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2012 Doomsday Theme, Lessons Learnt in 2010

There are some lessons which were learnt as we went in 2010 to explore the doomsday themes. finds out what it meant to be in the themes in the year 2010 for 2012 doomsday related topics and subject as a whole.

2012 Doomsday as Niche:

Contrary to popular belief that doomsday related sites are hit. It is not so. believes if a site would be hit with the theme, it would be first this site because this site has conducted experiments in almost all types of subjects that are related to doomsday.  Certainly 2012 doomsday is a subject and niche where competition is rising every day. It is an estimate, almost 10 new sites appear on the scene and most of them have approvals of networks.  I seriously do not think if someone made substantial money so far.  It is something like this, people read the content, they enjoy and move on.

Market of 2012 Doomsday Related Supplies

Many people thought they can sell thousands of products to the people who are willing to buy the supplies of life saving products which can be used. thinks, it is too early to sell these products. Market is not ripe. People do not think 2012 doomsday is a credible threat.  There has been very low sale of such products so far.

Sale of books related to 2012 Doomsday

Many experts thought they would be able to capture the attention of thousands of the buyers and readers. Well, it did not happen so. The peak time of the sale of the books was when 2012 Doomsday movie was released. After that very few books are being sold.

Vivos Bunkers and Market Hype

Some ideas look great on the papers. As I have written earlier as well, what would you do with Vivos Bunkers if  the Doomsday is not true.  I really have no figures of the sale value of these bunkers. I seriously do not think Vivos is any near to the target.

Problem of credibility

The biggest issue is, there are no big names supporting the themes of doomsday 2012. It is not on the right track. No credible scientist wants to associate his name with this them. Also, many people shy away from speaking on the subject.  In the absence of acceptance of media and other popular mediums, the doomsday 2012 themes remain low-key affair. The theme looks good as you evaluate it. But it is not better than focusing on the sites related to cars or any other subject.

Time Variable

Almost all the sites related to doomsday 2012 are bound to work with in the the period which is brought by the time variable. Anyone with a blog or site which contains the doomsday related subjects and topics, has just 2 years to get ROI. The investment made in the sites may not be recovered if the theme does not pickup.  The visitor count has to improve to make it better.

Be Focused and Stay Tuned

Even if you created the blogs and sites with few pages, believes that it is too early to take decision to quit or invest more money in the sites and content.

Have Better Content and Serve Better has been built upon the strong content. It is important to think differently. If you can have the alternate views which are not only creative but also interesting, that would certainly work. can help.

The above lessons were evident in 2010.

Best of Luck for 2011!

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Dealing with Copyright Violations

I am really pained to see how spineless people can be.  At present I am dealing with a site which copied entire content of two posts and pasted it on his site.  I have complained to his domain registrar, hosting company, his advertisers, his affiliate networks and now filled a DMCA complaint.

I am also talking with attorney to recover the money for using the content illegally.

The case : has two of my posts which are copied from this site.  Webmaster of has not responded to my emails and has not removed the violating content from his site so far.  Seems like either he is not reading the emails sent to him on his email id or he is ignoring the notices sent to him.  I am hoping one of the agencies will take action if Jean does not remove it.  I am yet to get a reply from his domain registrar, hosting provider and his affiliate network.  This is the case of brazen theft which pokes fun on your face and challenges you to do something.

I am committed to get the content removed from the above site.

The Resolution:

The webhosting company responded to my complaint and advised me to wait for 24 hours. The affiliate network responded to me asking more information. Finally I was able to get to reseller of space and domain services who took no time to remove the site because the webmaster and final owner of the site did not respond to his request.

Finally, the issue seems to be resolved until next violators appear on the scene.

I fought with violators on the grounds and forced the hosting companies to take down the sites for ever.

Anyone who copies the content from needs to understand it well that my content is not free and it does not give you license to steal.  I am thinking of creating a dedicated page for these violators where I would put their names to be read by the public.

I do not take the cases of copyright violations lightly.  Anyone thinking of copying must beware that he or she may lose his site for ever.

Copying content is not permitted from this site and I do not authorize anyone to take away what I write here.

Linking to and subscribing to RSS feeds is fine and I have no problem with that.

My only problem is with the guys who are copy-paste artists.

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Is France, Bugarach place safer?

Small Village Bugarach in France is in spotlight with the 2012 Doomsday Theme.

None knows how it started. Thousands of the people are arriving in Bugarach. There are many travel sites which are selling the tours of village.  The frenzied village does not know how to respond to such a demand which came uncalled.  The population of the village used to be just 192 according to last census.  The rush of people would not only trouble the settled people there but also it would create new issues.

There are some unverified reports of aliens being seen there. The village in is in the valley of mountains. Sea is not very far away from here. It is lower France location.  It is beyond apprehensions that how can this place be safer.  The elevation is this place is not so high that raging sea waves will not reach it.

As far as the aliens and UFO go in Bugarach, that seems to be cooked story which is making rounds online.  The crowd which is coming to this village will create problems at social and economical level. Generally villages have limited stock of food and water with other supplies.

Going by the news, it seems someone would need to open departmental stores there.  Ideally, such places must be protected and there must be laws to govern the land use and owning property must be stricter there.

Mayor of the Bugarach is rightly worried because he is able to see problems coming.  I would not really encourage the people to panic and trouble the people of this  small village of Bugarach.

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Does Lunar Eclipse mean something to 2012 doomsday?

Part of mythology, fiction and science weaves interesting stories around lunar eclipse.

Recent lunar eclipse of December 21, 2010 was total eclipse and a rare combination of  winter solstice which occurred after 372 years.  This is significant in terms of occurring because next such event will come in 2094.  Great spectacle in its own imagery and you must have either seen it or you have found some images here and there at many sites.

In 2012, there are two lunar eclipses. First would occur on June 4th, 2012 and second would be on November 28th, 2012. The first is going to be partial and second will be of penumbral type.  These are natural events which take place because the bodies in space pass and cast shadows on other bodies.

What significance lunar eclipse holds for earth especially in 2012. The first lunar eclipse of partial shadow would not mean anything much. But the second one would be of importance. Lunar eclipse have shown some effects on animals and sea on earth.  These effects are on micro levels which generally do not destabilize the life in any form. They are considered harmless. The astrology takes note of every lunar eclipse but the said effects have not been observed in controlled setup.  Having the lunar eclipse gets no choice of attention from anyone because the earthly systems are not affected as they would have been during the solar eclipse.

In 2012, the two eclipses of moon would not disrupt anything. The last one is weeks before December 21, 2012. There is no proof in theory which could prove that there is something unusual going to happen.

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