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Genealogy Changes in 2012 Doomsday Scenario

Bad Science can be twisted to suit the ends and genealogy is one of them.

Genealogy is a science of studying family tree which can be formed using the public records and tracing them back to the early ancestors.  Genealogy has become very popular in last few years. More people are looking forward to trace their roots.  On paper, it all looks good and easy. One can not find the roots beyond few centuries. The historical point comes where you hit the wall. You can not go beyond that.  Lets examine the scenario when this wall is shifted to 2012 and future generations are not able to go beyond that because the records will not exist because of doomsday events.

The above scenario has many serious issues and logical problems. First is, almost all doomsday theorists believe that time will again restart after doomsday.  Even the biggest earth-shaking events can not wipe out all the records, buildings and the systems.  Even the complete doom will leave few survivors. The material goes nowhere.  The material like metal, steel, and other structures are going to be here. The survivors can use the remaining resources to build the future from there.

Second is, such large scale doomsday event can do  harm but will not change it for ever. What is the connection of genealogy and doomsday 2012. Apparently nothing except having mentions in the theories and doomsday books. Anyone who used resources to trace his or her roots and have written that, that is going to be available. The technology is much advanced to restore the digital records. Nothing to worry on that front.

Genealogical changes  in 2012 are not possible because genealogy is still not an established science.  It is still based upon unverified records which might be true and false as well. The DNA tracing is more established to find out more about races on earth. Even if doomsday in 2012 comes, still DNA techniques will be available to trace the origins.

And finally, There is no proof to say that time will restart after improbable and impossible doomsday of 2012.

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2010 May Online Trends for 2012 Doomsday

So, what made sense trends wise for 2012 doomsday sites and other sources in May 2010. Let’s get down to analyze the data which comes from different sources.

May’s first week was still better and the new searches appeared. The new searches which came rising and remained hot were wm 2012 and em 2012. These two phrases may have made some sense but difficult to know what people are trying to find with wm 2012 online and em 2012 online related subjects.  We leave it here for the people to figure them out.

Google search data for May shows lower bounds compared to April and seems like people are losing interest for now. May’s first week began with the dip as fewer people took interest. New sites appeared fighting for advertisers. They may be getting business with advertisements. Difficult to judge the earnings of a new site.

Only prominent search made with world end 2012 found some data for May.  The downturn is expected for next one year or so. Many 2012 doomsday related sites are waiting to see good traffic but it is not going to pickup before June next year.  Many site owners realize that they are working with the time variable. These sites are not timeless as they would have no relevancy after December 2012.  The investment versus return ratio sounds skewed for now.  The tough competition among the sites will intensify with beginning of 2012 year.

The problem with the trends is that they show what has happened with little pointer to what would happen next.  My media and market experience combination puts me little above than creating a site and posting simply.  Having noticed the problems with the experts and doomsday theorists, it is right to put the people on the track for good.

So, how was it for site owners and the authors of the books. The sales data does not make a good news for many. Almost all the publishers have learnt hard way that the wrong or shaky collection of ideas can be business spoiler in the market. May be a well know scientist is offered the money and time to write something sensible on 2012 doomsday related material.

Again, I repeat, the investment is not going to return good value before June, 2011. You may spend time building your resources until then.  The sites and online stores of the doomsday related products and supplies for protection and general use, are noticing that people are thinking it is too early buy these products. The sale will pickup not before Jan 2012. The year 2012 is going to be very important for the people who have invested money, time and resources to earn good returns.

May be some traffic can be expected to rise in July this year once the FIFA world cup 2010 is over.  People seem to be too busy to think about 2012 doomsday.  If you own a site, store or blog, you need to be patient with the time and focus your attention to build it nicely. Again, do not write for search engines,  Write for your readers and give them something good to read. You may have your own views in support or against the doomsday theories, present them well to the world. The returns would come for sure.

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Indian Weather and Doomsday 2012

Indian Desert is turning Green and experiencing Flood for the first time.

New Delhi this year is seeing very high temperature.  The weather system is so well disturbed this year that it is unpredictable the next move of the monsoon this year. We are not seeing the re-run of past history. Every day, the newspaper is reporting the broken records of high temperatures. While one day of May was also recorded as the coolest one as well.

These disturbed weather pattern indicate something. Apparently nothing. May to August 2010 will remain hot like any other year. There is no correlation with the doomsday or anything. Indian weather sometimes is at the mercy of the astrologers and the scientists who are no better at the art. Cyclones and storms have been part of Indian weather for many years. The al-nino has severe effect here but 2010 is supposed to be the cooler than before if we believe what weather department told us during the long range forecast for the  weather ahead.

The problem lies with the global warming. The Indian desert is not growing anymore. The data shows that it is shrinking every year. The desert is having more trees and greenery. If you look at the few cities in deserts, there the flood is occurring and some of the population in these places had never seen flood in their lifetime earlier.

Doomsday is very subjective term. It has no relation with these patterns. And 2012 doomsday may not be real one but few greedy countries and these weather patterns may create one in few years.

More caution must be exercised when terming and linking weather patterns with doomsday.  There is no relationship what so ever with doomsday 2012 to Indian monsoon or weather systems.  The data of the rains and heat point that what we are seeing now, has occurred in the past as well.  Rest everything or repeatability of such events is just co-incidence and nothing else.

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Sedona Retreats and 2012 Doomsday

Many feel that Sedona Retreats is the place to worship and probably experience the transformation in 2012 doomsday scenarios.

I have read about the magical places which are existing in different parts of the world. Almost every country and cities have sacred places. Sedona Retreats are in Arizona. These are rocky structures which were formed naturally. Many people claim to have experienced the energy around them. These experiences are not common and vary from person to person. There are several people who experienced nothing.  Can a mystical experience tell you something about doomsday or any thing which is going to occur? Doomsday 2012 and Sedona Retreats may not bind together for the people.

There is nothing wrong in going to Sedona Retreats of any place where you can get some peace and some mystical experience if any. The problem is of commercialization and over-glorification of the places.  If you travel around the world, you are going to find many sacred places and businesses around them.

Pure mystical experience for an individual is extremely private matter. But if someone says, you can experience more of it with my book, is exploitation of the faith.

Lets assume that Sedona Retreats hold powers.  Mystical experiences have made people more compassionate but there is difference between being peace loving and survivor.  Be it Sedona Retreats of something else, the politics and the economies will always remain here.  The greedy companies and their CEOs must be sent to Sedona Retreats for transformation of their soul.  And you have few candidates ready who needs the attention of the activists right now. Pickup the executives of BP oil and Exxon Oil, send them to have their souls purified. May be they are more careful next time to deal with the disasters.

Sudden doomsday of 2012 is less dangerous compared to the slow poisoning of the environment by these greedy companies.

The people who are drumming that world is going to change after 2012, can they survive without oil, food and currency? If you need currency to buy the things for your survival or you are going to trade after 2012. Certainly no mystical place can help the world at the large level to see everyone transformed.

Suppose, you go to Sedona Retreats and return transformed with spiritual awakening. Your banks and lenders do not care where you have been. If you do not pay the interests to them, they are going to put fines and penalties on you. Your industrial and property disputes will have less or no effects of your transformation or where you have been.

Going to Sedona Retreats is ok for personal reasons. But believing that large level change is going to occur from there, is too much to hope.

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Colonial World and 2012 Doomsday

Powerful Countries still have colonies.  These no-countries have serious problem if doomsday 2012 comes.

Well, it pains to see the colonies of powerful nations. These colonies still exist in many parts of the world. For example the Caribbean Islands have two islands namely Turks and Caicos.  The special part is that these two islands are still colonies of Britain.  British monarchy appoints governor there.  These islands exist very far away from Britain where it has got nothing to do except to rule the islands.  The list is pretty long for these no-countries. You can check the complete list of the countries which are still waiting independence from powerful countries.  The list is here.

Now comes the serious issue. In case of any natural or man-made disaster on the large scale. These no-countries face maximum risk. Powerful nations which are controlling them, will have their own main-land problems to deal with. If doomsday 2012 comes true, these territories will be neglected and left alone to deal with itself.  There are many poor territories in the list which will not have means to defend themselves.  Western Sahara is governed by Spain and one fails to understand what is Spain doing there in 21st century.

Greedy nations do not care about the colonies. They are there till they have controlling power. Beyond that, one has to find the means to survive their own. No political system in a territory will lead to total collapse of the systems if large scale events take place.

I will not go into the debate of who should govern what. The point here is, people living in these territories must make themselves self-sufficient if the doomsday 2012 occurs and they should be able to live beyond that.

Colonies in 21st century is a serious issue. There are no doubts. The people should have their own government. Powerful nations have enough of the problems to deal with themselves in their own country.

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2012 Doomsday and Global Economy

Are Economic Systems designed to withstand global natural disasters such as doomsday of 2012?

The economic systems around the world are so well connected to each other that these financial networks leave no space for few to survive. Lets assume that world is facing 2012 doomsday event. Let’s derive some conclusions from here. Just in case of such events, the financial systems will vanish overnight and the world would not see the stock markets any more.  The reserve funds may tender to become useless because doomsday is supposed to be the event on very large scale. The scale is so large that it would make currencies useless.  The world goes back to primitive age again with the survivors who do not need money to buy anything because world markets will crumble. The mother nature never demanded anything from the humans. Since humans created printed notes, the same notes will not hold any value.

Since all of the economic and financial systems will hold no value after 2012, the new economy will emerge and it will take shape again. The survivors will carry the economical and financial models in their head to recreate the stock exchanges again.

Let’s go back to realism from speculation, the doomsday event will not wipe everything.  The survivors have been here and will be there even after the 2012 doomsday. The survivors may not have the central governing bodies but in sometime, the leaders will be chosen and the new order begins.  The final outcomes depend upon the leaders world gets after 2012. The basic traits of supporting ones kins and relatives will always remain there. You may see emergence of kings again because most powerful and rich survivors will lay the rules for others.

The financial and economic systems have not been designed to bear the results of large scale negative events.  The small scale doomsday can wipe out many financial organizations and some of them go out of business for ever. Suppose, doomsday comes but it affects few places only. The people living in such places will not able to pay the borrowed money to banks.  The local lenders will be worst hit in such cases.  Many companies operate the financial business on the principles to raise the operational cost only. Take the examples of many banks in US, these banks spend more to run the business than their actual earning. Some of financial institutions have negative earning as well.  A doomsday of 2012 on small scale will spell doom for most of the financial companies.

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Rising Events of Cyclones and Earthquakes

Rising events of cyclones and earthquakes, pointer to doomsday of 2012?

Many people argue that more cyclones and earthquakes are coming for last few years. The statistics do not favor these thoughts.  For example take Japan’s history of earthquakes, more or less the number remains same. These natural events have been part of the history and are random in occurrence.  There is no clear path which could lead us to predict the next such event with perfection. The pseudo-science of astrology and other such streams does not do justice to the bright people trying to make sense of vibrations of earth. Many spectacular scientists are spending their lifetimes in labs trying to gather data from the sensors which are placed all over the world. The seismic events are beyond the science to understand. We do not have technology to make better sense of the happenings which are taking place in deep earth. Where the scientists fail, the doomsday experts arrive and begin to make nonsense predictions.

What is happening these days is, Everyone has a theory.  Experts are little arrogant creatures who do not allow them to exposed to counter questions. After occurrence of  earthquake or cyclone, you will read news about the people who begin to claim that I predicted so and so will happen. If they are so smart people, they must enlighten us about the next possible dates.

Cyclones can be seen in advance and lives can be saved. But their number of events are so random that you can not make them appear in mathematical equations.  A statistical data can well present the picture if the events are rising or falling.  There is no pointer which could tell us it is all happening due to 2012 or something like that.  The speculative nature of the predictions and the way they are handed over to the people, looks like the bad attempt at marketing a book.  Anyone who is looking for intelligent thoughts on earthquakes and earthly events, must read the work of Robert Hooke.  He was a fantastic expert who made better sense of earthquakes and volcanoes.  He wrote in a very understandable manner and his style is local. He makes you understand the topics easily. Better than the choppy doomsday experts who are bent on linking everything to doomsday.

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Post Doomsday 2012 Challenges

Economic world at micro level affects people directly.

Lets assume that a particular country is facing the doomsday or any event which is confirmed to come in 2012. It means business of low-level for several people.  It happens in third-world and developing countries, the greedy people invest heavily in food grains, metals, anything which hold value and money can buy right now. Once the devastating event is over, these greedy people sell the things at higher cost. Making poor people poorer.

For example, many people really want that doomsday event must be confirmed. I am not talking about experts. Experts are small time traders who just have books to sell. The greedy businessman in your area and the land-lords who have acres of land in their possession, are more interested in flood, natural calamities and other such negative events. They are rich and have means to save themselves. The helpless and homeless people come to them once the flood has gone away. The poor people seek financial help to buy food for their family.  And the rich and greedy people offer private loans at very much higher rate of interest.  Many a times, it is seen in areas,  that generations passed but loans did not finish.  That is the challenge.  Challenge is to save the survivors from the clutches of the people who trade and capitalize on the events which has negative impact on the community.

The improbable 2012 doomsday has such spots all over the world.  The poor survivors needs to be protected from the people who want to have bonded laborers.  Take for example the situation of drought, it is equal to doomsday and it makes people displaced for very long time. People with cunning eyes approach these poor farmers and offer them help.  The farmer is trapped for generations and it goes on.

The old rules will not change even after so-called doomsday of 2012. The economic and financial rules will survive to punish the people. Few of the survivors will become richer because they will have the more food and money.  The financial transaction holds its value until paid back.  In case of any large scale negative event, the people will take decades to pay what they borrow from the rich and greedy survivor.

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2012 Doomsday Racing Minds

Are Doomsday Experts really Intelligent? Or just smart salesmen?

People are racing their minds in many directions on the speculation, this may happen and this too may happen in 2012. Lets focus on the expert problem in 2012 doomsday theories.  The argument is that humans are incapable of understanding the hidden evidences.  There is a strong case against the so called experts.  So, does expert problem exist in 2012 doomsday theories?

To me, It exists. What if these experts predict and plan everything for doomsday and doomsday do not come at all. Or something other man-made hits us which equals to damage on the large scale.  The point is, these experts are no better than any morning walker in the park.  We need to understand how an expert is formed.  A fake expert is the result of greed and hollow science.  A confused expert is the result of over-education. A true expert does not exist.  The nature of doomsdays and the events which can not be predicted, points to the fact that theories can not be believed. The validation problem exists with these theories.

Take any popular doomsday theory, some elements are common and you can find them easily.  A new doomsday expert with a book in his hands appears and claims that he knows something which other experts do not know.  A fake and smart expert thinks he can beat others in the game and his book can become one of the best sellers overnight. The problem is, all the experts think alike, trying to beat each other.

Then comes an unknown guy sitting far away and trying to make sense out of theories.  The scientific and social models are not enough to understand the events which are yet to come.  Doomsday experts are mostly copy cats.

None of the large scale events occurred according to the books and pre-existing theories.  If doomsday experts know too much, they must be the first ones who must relocate to safer places. I never heard any doomsday 2012 expert selling his home and running away from luxurious beaches.

The polished and refined crap can earn money. The books of doomsday experts are just garbage.  These books do not make sense at all.  An expert thinks himself wiser than the others while he knows deeply, he is just faking it.  Let 2013 come, many of these doomsday experts will vanish or probably will be searching for next big theory which can be used for producing another book.

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