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Did John Titor Say about 2012?

John Titor, a Time Traveler said something about 2012? Was he fake with weird predictions?

For those who do not know who John Titor was,  let me run a quick introduction. In November 2000, John appeared in many chat rooms, claiming that he is a time traveler from 2036. He kept posting his messages till March 2001. After that it is believed he went to back to future.  There are several debates about the validity of the claims of his existence.  The other interesting part is his predictions.

John in chat rooms point that a civil war is going to end in 2012. According to him, WWIII or World War  III is going be very short.

Lets go back to his claims. Do you read it correctly, he did not say world will end in 2012.  Even, he did not point that doomsday is going to occur in 2012.  John was an intelligent hoax. There are no doubts. He predicted some events of 2005 and 2009. Nothing of that sort happened so far. We are not in the conflict at the large level.

Some of the claims of John Titor are so weird that they do not make sense at all. Such an intelligent fellow, how come if he is from future, will not tell us what is going to happen in next years.  For example John said, 2012 will be the 7th year of civil war.  Is it so? Do we see civil war anywhere? No. Then, how 2012 is going to be year when something will end which has not even been started yet?

John presents a nice story to read. Beyond that, nothing makes sense. Another example of hoax on internet.  But John succeeded in creating big hype during those years.  I think we do not need more such stories anymore.  Doomsday Experts need to decide whether John is right or they.  At least one of them is wrong.

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2012 Doomsday Theory of Robert Bast Looks Well Mix of All

Robert Bast is Genuine but Book can changes many things for Logical Thinking.

Robert Bast has his own theory of Doomsday. His theory is a derivative of other flying theories on several thousands of the websites related to Doomsday. A good aspect of him is that he does not have a book yet. He informs through his bio page at his website, he is writing one book. A book spoils the expert of anything. The rebound cycle takes place. What happens next is, the expert of the theories, gets the challenge to sell more copies of the book. The complete attention goes to desperate moments of selling books. Complete energy is focused to make book a best seller. There are very few experts who do not have books yet. Robert Bast has a website, a forum and open channels to the public. It looks good and it points that he is trying to be open as much as possible.

To me, the book on the 2012 doomsday subject has limited market and it is limited by the possible duration of the book sale. It is costly venture for the publications. A publication knows well the book may cease to sell in 2013 or so. Robert looks genuine; he has not put very loud pages on his site, as you find on many other sites. His sites are simple and take you directly to the point. What he really thinks can be read in his theory. He names it “Bast Theory”, which deals with 4 points. One of these points is of mutation which has been rarely discussed else where. He makes a valid point from the point of view of evolution. But, we need a real doomsday in 2012 to make it all validated. So far, all those ideas are mere speculations and good to ride over the hype.

No expert, No theorist can force doomsday to come or postpone its date. We are dealing with something which can not be validated and 2012 doomsday according to Robert Bast, must not be ignored. He tells us not to be foolish to ignore the Mayan Calendar. Robert has his own reasons to believe in 2012 doomsday. May be a book changes something about personality and belief. Welcome to the real world where theories and experts are proven wrong. Is something missing? The theorists are too busy making random ideas that they forget the value of the normal cycles.

Almost all experts think that doomsday will come without warning. That’s not the case. Almost all the geological and physical changes came with pre-warnings and signs which could be understood and revealed with the help of scientific models.

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2012 Doomsday Dreams and Realities

People Begin to Complain of Bad dreams due to 2012 Theories.

In the newspaper columns the stories have begin to emerge and many websites have the discussions. Some people are so much disturbed with what they read online that they have started to have the nightmares and many of them have the dreams related to 2012 doomsday.

Are we getting too much into the theories? May be Yes, May be No.  A doomsday theorist must understand that he is not doing any good by scaring the people. Deeply, a theorist knows that he is just trying to sell his books.  A doomsday expert knows that his dreams must not come true because he is also going to vanish with his books if what ever he says becomes true.

Some dreams must not come true and 2012 doomsday dreams absolutely not.  Doomsday sayers are not disturbed but they are creating hype around the world.  Many people had a dream of sitting alone after doomsday. A lady had a dream that only her cat survived after doomsday.  A man had a dream of being on the island alone.  Another lady complained that she is not able to sleep after reading the doomsday theories.  Many people are going deep in their prayers so that doomsday could be averted. This is what doomsday theorists are creating. Are we liking it? No.

We are fed the stories of weird types by newspapers, TV channels and Internet. My advice to the people is, find something which is good to read and engage. The world has been here and will be here with you always. Nobody is going anywhere.  We all will remain here.  Doomsday of 2012 must not be taken seriously enough that it begins to impact your daily life.  And Do not pay attention to what these authors-theorists of doomsday are telling you. They are desperate to sell their books. They are not serious beyond that. Why should you be?

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2012 Doomsday Social Challenge and Perception

This is the continuation from the last post.  Suppose mass migration takes place and new communities are formed after so called doomsday of 2012.  World has never seen such a large level mix of the races and humans from all over the world. Your college degree may not be worth in that case because your university will cease to exist.  The new world order in 2012 and after that, poses serious questions for the sociologists and social scientists.

As the migrants from different parts of the world will have the power to neutralize the existing political system in the new places. This will force the leaders of that country to think from the beginning.  New boundaries will emerge after few years of social and political struggle.  Migrants will demand voting rights in the countries where ever they go.  The countries stand chance to lose their own culture and majority of the migrants will decide the long run of new cultural traditions. That is how the new communities are formed.  As of now, migrants are forced to accept the traditions of the countries. But this equation will destabilize if doomsday of 2012 occurs.  Not all species are going to extinct.  Come what may, some of us will still survive. The survivors will decide their own fate which will take them to streets and fight against each other.

Every social and economic turmoil leads to well known paths. Social scientists are not unaware of the changes. The big question is, we are not ready yet.  Humans have advanced their knowledge of universe and have progressed technologically. But the other bitter truths are; still we have civil unrest in many countries and third-world is a reality where people die of hunger.

Partly, money is going to decide who will survive in 2012 doomsday scenario.  And Partly, it will be sheer luck for the other people to see another day.

And to me, We are lucky humans, we have survived with the time because we exist here. Doomsday of 2012 may be hoax or may be true, nobody is sure of what it is or what it is not.  We have both the supporters and opposite sides telling us their versions.

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Mass Migration in 2012, is World Ready?

World is not Ready and Never Will. Mass Migration is point of no discussion.

Natural calamities, Wars and other extreme conditions can trigger the mass migration of human population from one place to another. This is speculative situation. Can doomsday 2012 scenario lead to mass migration? A short answer is, yes, it can.

Let’s admit one fact, we all live in greedy world where countries have their own interests first and the leaders have to care about the votes they can get by displaying the mercy and the acts of helping someone in need. The problem is, citizens of another country are not naturalized voters and they remain the point of no attention from the leaders of the world.

There are several funds setup by UN and other non-profits.  If doomsday 2012 occurs, these agencies may not be able to reach the people. In that case, the neighboring countries will need to help the people of another neutral, friendly or enemy state.  Something like North Korea helping the people of South Korea or vice versa.

The countries are never ready to accept the refugees at mass level. The immigration is one of the burning issues in many countries.  Nobody can say, what will be the response of the surviving states  in that scenario. Even if doomsday does not come. Lets say, a small country is on the verge of being flooded.  All the surrounding countries just watch the show and do not come up to help the people. We have seen such cases in the past.

For mass migration or population seeking help from the other nations, may create problem for the existing population in those countries which have safer places.

In extreme conditions, we need to show more concern to the people who need help. I will not wish to have a real doomsday on earth. But if it does, we would need to prepare for the people who would be seeking help from us.

Mass Migration has happened in the history and boundary-less world does not exist now. It takes more than efforts to reach another country. The rules are tough.  Nobody can say, if you would given a free entry into another nation for being safe.  My take is, world is going to show more concern.  But mass migration a topic no leader would like discuss.

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2012 Doomsday Linking Oil Leak and Rising Temperature

Several chat boards and forums are discussing whether BP oil leak incident is related to 2012 doomsday.  Lets discuss this in details.

BP oil leak does not have the scale of doomsday. Even it does not have wide-spread effects on the larger world. The connected sea and borderlines in Africa, India, China, Japan will not even notice the oil leak. An accident of oil leak has the time duration and it has the start and end date. It does not go into infinity like sun is burning for ages.  Oil Leak can not be linked to any doomsday event. It is an isolated incident which arose due to human negligence.

The other issue of rising temperature in Asian region. The south Asia is reeling under the severe heat these days. Temperature is soaring as high as 50 degree centigrade.  It is not very unusual for the region because monsoon and the rainy season begins at this time. Rising temperature and low temperature of last year which sustained cold weather, do not have any visible link. Similarly, the global warming can not be a reason for doomsday.  On this issue I will write next post.

For now, doomsday followers and the people who are interested in the doomsday 2012 theories, are fueling the speculations that oil leak is some how linked to impossible doomsday of 2012.

There is no visible or scientific link so far. May be speculators know more than scientists and a field journalist.

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Will Pole Shift change Sun Rise and Sun Set?

The science of everything you see. Pole Shift can change many things around us.

It is improbable to judge and predict the changes can come. It is generally called as cataclysmic pole shift. Word cataclysmic is not in geologist’s dictionary. It seems more over a common name give to any ruin which is brought by natural forces.

The exact degree of pole shift will define the new changes.  The pole shift will certainly bring the change in the sun set and sun rise. The direction may change a bit but not completely.  Sun will not begin to rise from West, south or north.  The sun rise direction will have the effects on the flora and fauna.  Several new species will emerge from existing ones. The mutation can begin to take place in many organisms. The other ways, mutation is a natural adjustment in species which helps them to adapt to changed situations.

The species can exist in extreme conditions. If we have resources to probe sun, we may find some species there as well.

Geologists can define the pole shifts in many ways.  It has socio-economic effects as well. The countries may have some disputes over the boundaries and the contours may change the position.  Largely the 180 degree pole shift can be a real problem. The smaller degree of 1 to 10 on the scale, will not have great impact.

The magnetic pole shift or the south changing with west,  or line drawn between the two and shifting or rotating the lines a bit. It is not easy clearly to say, which way it occurs.  The pole shift is not going to wipe out the species from earth.  It may change the direction of rivers, gulf streams and some inactive volcanoes may become active. The scale of destruction with even full scale 180 degree pole shift will not be very high. It will be observable but will have less effects on the living beings.

A trivia here. By-the-way, Why is Pole Shift going occur? No body has answer and nobody can tell you when it is going to happen. So called 2012 doomsday and pole shift are not linked by factual science. So far, there are no evidences of that.  Geological changes do not happen over-night. They take ages and it is very slow process which takes centuries to complete.  There are no elements in sight which can trigger any thing of pole shift for now. 2012 and other years are going to see more of us.

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Hindu God is Expected to Arrive in 2012

Many believe Kalki God or Bhagavan is coming in 2012. or has already come?

Here is new twist in the saga of hoaxed 2012 doomsday.  Hindu God Kalki is expected arrive in 2012. There are many experts of Vedas and Puranas who are making claims that Kalki will arrive as the Doomsday events begin.

According to these experts, Kalki is going to kill almost all the thieves and the people who are not pure at heart.  He will take the form of four-armed man and will complete his mission. According to the books, he will not come from sky. He will be born. But why only 2012? If such a man has to do something in 2012, he must exist now on earth and he must have taken birth at least 10 to 18 years before. He can attain an age of the body and he can fight.  Mythologists are in two categories. One who does the research on the books and the other, who are empty-mind and know just the sensational part of the books.

Kalki God coming in 2012,  seems to be a thought originated in the mind of the second type of the experts and mythologists. Let’s assume doomsday 2012 does not happen. Will these experts take responsibility if Kalki God does not arrive as per the itinerary set by these so-called experts.  No one has account of responsibility for baseless and weird predictions.

Let’s go further,  there is a gentle man called Vijay Kumar in Tamilnadu, India.  H has declared himself one of the God and that God by chance is Kalki. Vijay Kumar or Kalki Bhagavan has controversial past and from any point of view, calling him God does not do justice to almighty.  If he is going to be the one who is going save the humanity in 2012, what is he waiting for? There is enough evil in the world and his ashrams which can be starting point for him for cleaning the mess. TV9 did a news piece on this man.

The truth is always before us. It is us who think world is biased against the Godly elements walking on earth.

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Mojave Desert, Smart Choice or Just a Place?

Is Mojave Desert a choice of Geologists for being safe in 2012 Doomsday scenarios?

Over the geologists and their circle, this discussion was hot topic why Mojave desert is being considered a safest place in US.  This discussion stems from the fact that Vivos is constructing bunkers and shelter houses there.  A company will not invest so much money without consulting a geologist or team of geologists and other experts. It is big decision and has to be approved by several teams of experts who have completed remarkable work in their career.

Mojave is not all desert, there are some cities and people live there already. Many people may consider the deserts as the safest option.  Deserts are going to save you but there are challenges which are beyond work-around. How you are going to live if there is no water. How are you going to make it to see another day if there is no food available.  Survival is not all about being alive. It is about living for many years.  Anyone thinking of making home in deep deserts have to include the plans to store the water and food for many months.  The conditions after an extreme events can not be predicted.  The advance plans are the key to many things.  It is not known how Vivos is going to generate water for the people if all the water has been dried up.

Mojave looks a natural but tough choice for survival. I would go with the choices which can be made out in mountains. Mountains will have less issues. The clouds and the water can be formed there naturally.  While, deserts will be having enormous heat, mountains will be having rains. The equation goes like this. The better choice for these bunkers would have been somewhere in high mountains.

Mojave for 2012 doomsday scenarios is right choice but a tougher one and full of challenges.  I repeat again, Vivos bunkers in Mojave deserts are being made for surviving in extreme conditions. The deserts and environment there is big challenge.

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2012 Doomsday and Legacy of Philippines

Natural Survivors of Philippines will beat improbable 2012 Doomsday.

I have many friends who are live in Philippines. The general chat with them reveal that people in Philippines are accustomed live with the scenarios which are extreme.  The country is hit by the cyclones and other natural calamities. The internet facilities in the country are spreading the words very fast.  In 2008, an email was circulated among the people at mass level, telling them that doomsday is coming on July 18, 2008.  Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology sprung in to action and warned people against believing such theories. The point is here is, this small country of scattered islands has most sophisticated equipments and laboratories to predict much of weather.  Its coastline is among the longest in the world and it is 12th most populous country.

People of Philippines are hard-working and have seen the wars and other issues in the past. The country has problem with the islands. These bunches of islands are surrounded by the water.

In case of doomsday 2012, many of these islands will vanish.  Just in case the sea remains disturbed for many months, it will have an impact on the lives of the people. In extreme natural scenarios of calamities, islands have much on the stake.  Philippines is clearly no exception. If country is faced with doomsday scenario, the safest place is going to central region of Ilocos Region, you need to get closer to MT. Province.  Down south, you can go to Bukidnon region. The central region of Philippines, has more risk. The people living in countries will need to go to main-land china or come to the place where you have long stretch of mountains. Find the highest point and get there. People of Philippines are skilled and have knowledge to survive in odd condition. They know more about the nature and its mechanisms than any of us. They are the people who are going to be the winners and possible survivors. They have long history of beating the odds and live to tell their story.

A Big if and but, Doomsday 2012 for now seems to be the hoax and does not have any substantial proof so far.  The above words can become your guide, just in case the rare event of doomsday comes to play. For now, there is no danger of anything.  Lead your happy and blissful life like you do always.  You are beautiful people and are blessed with the natural instincts of survivorship.

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