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Octopus Paul Passes Away

So our hope of using him to predict the end of the world also go away with Octopus Paul being dead.

I wrote in previous posts about possibilities of using Octopus Paul to predict the end of the world. Octopus Paul so called Baba Paul is no more now. He died in aquarium in Germany.  The debate would go long time in future whether he was truly psychic. His predictions were impressive. There are no doubts his predictions ranged well and he failed only once in his ways.

Octopus Paul could give us some hope to predict about 2012 doomsday as well. Some careful experiments could be carried out. The keepers of Paul had retired him after last FIFA World Cup.

The questions are abound if Octopus Paul was just a gimmick of keepers or he was true psychic soul which predicted better than humans do. These questions are not easy to answer because most of them required presence of Paul himself to testify with tests.

With Octopus Paul gone, The parrot Mani is still around. Parakeet Mani lives in Singapore. His feat is also impressive. Use of animals to predict the future also explains our weaknesses and dependency on knowing the future. Do we really need to know what is going to happen? Imagine if we knew everything in advance, the world would become very much predictable place where there would be no fun of hard work because we would already know who are going to be winners.

In other world, Doomsday predictions must remain as they are. We certainly need not to know if those are true or false.  What about it, if doomsday predictions are partially false and true as well. Can we handle the conflicting situation.

We wish goodbye to Octopus Paul and let him have rest in peace.  According to Hindu Mythology, Soul never dies. It takes birth again. May be Paul takes new birth as human next time.  Until then, best of luck for next birth to Octopus Paul.  RIP.

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Absolute Guide to 2012 Doomsday

Can there be a serious guide to 2012 Doomsday?

If theorists and doomsday experts are honest, they will not write books.  Every expert has his own theory of doomsday. However, there are many doomsday guides in the book market and online.  The subject of doomsday has been blown out of proportion and you get several thousands of the books written on the subject.

Do these guide writers know more than you do? Absolutely not.  How they are writing these guides? Borrow something from old books mix it well to make new theory and you get a story to tell to the world. Once the theory has been established than comes the expert who will tell you how to save yourself. The mutually exclusive relationship between theory and how to avoid it, exists in the same book. I did not find such book which honestly talks about doomsday subject.

Absolute guide to 2012 doomsday does not exist on earth. Even if doomsday is true, guide can not be made based upon that. Many people take the published books little seriously. It should not be so.  Most of the experts of doomsday do not like questions to be asked. And if you ask them they throw you in the loop which does not end at the honest conclusion.

The guides of 2012 doomsday are no more than trash and have been written just for being the part of the larger pie which comes with selling the books.

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Can a Psychic Fail to Predict 2012 Doomsday?

Some of the psychics are rich and wealthy. It does not mean the equation is similar between wisdom and prediction.

The business of fortune telling is without doubt a way to become rich just in sometime. There are many big and celebrated names in the field.  Most notable is Sylvia Browne. She is so much popular that every third person has heard her name.  I have watched her shows on TV.  TV shows are different classification. Most of these videos are recorded in studio where everyone has time to correct what he or she wants to say.  May be, Sylvia is true psychic, over the fact of the her prediction it does not seem so that there are any threads joining the world of reasons and logical. And most important the lab test of the psychic abilities.

Her books have generated enough hype in the publishing world. The book in question is End of Days. She writes something for next 50 to 100 years. The similar lines of Nostradamus.  She mentions something about Biblical Prophecy.  Come on!, Don’t tell us Bible predicted the time before it could come in to existence.

Sylvia Browne must have made very calculated move with this book.  She may have devine powers to predict the future but you need to see that Sylvia Browne’s predictions for 2012 doomsday are supposed to be incorrect.  A true psychic needs to shield himself or herself from the sentiments of being published and sold in the market.  Entire hype around 2012 doomsday is seriously flawed.

The issue is most of these writers and psychics lack basic understanding of history, geography and theory of evolution. They have their own laws of physics. They mix the folklore and the bits of science so well that it becomes a polished crap which is ready to be published and sold in the market.

In science circle, it is noted phenomena that you must stay away from the prediction. Any expert predicting next 100 years is not believable.  You would not find very big names in the business of scientific prediction.  Prediction is good and if you can polish and present that well, you are best seller author.

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Can Gliese 581 be used in Doomsday Events

And Save Humanity with relocating to Gliese 581g if something happens on Earth?

Some people argue that discovery of Gliese Solar System is not a chance.  Their main argument is that scientists would be able to find a way by 2012 to transport humans from earth to Gliese 581g which is earth like planet.

Gliese series of discoveries has sparked debate of finding intelligent life in space. The space researches are continuing with several projects their back.  One of such Project is SETI which is trying to detect the WOW signal and if they get it, it would mean that someone exists who knows to transmit radio frequencies on the earth.

Coming back to Gliese and its doomsday aspects. If doomsday of 2012 is true, then scientists have to really work hard day and night and find out the best way to go there. Right now, it is going to take several years and not without the airships and shuttles.  The hopes are dim of finding something very fast which is faster than the light or some alternate way to reach the stars. Although, many mechanisms exist but most of them are on the papers. Few theories hint at the possibility of using the worm holes and black holes to accelerate the travel.

Gliese 581g discovery is in very initial stages. Scientists are figuring out what is there and how it looks. Certainly, all over the world, there is renewed interest in the life in outer space.  Someone need to figure out the best way to reach stars which must not take years.

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Doomsday and Test of Moral Values

The real test of humanity is always in the depth of the crisis. Will we fail together or survive?

May be we hold few things so dear that we begin to make judgmental errors.  Many people do not like happiness because they think sadness will follow it.  The vice versa is also true.

Life long teachings and the life from beginning to end focuses on being good human being.  On the face of it, in the stories, fictions and novels, we often find that people were able to hold the true values very high. Unfortunately, real life is little different.

In real life we experience the greed of corporate world.  Use of humans by profit hungry companies and individuals. The point and argument is, majority of the people think that moral values must remain in the thoughts only. The open and world out there has competition which is not very kind. The doomsday event can spark the big troubles. It may resemble the scene of War of the World, in one scene crowd tries to take away the car from the family.

The crisis of doomsday scale can bring the anarchy and anger on the front. Hungry people with out food go deep down to the roots and the moral values become secondary.

I am hopeful, few of the us do, can and will still hold the moral values very high when the life of others is more important. The true test of moral values in crisis brings the heroes to us and we remember them for very long time to come. People who cared for others and will care for others in doomsday events, will always be treated with respect and our gratitude to them.

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