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2010 June Online Trends for 2012 Doomsday

Interest is declining in 2012 Doomsday

The past data of June 2010 pointed that 2012 doomsday topic is slowing down. More serious site owners have come in the field. Some of those efforts are good while others are just copy of sites.

In June, Robert Basts’ site remain on the top of the charts. The other sites have come up with the words predictions in the name. Lets get back to analysis of the data which we got for June 2010 on the topic of 2012 doomsday.

The data shows that there is significant decline in the subject.  The 20% dip in the volume of searches over all around the world from users, is alarming. June has not seen as many people going to the sites as they were in previous months. It may be due to the reason of having FIFA world cup 2010 during that time.  And people preferred football in the place of reading about the doomsday.

Now, even the search data for Olympics 2012 is not picking up. Both the topics are seeing huge decline in the interest. The other reason may be that media and news were focused on the games.

2012 doomsday subject is great filler for the TV news channels around the world. It is used for creating interests and maintaining the TRPs.

In USA, Texas is the only location from where the largest search volume has emerged. Texas is followed by New York and  California. These three states are front runners in the search volume.

US and UK remain the driving force for doomsday related sites.

There are many affiliates who do not accept the data and search from any other countries. India, China and other European users are not considered for converting them to hits.

In such cases, the right affiliates can still serve the content to most of the countries.

The situation remains grim over the operation cost and ROI of the sites which are trying to make money with the doomsday topic and its sub topics.

It is important for site owners to know that, the doomsday subject can not make money in making the duplicate sites. Many affiliates are not going to like that. You need to keep your readers engaged. The returning visitors must get the new things to read. I would advise any one to avoid creating the feed based sites. Those are not going to make money unless the feeds are paid to click.

Some general sites also borrow the feeds, pingbacks and links from sites which are related to doomsday. Is that going to work. No. The user who is looking for something else may not find the doomsday enough interesting to forget about the things he was supposed to search.

At my site, I get many comments which do not match with the content. I remove them because liking the general sites with the site like this one, is not really good idea. It may change the nature of your site. You need to maintain the focus and keep it in tunnel for long time.

July 2010 data may not either look good. You would need to change the orientation of your sites if you need more visitors.

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Doomsday Money Beyond 2012

Is money in bank worth after doomsday?

Many people have this question in their mind. The currencies of the world have time as variable. No currency is for ever. Each of the available currencies have the value on the scale of the time. There is very long list of modern currencies which do not hold any value now.

The big question is what are those things which have timeless value and are always on the rise. In the situation of doomsday scenarios, the modern currencies and the money in bank have the risk factor involved. You may have watched your balance in the bank almost daily. What would happen if your bank is no more after doomsday?

The need for us is to find out the valuable things which will still have the trading value after doomsday. The gold and other precious metals come in the mind of anyone. But what if people do not have money to buy them. The precious metals are last priority for the people to buy when they are fighting for the survival.

Your knowledge can be traded for real value in the aftermath of doomsday.  The food is going to be the most valuable commodity after doomsday. Nobody can predict how the bargain and barter system is going to be after. The food and the security against the natural calamities would hold the real value.

Improve your knowledge of the natural powers and the phenomena. That is going to help you even if doomsday does not come. Count on your ability to build the bridges, new homes and shelters when the doomsday is over. Beyond this, it is pretty difficult to predict the balance of the power in the post doomsday world.

The above thoughts are based upon the currency fluctuations and the trading values in the market. The currencies are certainly volatile. What you can buy today, tomorrow it may cost you more or may be out of reach for you.

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2012 Doomsday Inception of Theories

That is pretty interesting idea to trace the idea itself when the 2012 doomsday inception begin. It could make a good case to study how the doomsday and year 2012 got linked together.

There many be some queues to understand. It must have started with the thoughts that world can end one day. The further thinking and the mix of popular culture made it something like which is being received all over the world so well. Many people argue that even if doomsday of 2012 is hoax, there is nothing which have captured the attention of the masses like this ever before.  It certainly sounds good to see such entertaining thoughts arriving and media grabbing them.

Lets go to some more layers below the inception of the theories surrounding the doomsday.  Many theorists and cult leaders believe that doomsday will unearth the some of the natural power which will be magical and can be controlled by the humans. This may sound good in the sci-fi movies and the novels. There is no proof that such magical powers even exist on the earth.  The idea of doomsday and possible one, is really scary. Beyond that it is good to see people making money out of the well defined and mix of the pulp fiction doing the rounds. Certainly, it is so well popular now that you can write many books and produce the items and goods around it. There is big market of doomsday merchandise items.

An idea or many incepted ideas of embedded theories of doomsday are re-defining the beliefs and cultures around the world. TV channels have dedicated thousands of the air-time minutes already and there will be much more beyond that. It is long way to 2012 year still. Watch out for more exciting news.

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After Doomsday 2012

Many people want to know how it would look like after doomsday 2012.

First, read the definition and meaning of the word Doomsday. It means that it can be any catastrophic day or judgement day according to the religious scriptures.  Any event which has wide spread negative impact leading to the complete chaos and the destruction at large scale can be called doomsday.

Let’s go with this definition to understand how it would look like after doomsday 2012.  Earth has very long history of the existence and has seen many events.  The big animals like dinosaurs used to exist and they are no more here. The history of earth has been shaped by the events which have changed many things about the existence of the civilizations and the species.

One thing did not happen to earth is, the complete wipe out of the species. The earth is still here and has the life which is evolving and further branching to other forms as well. Lets assume that doomsday comes. In that case there would remain some survivors. The complete destruction is not possible in any of the scenario.  A doomsday can not affect the complete earth. There are no events and signs which are visible. Let’s go back to the prediction of the scene after doomsday.  Here are some ideas how it can be.

  1. Survivors will form a unified command to rule the planet.
  2. The existing and the old rules of the world would help the people to get back to the changed life.
  3. The nature will again test the rule of survival of the fittest and new evolution begins from here.
  4. The fitter and healthier species will survive the tough natural conditions and will develop with resistance to the existing situation.
  5. The new social system emerges but the control remains in few people. That may brings the age-old slavery conditions back to societies.
  6. The unified command would have its own limitations to reach others. It may take several years to find all the survivors all over the world and unite them together.
  7. As noted in earlier posts, we might need the new rules to govern the world which would emerge after doomsday.
  8. Present day world is very complex in nature. The legal and the status will take time to return.
  9. The currencies may be floated to have the one currency all over the world.
  10. The doomsday conditions can also spark the riot and chaos with anarchy after doomsday. In the absence of the government it would be impossible to control the people who would emerge powerful to rule others.

These are my thoughts based on the doomsday ideas and theories to note that world after doomsday 2012

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Doomsday 2012 Assumptions

For those who have been reading too much of the stories and theories about planets and other linked stuff which is doing rounds on the net related with 2012 doomsday. This post must offer them some relief from the wrong notations which are abundant in the theories.

Take up any theory from the random selection of your choice and examine it on the pre-set parameters which it notes that those must be true to make it happen.

This problem is widespread in all the theories that they are based upon too many assumptions. These assumptions are loosely based on the other sub theories.

The doomsday 2012 event as per experts can be a good example of the assumptions being fitted to suit the needs of a particular expert. You can prove anything with these assumptions and doomsday experts are no exceptions when it comes to choosing between the right way of science and selling the book which can push the sensational ideas to public.

The problem is, nobody want to believe that doomsday theories are fake and hoax because they do not provide enough evidences to prove that it has happened in the past. Some of them are smart to come to several debates and tell you that this is going to happen regardless of the fact whether you like it or not. Buy the book to explore more about that.Some of them are genuine and are in the field to prove some theories on the basis of scientific assumptions.  The problem of verification still remains there. The experts are considered conformists who do not challenge the set parameters. Some of them take the populist views which can benefit them. The assumptions are the main features which you are going to find in the theories.

Next time, when you read any of these theories, question the expert why there are so many assumptions if the expert is so much sure about that doomsday in 2012 is coming.  You can easily list the assumptions and if you find illogical assumptions, throw that theory in trash-can.

This problem is widespread in all the theories that they are based upon too many assumptions. These assumptions are loosely based on the other sub theories.
The doomsday 2012 event as per experts can be a good example of the assumptions being fitted to suit the needs of a particular expert. You can prove anything with these assumptions and doomsday experts are no exceptions when it comes to choosing between the right way of science and selling the book which can push the sensational ideas to public.

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2008 Revisited for Doomsday Stories

It is back to 2008 when a British sci-fi movie called Doomsday was released. It had sought the limelights that time and was received well.  The movie was made at large budget and when released to halls and the public, it did not do well. The movie is again in the spot light due to its name. Thousands of the people want to watch it.

The movie Doomsday of 2008 has no relationship of the doomsday at all. These is irrational frenzy which is catching up with the people. People also want to know the Rhona Mitra’s connection with doomsday. Some people claim that there is something special in the hairstyle of Rhona Mitra in the movie doomsday.  There are pictures which are in the interest for many.

However, the doomsday movie had Rhona playing the role of Eden Sinclair who is a major in the security department. The movie dealt with the subject o virus outbreak and futuristic force to control it.  The movie does not mention anything about Maya or Inca or anything else.

There is nothing in this movie to watch for doomsday theories. The fiction books and movies which have resembling names are making good movie in the sale. These movies may be unrelated but people are looking for them. Sudden interest in Rhona or Rohona Mitra and her movie Doomsday is an evident fact that some bad movies may be of interest in sometime in future.

Nothing of interest in this movie for the people who are looking for something to link with doomsday theories.

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Atomic Doomsday Clock, is it real?

Nuclear Doomsday Clock and 2012 are not related.

The doomsday clock is a symbolic clock to keep the world in the state of warning that present day and the future development of atomic and nuclear weapons can destroy the world and lead to doomsday, made and manufactured by humans.

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists contains 19 members. Most of them are Nobel laureates and have their degrees and the thoughts on the development of the weapons. The board maintains a clock which shows the time elapsed and the advancement. The clock is adjusted to forward and backward depending upon the developments in the world. In recent move, it was adjusted to 5 minutes backward.  The clock has been adjusted 18 times in the past.

The clock was developed and made to exist in the realms of scientific societies in 1947. Its creation was to show to the world that the race of weapons can bring the the end to the world.

Well, this doomsday clock has not got to do anything with the doomsday of 2012. As already stated, it is symbolic only. The clock is not based upon any theory or the calendars. Similarly, it has not connection to maya, inca or any other theories.

It is certainly a good way to give a wake up call to the world and tell the countries that you need to stop the race of weapons. More weapons will not do any good. At the same time, it is also important to protect the countries which do not have these weapons.  It should not be the game of  who bullies whom first.

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Test 2012 Doomsday on Mani The Parrot

Wise Parrot Must be Tested for its Psychic Powers

There is another news which coming from the FIFA World Cup 2010 related predictions. This time it is Mani, the Parrot, Parakeet living in Singapore. The keeper of the parrot Mani has predicted that Netherlands will win the world cup.  So funny that we are taking help of animals who even are not aware that humans are using them to meet their own selfish ends.

Let’s assume that Mani the Parrot can predict the future events.  There is a well defined test for extra sensory powers. The same test can be performed to know exactly if the parrot is psychic or not. If it does not fail even single time, there is no guarantee that it can not fail and cannot go wrong.  Let’s assume that Mani, the parrot passes the test.

We can give the the another test to its keepers to tell us if doomsday of 2012 will come or not.  It would be really interesting to see the results.  What ever are the results are, should not be taken very seriously.  Doomsday event is not a football match. And the worse, the doomsday prediction with the help of an animal is going to lead to several serious issues. One is that, its followers and believers can be misled to believe that Mani the Parrot can not go wrong and what ever it predicts is certain. This thought is scary enough to send people to have covers.

Keep animals out of the business of prediction, we have enough people who claim to be expert with the art of prediction.  If these animals will rule the world of prediction or say industry of prediction, what the experts are going to do. The interesting case would be when you would see books by these animals and more worse the case of stock market prediction with the help of a Parrot. It is going to vanish many investors if they take it too seriously.

As far as doomsday of 2012 is concerned, have Mani the Parrot to predict something. Results are awaited and we are eager to listen what this wise parrot tells us.

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Baba Vanga and 2012 Doomsday

Baba Vanga ‘s Predictions may miss the dates.

Baba Vanga was born in Bulgaria and lived till 1996. She was blind and is believed to have the powers to predict the future. Her most noteworthy prediction is that World War III will begin in 2010.  Baba Vanga has made several other predictions as well. She was blind and illiterate to write books. That opens many things to speculation. She might have said one thing while people understood other things.

The real situation on the ground is, certainly world is having tensions but those tensions are not so bad that it would take the shape of full scale war.  According to available information, Baba Vanga had pointed that from 2011 to 2014 the time would be of post war. There would be many conflicts going on due to the results of the war.

It may be the case that Baba Vanga refered to some other dates and years and there is mistake in understanding her message.

The problem is, we try to make sense of everything that is available to us. And finally the real world and these predictions have so much of gap that it all loses its logic and meaning. Baba Vanga did not predidct anything specific about doomsday 2012. If doomsday of 2012 is going to at very large scale, it is impossible to be missed by Baba Vanga.  Certainly, she did not see it because it may not be there at all in 2012.

The world war III does not seem to be possible in 2010 October or November. There is nothing leading to such a wide scale conflict for now.

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Oracle Octopus Paul may predict something about 2012 Doomsday

An experiment can reveal many answers.

There is a two year old octopus named Paul in Germany. It is supposed to have predicted the results of FIFA World Cup matches correctly. It has error margin of 20% so far. Meaning is this, it went wrong only once. The recent prediction is that Germany would lose the match in Final. There are many people who believe that Octopus Paul has special powers and capability to predict the future especially of game. The Octopus lives in a controlled aquarium in Germany.

Now how we can relate doomsday 2012 with Octopus Paul. Well, the controllers already know that Paul has got prediction capabilities. As, in the case of  last prediction it was given two boxes. It chose another leaving the box of Germany bearing flag aside. Now, if someone can repeat the experiment with another two boxes. One box with the green and clean image of the world and the other of post doomsday scenario. It would be really interesting to observe which one octopus Paul picks up.

However, I am not arguing if octopus Paul has real powers or just it is by chance that his choice is always winning the match.  The point is that, animals do have senses to know in advance what is going to happen.  The example of last tsunami is before us. There were no dead fish or the sea creatures. All of them had moved to safer places.  There are enough reasons to believe that. What is not believable is, if you can really depend upon such powers which can not be true always.

I have left a trivia for the controllers to do an experiment and find out what Octopus Paul decides about Doomsday 2012.

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