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Situation in Burma Myanmar around 2012 Doomsday scenarios

Army ruled states are dangerous if there are natural calamities.

Burma or Myanmar is embroiled in deep trouble. The army rule and the people there have no common ground. Like any army ruled state, there are groups who advocate the present rule while there are people who want to bring large scale change.  Certainly, there are people who may be benefiting from the current rule because they have high posts in army or have been earning money through the ventures which are directly or indirectly funded by the army or the state.

When natural calamities strike, what happens during that phase. Let’s consider the case of  last tsunami of 2008. It is rough estimate, over 500,000 died as they were hit by the raging waves of tsunami. International aid rushed to help but army did not allow it to enter inside the country.  A country needs to open its borders when it is not able to help its people. But in case of Army ruled states, the personal gains and the benefits are above the people.

Now consider the case of probable 2012 doomsday. A doomsday scenario in the country which will close its borders so that no one can escape, becomes a prison for its people.  In many other countries people can migrate to friendly countries under the refugee programs. But in case of Myanmar, this migration is ruled out. Army may not allow its people to seek safe places outside Myanmar.  The punishments are harsh during army rule. If one is caught fleeing to save his life, he may end up losing life altogether if caught. The risks are bigger for the people who have infants in the family.

Be in doomsday or tsunami, the man-made rules are more disastrous and if army has been making them, they are tougher to break even in case of the situation when saving lives is more important than saving the military rule.

If you are living in Myanmar/ Burma, it is you who can change the fate of your country and its people. Democracy in true sense is the key to empowering the people and improving the state of rule.  Aung San Suu Kyi is the voice of the people who do not accept the imposed rules.  She is free now and must be given the right to participate in the democratic elections.  Damaged institutions of democracy need to be restored in full integrity.

Here are some more thoughts on its geographic situation.

Burma has known history of several tsunamis and cyclones. It has long coastline which lies in the mid of tectonic belts.  Just in case the doomsday of 2012 occurs, the survival depends on where you are at that time.  The locations in North are safer than being in South of Burma. Kachin State and its upper region is safer.  Stay away from Yangon/Rangoon during the crisis when something like 2012 doomsday happens.  Being in North-West region of Sagaing region may also help.

Most important, the rulers of Burma needs to be better prepared to handle the crisis. The response to crisis and its management are two key elements which show the willingness to help the people. And if they are not prepared, please let Internation groups help the people there.

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Rumor and great Humor of 2012 Apocalypse

Thousands of theories and experts pointing 2012 Apocalypse are not more than few humorous stories.

Do you remember when your local TV channel had beamed the show of 2012 doomsday? If we go by the statistics, it must not be long back. TV channels have found a new genre which they feel can earn good TRP for them. It is fact that supernatural and paranormal content of the show is sure way to earn more viewers. It is something like X-Files or PSI shows on the TV.  Coming back to the subject of 2012 apocalypse,  lets find out how stories are doing the rounds online and in media.

Apocalypse means that something which has been hidden from the public, has made known to all. Apocalypse hasn’t got to do anything disaster.  Many people think that apocalypse means harm and disaster at large level.  It is not true.

There are no possibilities of knowing something very scary and interesting about doomsday of 2012. The experts know as little as we do. What they know about it is the craft of polishing their ideas and presenting in the believable format. The Apocalypso as they call it, is not going to happen. There are no surprises for now. If we find something which has credible background and the believable data, it would certainly lead to many changes in our lives. Beyond that, apocalypse of 2012 is just another story and must be enjoyed as humorous stories.

The defining line between fiction and the facts has been distorted so much that many people are finding it difficult to separate two.

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Is World of Warcraft Doomsday something?

Games use catchy words such as doomsday and doomsayer along with doomsday cult.

Many of us do not play the games either on the PCs or the consoles.  For the first time, as one hears something like WoW doomsday. The first reaction is why wow on the doomsday.  If you use search engines to find out, you come to know wow is the name short form of World of Warcraft and doomsday is the new features or your can call that objects such as doomsday candle which can be added to the games.

Similar is the case of wow doomsday cult. There is no real group called with the same name. The world of warcraft follows its own themes of different tracks.  Many such themes and terms emerge in the games which can catch the attention of the players. The players may like to have fun with such themes.

There are many characters such as wow doomsayer which they say can be found in the mystery forests.  I haven’t played WoW so far.  It is rare chance of spare time to kill playing the games which may look good or may not look for worth of time.

I mentioned the above terms because they are linked with the doomsday themes. However, they do not have anything to do with doomsday of 2012.  Doomsday in WoW is common term to define the end-like situation. Beyond that, these terms are not related to doomsday theories in anyways.

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Now Game Emergency 2012 Simulation

Emergency 2012 was supposed to be released in October. Difficult to find what happened to its release date.  I read somewhere there are different dates of releasing the game in different continents.

Game is supposed to be in the backdrop of 2012 doomsday. It is one of the mid-sized games based on 2012 doomsday theme so far. The game is supposed to play the theme of surviving and saving the world from multiple disasters.  According to Emergency 2012 pre reviews, it seems to be worth of playing and trying your luck to practice what you can view if encountered in real life.

However, if seen from marketing angle, it is not right time to release such games. More apt time would have been matching with the release of 2012 movie earlier this year. Or the marketing campaign would have tried to cash on the hype starting from june 2012 to year end. May be new games would come by that time.  In North-America, it may be released in first week of January 2011.

Emergency 2012 is supposed to be available on PC. Sounds good so far. Market is not ready for such games. The hype of 2012 doomsday is dying and almost all the publishers and online sites are experiencing the lower volume of online traffic.  More to see how this game does in market under the current demand of such games.

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Individual Ids can help in Doomsday

Bio-chips can identify person when the large level destruction occurs.

Many people do not know how to prove they are who they are. Generally people have the papers to show that their name is real and they are not fake.  Actually the problem occurs when a stranger is found dead with no where about of his address and no clue about his name.  If someone could make the bio-chips which can be implanted in body of the all humans. The body scanner can find the details even after the death.  Such idea would solve many problems for law enforcement agencies as well.

In doomsday scenarios, it is difficult to prove who survived and who died. The bio-chips with complete data can make this job easy.  Bio-chip can be fed the results of DNA tests. The same result can be used for identifying the person anytime. It would solve the problem of crime as well.

How it would help if doomsday of 2012 occurs. The first benefit is that almost everyone will have his DNA test completed and the results can show who has more chances of survival and what sort of work can be given them after doomsday.  The records can be fed in one central computer and almost every government department must have the access. Such Bio chips can incorporate the details like SSN and others.

There are many such possibilities beyond giving the identity proof to the people. Bio chips or body scanner can work better.

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