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Is Doomsday 2012 Good for Anyone?

Can Doomsday be Good for Someone?

It is the matter of perception. Like humans have the abilities to distinguish and differentiate between threats and opportunities.  Many view Doomsday as the looming threat which can wipe out the life on earth. While many think that it is an opportunity to cash.

For example take the case Ines Sainz who has gained the celebrity status.  She can become brand ambassador for saving the humanity cause.  She may hope to get more coverage of the media and lime light.  Such endorsements can earn great amount of money for her.  The celebrities have more chances to earn better money with Doomsday Hype than anyone else.

Halloween Costumes manufacturers can play with idea of doomsday 2012 themes. It all looks good for them selling more of the costumes to people who will have fun with the costumes. It would be beneficial for the companies to ride the wave of hype.

Games like Halo Reach can have the elements of doomsday in future editions.  It may sell well. A story set in the background of doomsday can do wonders. The market is ripe for such products. The customers are available to buy them have fun with the doomsday themes.

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg has money and resources to launch the services which are doomsday specific. Mark is an example of the mind which can create anything as successful as facebook. Sounds good for the new entrepreneurs. Yes, there are many people who would just want to make money as fast as possible with doomsday themes. The serious efforts in building the social networking sites which can keep on functioning even after doomsday would be of good tags to get the people coming back again to make sure that they have ways to connect even in the worst case scenario.

People like Eddie Long need to learn their lessons well.  The way these people function, they have nothing for them in doomsday themes. You never know what way they manipulate media with influence and the power.  At the end of it, Eddie might think of calling his supporters and followers to believe something ridiculous around doomsday themes which would circle around his mind and his psychological problems.  May God Give him Some Sense of Responsibility.

And Finally, If you are waiting for superman to arrive, that is not going to happen. Doomsday theme is very captivating and it has potential to be manipulated as the way people want it to be.

Certainly, few guys would be laughing to their banks. Watch for the action which comes with doomsday theories.

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2012 Doomsday and Plant Life

Can Doomsday of 2012 spark the Mutation in Plants?

The question is not easy to answer. The history have witnessed the changes in plants and some of them have been the results of naturally induced mutation as well. The doomsday theories point to several aspects. A doomsday on small scale will not do anything observable in plants.  But if the heat and changed conditions prevail, there would be some changes which would be visible beyond the doomsday as well.

We have to understand the answers to basic questions. From where the fish comes in the newly dug ponds.  How insects come in closely guarded green houses or in the laboratories.  Many people argue that these species come from the old eggs which remain stuck to the seeds and the air becomes a channel for them reach the plants and ponds.

Arguably, the doomsday will not wipe the complete life on earth. Even if it happens at very large scale the burried seeds and the eggs which have been under the earth for very many years will begin to cultivate.  Such phenomena is not uncommon. Many people report that Alaska and Greenland’s upper region is losing its ice sheets. The result is jungles in the places of ice.  The plants are growing in the places where once ice sheets used to be there.

Just in case doomsday of 2012 gets over in few weeks or months, after that the new plants will emerge. Few of them will not be able to survive changed conditions but certainly soon after plants will develop resistance to the changed climatic conditions.  That’s where positive or negative mutation begins.  The mutant plants may be of more heights or may remain dwarf. Mutation is a process which can not be predicted.

If doomsday happens and it occurs, the mutation will also follow for sure.  The new plant life and Eco-system will emerge.  The new plants will be able to withstand the tough weather. As evolution is slow process, it may take few thousands years when altogether new species or sub species of plants will emerge.

It all sounds slow process but that is evolution and mutation has big role to play.  The mutation is already in the progress but Doomsday of 2012 ( if true) can accelerate the process.

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2012 Doomsday Escape Plans for Poor People

Accepting that you are poor, may brighten the chances of escaping doomsday.

If you take a look at the statistics about the casualties when deadly earthquakes or big events take place in the cities. It includes the floods as well.  The people who are accustomed to living in rural areas know the tricks to escape and beat the destiny in its own game.  Your status of being poor is an advantage.  The rich and famous people will suffer more if doomsday occurs.

Here is a list of items which you must keep ready with you just in case doomsday or anything as natural calamity strikes you.

  1. Build good boats with generally available wood and material near your place. You may include the people of your community to build few of them.
  2. Buy Lots of candles and keep them with you. The wax candles must be in your home always. As you do not know when the electricity grid fails.  Just in case of extreme cold and dark nights, these candles will become a way to save lives.
  3. Study the plants and fish species which can be used for making the candles or can burn as candle.
  4. Learn to use plants and create something to wear as clothes.
  5. Keep the area map with you so that you know where you are heading.
  6. To augment map, you can think of keeping compass as well.
  7. Try to work with community to setup radio service which can keep on working just in case the natural calamities have cut off the contact with other world outside.
  8. Learn to use Solar Powered equipments. There are many batteries which can be charged with Solar power can last of many years.
  9. Store some seeds of the normal edible plants which can be used for growing the crops.

You need to remember that if doomsday occurs, you need to plan for many years to survive. You may add more items to above list such as electric torches and other items.

And most important, keep a plan ready to move to the places which are safer and reachable easily with the help of the boats which you assembled.

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2012 Doomsday and Judgement Day

Is there possibility of combining 2012 Doomsday and Judgement Day?

Judgment day is supposed to be the day after final day or what ever time God takes to announce the proceedings to Judgement day.  Suppose, doosday of 2012 is real and it happens in future, soon after doomsday the judgement day begins.

Judgement day accorind to religious texts, can be held when the cycles are over. Thousands of years have passed since it was written that Judgment would promise the better life to those who are pure.

Coming back to the original scene on the ground.  The doomsday has several problems concerning the theories. The theories tell us that it is going to be destruction at wide scale. As the dust of doomsday settles, the kingdom of God would appear.

It all seems to me that Judgement day is itself a hoax woven with perfect marketing materials. Anyways, the doomsday combined with judgement day present the better possibilities of having the wold free of crime and injustice. Can God take control in his hands that time. The popular of world is so huge that all can not be invited to have the judgement delivered. Even the best of the systems and procedure would take thousands of years combined. It is all very complex subject but it makes sense to read the theories. You must keep yourself isolated from all such garbage of religious books.

The judgement if comes at all with doomsday of 2012, is bleak possibility but there are major occasion can occur. Is there a perfect reason to believe these theories?

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Doomsday in 2013 due to Solar Storm

This I think is little credible threat waring of Doomsday type which has come from NASA.

New channels are beaming the doomsday scenarios of 2012 but now they have got something more interesting.  Several news channels have shown the documentaries and small programs of featuring 2013 doomsday now. Many of those channels have the titles such as “Only Three Years Left for Earth”. Another casted the spell with the words “Live life for 3 years now”.  Little scary to hear and watch such coverage.  Lets go to exact meaning of what is going to happen in 2013.

According to NASA, there would be reduced number of sunspots. The new cycle would bring more of solar mass ejection at the greater speed which can hamper the life on earth.  Something of this sort has happened in the past as well.  It is going to be geomagnetic solar storm which can disrupt the operations of satellites and power systems on earth.  The sun would be at its peak in May 2013.

Well, this is not doomsday scenario. It is serious but not at the scale of doomsday.  It must be taken seriously and I hope by that time, someone would be able to tell us how to save ourselves. It makes sense to be conscious of the news and views around you but at the same time you must know the truth.  Look beyond the hype which is created by the news and media channels. Watch for the clear and right indications from the qualified and experts who have right credentials.

For now,  The doomsday of 2012 does not seem to eminent but the case of reduced 2013 doomsday type seems to be more of concern.  You need to watch the news related to May 2013.

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2012 Doomsday and ESP Experts

Can ESP Experts find out if Doomsday 2012 is real?

I am not on the sides of ESP experts who claim to know the eternal truth.  I have read a book titled “How to Make Esp Work for You” by Herold Sherman. Sherman was one of the leading researcher of ESP phenomena. His work is credible and well tested for authenticity.

There are many modern age experts who use ESP or extra sensory powers to predict the outcome of events. The interesting part is none of those experts are rich. Meaning is, they can not predict the outcome or random numbers of games.  All of them have books to publish.

True form of ESP can certainly deliver some answers to the questions. The real psychic abilities are non-existent. What we get is the bunch of pseudo psychic experts who have different views. If  doomsday of 2012 is real then why these experts are not able to see common picture.

I hope someone comes forward with the procedure which can be tested and evaluated under the lab conditions.  The procedure can be repeated to work with ESP to make the clear and verifiable results of the doomsday scene of 2012.

No expert except Harold Sherman presented himself to be tested.  Harold could offer some insights but he is no more. His book can be a great guide to someone who wants to experiment. Read with caution. Book has many warnings to follow.

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How to Make Esp Work for You

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Can Doomsday be Quantified?

Bringing real math to Doomsday theories to solve some of the mysteries.

Quantification is an expression of heuristics and other logics in the form of numbers which can be applied to linear and non-linear systems to predict the possible outcomes. It helps to make the scales and judge the role or parameters.  It is not that complicated stuff. Doomsday theories are missing the parts and the systems which can offer some variable to apply to the established existing systems of equilibriums and other laws of physics.

Lets consider this, doomsday is going to be an activity which would disrupt everything.  This is very general statement.  One has to go deeper to understand the parameters which can make it possible.

Also, you need reference points of the past data to judge the possible outcomes in the future. So far, this all seems that it is academicians duty to do so.  Lets go back to the question, Can doomsday be quantified?  Answer is no. If it is quantified,  the results are going to full of errors, mis-judgments.  Quantification is not pure science. It is still not fool-proof way to put the numbers right.  The solar flares, water woes, tsunamis,  earthquakes and other such natural calamities are still out of reach of the process of quantification.  Several attempts have made to understand them in the past but it is not even near the results which can be relied upon.

In case, of doomsday of 2012, quantification can offer some clues if not the complete picture. It is better to know and see something than being completely blind.  If someone plans to run the montecarlo engine on quantified data and variables, some interesting aspects would certainly be visible.  If someone planning to do so, I may help. I have some variables which can be used for predicting few outcomes of natural calamities.

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Is Doomsday Universal Event?

Is so called Doomsday of 2012 limited to Earth only?

I have never heard an expert telling the Doomsday of 2012 is universal event. Most of them have warned, told and retold the great fiction stories of having impact on earth only.  Certainly, the experts are myopic and have all the strength being focused on the scaring people that it is going to an end.  Beyond that, the valid question is if doomsday occur, will the focus be only earth?

There can not be several views.  If  something is going to come out from the earth and engulf the species on earth, that may have the earth as coverage area. But if something is coming from the sky, then there is possibility that it would affect other planets as well.  In that case it can be labeled as Universal Doomsday of 2012.  The universe can not be destroyed by the doomsdays because the event scale of that nature is not possible. Even to destroy the galaxy, the black holes have capabilities to do so. but there are no chances of any such occurrence so far.

The myopic vision of the experts have made us enough scared and those experts are not able to think beyond the fish ponds.  Seems like they never look at the sky.  If doomsday occurs in 2012, it is going to universal event otherwise, its impact would be limited and not on the large scale.  There is no possibility of any such event coming to near the scale.

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2012 Doomsday and Moon Effects

In the Event of 2012 Doomsday, is Moon to be affected?

According to some news pieces, the Doomsday Ark will be housed on the moon. There may be some species which can be stored there.  The moon can be used as storage place for keeping the sensitive and secret data over there.  There DNA and some flowers seeds can be stored. There is no further news whether the plans of such Ark on the moon are functional now.

Besides being an Ark there. The popular question is , is moon safe in the event of Doomsday? According the theories, the doomsday will have the elements of solar flares as well. If that happens moon would be the first thing to be fried. If the magnetic system of earth goes out of sync, it would affect the position of moon as well. Moon may come closer or may go far away. The other effects may be seen on the moon as well. Anything which is coming from the sky may hit the moon as well. There may be bigger to smaller objects that may crush the moon.

The point is this, In the event of doomsday, Moon is the most unsafe place if we go by the theories to planet niburu coming to earth. The argument is, why it can not hit moon rather than hitting the earth. The theorists may be wrong. The Doomsday is a theoretical concept. In theories it is possible to prove that Moon may be the first target of anything big coming and destroying it.  Earth has the last chance to be hit.  It is possible if doomsday occurs in 2012, Moon may be destroyed by some big size asteroid hitting it and it goes off for ever. If that happens the several geological cycles will be go haywire and out of balance.  It is difficult to predict what would be the conditions on the earth if moon is not there.

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2012 Doomsday Song By Jay Sean

Music Industry is Warming up to the 20120 Doomsday Theme

I took some break to attend to some of the pressing events in the past. I am back with more news.  The well deserved break offered me some time to introspect and think what I really want to do with 2012 theme.

Jay Sean and Nicki Minaj picked up the notes on the 2012 Doomsday theme. The song begins with right note and ends with the hope that we will live beyond 2012. Sound is good. Music is nice and lyrics represent hope. Nice beginning with doomsday theme.

As I predicted in the trends  earlier, more such songs will appear in the future. Doomsday is a theme which none want to miss to cash on.  The intentions can not be questioned because all of us know deep down that we will survive it and we need money to live and spend. So nothing wrong if someone does it with the songs.  I only hate to see the experts who earn their bread by misleading people. Artists are different creatures. They are far better than doomsday experts.

YouTube may have some part of this new song.  I just got the glimpse of it online.  Sounds good to me. At the end, it has to sell. It is part of the album which was launched recently.

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