does not have a clear visible link with doomsday theories except the recent incident.  Almost all European places are considered safe from the natural calamities on larger levels.  Nostradamus prophecies for 2012 doomsday are cleverly interpreted and the several people believe that what ever happened, was already told by the sear.

While the clear facts after investigation do not point to any unusual things which may have occurred.  The air-plane was more than 20 year old and had several issues.  To link the air-accident with doomsday theories would be something like linking an incident with someone who knew all but failed to tell us before the actual event took place.  There seems no established basis of believing that it was told to us in advance.  The experts of Nostradamus literature always tell us about the things which have already happened. But in their own right, they fail to predict the future with their knowledge.

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2012 Doomsday Message from Founders

Sal Rachele has doomsday 2012 message and promises to deliver the message from founders.  Really? Let’s try to make the sense of his claims.

Sal Rachele lists himself as an educator on 2012 doomsday matters.  He says he is a teacher, mystic among other such items in his long list. Oh yes!, Sal Rachele is a musician and recording artist as well.

And top of everything, Sal Rachele is author of the book titled “EARTH CHANGES and 2012: Messages from the Founders”.  Lets go little bit deep into his background. Sal Rachele does not list his education details. All he tells us about his background is, he has been Silva practitioner for last 25 days. Lets establish a fact, this guy knows nothing about science.  His books Earth Changes in 2012 just talks about the so-called founders and the message which is coming our way. I think Sal Rachele does not understand what he is talking about. His theories does not make sense. Lets find out why.

He claims to have the message from the founders who created everything such as DNA, Galaxies, Humans and Universe among his long list of creations of founders. Is he saying evolution theory is wrong? Is he trying to say, DNA was created first and injected into humans? And top of that, Is he trying us to believe that Big-Bang theory is false? His book  does not make any sense when it comes to read it in the light of established science.

Like every other doomsday experts, Sal Rachele also has a book to sell. I am not saying he does not have expertise in psychic matters.  Look at the way his book claims to falsify the existing and established notions of science, He does not hold the right arguments to convince the world. Sal Rachele’s doomsday 2012 message and claims stand to be just the gibberish science of telling the world that founders or god privately told him a secret. While there is no secret on the ground and Sal Rachele must be knowing well the truth. He must have discovered by now,  selling a book is one of the most difficult tasks.  And if you have a bad book, it becomes impossible to sell your books outside the circle and followers.

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Australia and 2012 Doomsday

Australia is the biggest island and per stats, it is sixth largest country.  Many doomsday experts are claiming that probable and impossible 2012 day may have its effects on Australia. Lets examine how far that is true.

Australia has 7,617,930 square kilometers  of area and it is surrounded by the sea-water from all the sides.  Now an important question, can there be a wave in the sea which can travel across Australia? If that is possible by any means, it would require very powerful waves. Looking at the properties of the Australian sea, it is not going to happen.  Australian sea does not have very high waves recorded or the tsunami type of activities.  I read many sources of the information, there is nothing recorded after 2006.  In 2006, 2.5 meter high waves were seen in western Australia. This is not so high to become a reason for doomsday effects.

The changes at small scale are always possible but the changes which are expected by the doomsday experts, are not possible practically.

Just in case, 2012 doomsday affects Australia then what is the best strategy to survive. Where to go and save yourself from the 2012 doomsday in Australia? Lets seek some answers to these questions in logical ways.

Mount Kosciuszko has the height of 7,310 feet. It is reachable by road and the vehicles can be driven to safer heights. It is almost impossible to reach the waves there.  And if you really want to be sure of the safest place in Australia, you can choose to be near the area of Alice Springs.  Anywhere in central Australia is safe. Avoid the coastal areas and the beaches if you see any sign of any unusual activities.

I am not saying the doomsday is going to come. I am trying to explain what you can do if you see any extreme unusual conditions any time and you feel that large scale changes are taking place.  Follow the survival tips which you can find in this site in my blogs.

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Mark Borax on 2012 Doomsday

Is Mark Borax serious about Doomsday in 2012? Lets find out.

Mark Borax has written a book titled 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future. As he claims that he has studied astrology for many years. Mark Borax believes that a new paradigm shift is going to occur in 2012. He clarified in several interviews how the new changes in humanity are going to occur and what humans can learn from them. He says 2012 is an opportunity to change the world for better.

Now, we come back to his claims. I seriously doubt his astrology skills. There is nothing extra-ordinary in what he says and which other so many astrologers are not saying. The job of astrologer and the weatherman is same. Both have the reasons for something being there and also for the things which will not happen.

Mark Borax seriously disappoints when it comes to verify his claims. Anyone talking about the big changes in the humanity and so-called the paradigm shift, is talking non-sense. The problem with these claims is, these can not be verified with the experiments.

is Mark Borax pointing that politicians are going to reform themselves? Look at the world with the eyes of statistician and you would know these Astrologers are part of noise and nothing else.

An interesting fact about these doomsday astrologers and expert is, all of them have written books. Sounds good so far. Now the marketing begins with media manipulation.

Why Mark Borax needs year 2012 for paradigm shift to prove his theory? I have read his interviews. There is nothing called verifiable data. The astrology is non-verifiable subject and it holds no substance and it is not better than the outcome of weather science.

All of these experts including Mark Borax claim to know all and tell us the reasons why doomsday is going to happen. If doomsday does not come in 2012 and the so-called paradigm shift does not happen, will Mark Borax accept the moral responsibility of being wrong? or He will say, Stars changed their mood this time. The doomsday has got new date and there comes a new book from Mark Borax claiming why doomsday did not come in 2012. Thats pretty much interesting astrology as it allows you to support a claim and you can use the same astrology as an excuse later if you are wrong.

You know what! Everyone can become an astrologer that way. You need to be as smart as to write a book first and learn to market it. Thats what Mark Borax seems to be doing since his book has been published.

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Saint Malachy and Doomsday 2012

Saint Malachy is popular figure from the past. St. Malachy is also known by different names such as  Máel Máedóc Ua Morgair,  and  Maelmhaedhoc Ó Morgair. According to wiki page his time is noted from 1094  to  November 2, 1148.

How is St. Malachi related to doomsday 2012.  I looked for authentic sources to find the connection. St. Malachy is supposed to have predicted something about Pope in 2012.  Well, there are many sites and experts who have linked St. Malachy with 2012.

Doomsday experts are in no-mood to spare the saints. What ever St. Malachy wrote that does not make sense to logical mind. It might be making sense to experts but a rational mind does not pickup anything from there. It is similar to the Nostradamus experts who claim to know everything.

St. Malachy does not seem to have any relationship or none of his predictions point to the doomsday in 2012. For instance, if we suppose that Malachy made a prediction.  Can it be true and hold for the future? Past predictions which are somehow explained to fit the motives of the experts, can not become basis for the perfect way to tell what is going to happen.

St. Malachy needs to be spared for his wisdom and doomsday experts need to find out the logical and statistical data which can actually make some sense. So far there are only noises.

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João Amorim’s Documentary on 2012 Doomsday

So far, the hype was limited to online media and the movies. Now the serious documentary makers have also jumped into the game.

João Amorim is a film maker . He has made several short films in the past and was nominated for Emmy Awards in 2009. Amorim is talented film maker.  This time João Amorim is ready with the documentary titled 2012: Time for Change.

Early synopsis points to the fact that it is based upon the book 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl by Daniel Pinchbeck. Amorim does not seem to be a guy who would fall for gibberish ideas. It is shocking to note that he has chosen the book which does not make any logical sense.   Daniel Pinchbeck’s ideas are in his imagination and do not have any relationship with the realities of the modern world.

2012: Time for Change does not cut with the logic. It has the old leaders and new unknown experts. There are no credible voices which could point to measurable changes which would occur in 2012.

His documentary talks about the changes at the conscious level. Are you serious? Can this ever happen? Any minor practitioner of statistical science will tell you the truth. And if you are pretty serious about the truth. Just run through the data on the number of people in jails, criminals, hospitals etc. Is documentary trying to say, criminals are going to vanish? What about it? Are the greedy leaders and corrupt politicians going to change at the conscious level in 2012? There is no relationship between the documentary and the realities of the world.

An intelligent documentary is still awaited to focus on the subject of 2012 doomsday.  Is anyone ready to take the challenge and offer the logical views on 2012 doomsday.

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Daniel Pinchbeck, Just Another Doomsday Expert

Why is Daniel Pinchbeck confused?

To anyone, in first glances Daniel Pinchbeck looks intelligent and sounds logical.  As you go on exploring his ideas and his books, you would realize that he is just another player of the words who knows how to take someone on the ride.  Let’s find out what Daniel Pinchbeck is up to.

Daniel Pinchbeck wrote a book titled “2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl” in 2007. The cover of book has a green crop circle.  The book deals about the 2012 and how world is going to emerge from there.  The problem with this book is there is no event or thought in this book which would require year 2012 to come. He makes several points like new humanity is going to emerge. If you want new humanity to emerge why you need year 2012? Thats beyond logic.  Is he saying that humans are incapable or doing it before 2012 and some miracle is going to happen in 2012 and everything will change.

Daniel Pinchbeck advocates the substances which are hallucinating and he thinks new humanity can emerge from there where the an average person would be using the substances. Is that intelligent?

Coming back to 2012 doomsday theories, what is Daniel Pinchbeck’s stake? He has a book and he might improve the sale of the book by riding media hype.  Writing a book, selling it and making sense of it, sometimes do not go together.

According to Daniel Pinchbeck, in 2012, humans will need to decide what they want to do and where they want to go from there.  Is that subjective? Humans are deciding where they want to go almost daily. Is he talking about a common decision at the mass level. History never witnessed that and is not going to do in future.

The civilization in our times, is not collective and has no common path. The political and social systems are non-linear and are not dependent on others to survive. In such situation, the changes in humanity at the mass level, are not possible.  Doomsday experts are just good at making noises which is full of religious crap and pieces assembled from here and there.

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2010 March Online Trends for 2012 Doomsday Theories

Lets start with Google Trends for March data of 2012 doomsday theories. The search volume has gone down drastically.  Last 30 days data points to that something was unusual in the week of 21st March ending with 28th March.

There are new theories emerging on the blocks.  So are the new experts standing on the both the sides of fences.

Nobel laureate and American cosmologist John Cromwell Mather said the Doomsday 2012 is a hoax.

Astronomy professor at Central Connecticut State University, Kristine Larsen also believes that Doomsday 2012 is just a badly cooked story.

Market for the doomsday supplies and items for survival, is sliding and it will remain so during this year. The marketeers are expecting that this year is just like a building block for big sale in 2011 and 2012. The actual sale of such items is expected to pickup from next year June 2011.

The quality of internet traffic is also sliding. Sites are reporting few clicks and the affiliate networks are also reporting the lower volume of the ads being served.

Besides the mainstream patterns, the interest in 2012 doomsday is declining due to the fact, movie 2012 hype is already over. People have already got their torrents for 2012 movie and there are no more upcoming trends which would point to increased demands of more sites focusing on 2012 doomsday.

So, what are the ways available to those who are still in the game.  They can focus on Olympics 2012, changing the tone of their site.  Is Olympics 2012 appropriate for recovering the lost sale. Well, No!. Both are different fields and people who do not have media experience will find it difficult to change the tracks.  Media experience is about reporting the things while the on-the-fly experts do not have flexibility to change and remain in the game somehow.

The data for April is still building and the trends would be available in Mid May, next month.  I will keep this site up and reporting the things as I see and perceive them through media perspective.  As explained earlier, My role here is of observer. I am no advocate of the supporters or nonbelievers of 2012 doomsday theories.  The data is  presented as it is arrived without mixing any of the noises.

Folks!, for now the March looked that way for 2012 doomsday theories.

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Scientology and 2012 Doomsday

What Scientology thinks about 2012 Doomsday?

This is very complex stuff. Scientology is religion supposed to be based upon tested and authenticated scientific beliefs.  Scientology gained its popularity when several well know celebrities attached their name to it and claimed to be the member of Scientology thoughts. The exact status of Scientology stands as religion and there are members who have named it as their religion in official declarations and papers.  Well, that’s the background.

Lets come back to present times and find out what Scientology thinks about probable 2012 doomsday. I decided to take a tour of Scientology site. I did not find any article about doomsday or 2012.  I checked couple of other discussion boards and found some rants about the theories and gibberish speaking the sermon.  Thats not I am looking for. I am looking for hard answers to the questions.

Someone reported that a Scientology member and  celebrity has invested money in building the bunker for him and his family. This is tabloid news which may be  just gossip.

Scientology has not acknowledged the 2012 Doomsday and has no take on this officially. This may be a strategic move to keep its away from supporting or debunking the theories related to 2012 doomsday.  Scientology must have studied the various angles of the theories and must have updated its members. The views are not available to public. May be later this year or during 2011, official statement may arrive. For now, There are only speculations and which may or may not be founded.

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2012 Doomsday Theories View from Europe

Europe has history of many characters who originated from the islands and palaces and became names to remember. It is interesting to see the wave of doomsday believers in Europe. 2012 movie sales figures in Europe point to very interesting facts.  But a movie is just a piece of fiction. What about the 2012 doomsday theories in Europe?

Well, the answer lies in the language barriers. Most of the rants and hype is surrounding the English specific sites.  The books and other material is primarily in English. It presents the good shielding from the theories. However, Vatican is in Europe and someone from there indulged in prophetic practices.

2012 doomsday theories do not have European connection.  I read somewhere, that some people are trying arrange funds to a common pool which can be used just in case prophecy becomes true. There is no fear among the masses and there is no sign of the people being scared.

Poland has 2012 European Football Championships being planned and the preparations are going on in full swing.  UK has the people who are competing with the partners in UK to sell their books and other material which is based upon the doomsday theories.

The doomsday sites are not happy with the traffic coming from Europe. Advertisers still favor the internet traffic which comes from USA and Canada.

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