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Sound and Music of Doomsday Productions

Doomsday Productions were have long history of making albums which are unique and sound compels you to come back to various tracks.  Certainly, the sound tracks of this particular group are inspired by the shocking elements of life. It reflects in their music. When you begin to play the tracks, you hear the sound which is different from what you have heard so far. There is nothing which matches the sound of distant hums and along side the spooky creaks.

Their new album is being recorded now.  It has been named Doomsta.  It is not long before, some doomsday cults and groups may adopt the tracks as the themes to play around when people gather to discuss the doomsday of 2012.

Although Doomsday Productions are not related to doomsday theories. The uncanny similarities between what theorists say and the their sound tracks evoke certain kind of mixed waves.

It may not be essentially the sound of doomsday or the end of the world. The songs and tracks of this band provide enough relief to ears and leave you with thoughts. Pray for me, is one of their popular track. It has been recorded well.

If you are looking for very distinct sound and music, hear the work of Doomsday Products. The album Doomsta will take some time to release.

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Connie Willis Book Doomsday is unrelated to 2012

I am surprised to see many people looking for the book Doomsday by Connie Willis.  Lets figure out what this book contains and whether it has some relation to doomsday of 2012.

Here are some facts about this book.

  1. It is a fiction novel with the theme of time-travel.
  2. There is nothing in the book which would link doomsday of 2012 with the theme.
  3. The novel was first published in 1992. It has many prestigious awards.
  4. The plot takes you in the past rather in future.

Many people have been looking at this book from several angles to find something related to themes of doomsday.  It may be a great novel to read if you love science fiction.  If you are looking for the non-fiction themes which would tell you something about the scenarios, this is not the book for you.  There are many book review sites which have already written detailed views of the book.

It is nicely written book but it not a material on doomsday.  There are many other books of the well known experts of doomsday which are available for reading. You must not get too much into theories which are not credible.

So, Do not get confused with the title of this book. Although, it seems related but it is not.

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Book Review 2012: Modern Mystics Speak

Danijela Kracun and Charles McFadden are two writers who have their books focusing on subtle subjects and topics such as arts and meditation. Their earlier work includes Creative Glass and Spiritual Gardens. The same writers bring the best of the well known spiritual people speaking about Doomsday of 2012.

2012: Modern Mystics Speak is an important book from the several angles.  There are 24 God-Men like figures telling you how it is going to be if Doomsday occurs.  If you are looking for the credible voices on Doomsday, this is the book for you. It must be in your collection not only from doomsday point of view but also from the spiritual angles.  It is fantastic reading material when you are seeking the relief from the theories.  It is smooth way of telling the people not that the lies but the love and compassion are the keys to mutual future which is so true for any age.

Why I am not criticizing this book.  Keep doomsday word separate, this book is excellent because in no other book, you find so many well known and learned men coming together on single subject. An interesting book for sure. You can get the book on kindle from Amazon. It has been repackaged to match the screen size of Kindle.

I liked this book for its subject and material with open mind. Although, I do not endorse the views of many of those learned men who have been referenced in the book, yet, I would rate this book above average. At least this book does not repeat the theories and garbage of doomsday experts.  I would say, if you are looking for views of several well known preachers of many religion, the work of  Danijela Kracun and Charles McFadden is good for reference.

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Debunking and Supporting Doomsday 2012 is same thing

Debunkers and Supporters of Doomsday 2012 appear to be on two opposite lines but they are not.  Read on!

Lets take a look how debunkers and supporters are placed.  Both groups believe, they are right.  Supporters have begin to believe strongly doomsday theories are correct while the debunkers think doomsday theories are wrong. Well, saying this is easier than proving anything. Both the groups stand on the same ground that is very thin. Neither supporters not debunkers can provide credible proof of their way of outlook of doomsday.

Now comes the money. Ironically, many people think that supporters are more in numbers compared to who debunk doomsday.  Many people have created the sites and written the books to earn money through the theme. Those individuals may not believe privately that doomsday is true. But showing to the world that your site supports it, can make money.  The other people who debunk and have sites which tell people not to believe the doomsday theories are also on the same grounds.  Although lesser number of people who believe that doomsday is false, become the visitors of those sites.

Not many people are interested to know why doomsday is false.  Thousands of the people want to know why doomsday would occur.  It is interesting mix of the themes. It is difficult to support either groups because both of them do not present strong proofs of their theories.

I have seen people carrying the cards and other materials either supporting or debunking the theories. You can make it profitable both ways either you support the theories of doomsday or you oppose them. It all depends how many people you get to read what you presented online.  The real thing is, Supporters and debunkers both are ill-prepared to support their claims.

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2012 Doomsday may be hoax and fake generated theory

Doomsday 2012 is polished hoax and rightly planted with generated fake theories. No theories are real.

No one knows exactly how rumor mill began to work overtime for the doomsday related news.  There are over 200 theories which point to only one thing that something big is on the way in 2012.  Lately, there was news of people who saw the images of Jesus on the moon in various cities in India. Why it happens at only few places not whole the world. May be it is just happening to few individuals that they are able to see things which are not visible to others.
As the days are getting closer to 2012, the new theories are emerging everyday. Prima facie, those all theories are inconsistent and do not explain many things except assuming the hand of God in everything.  Anything which is played in the name of god, drives some sort of doubts whether it is someone either being fooled or someone is fooling around.  The fake theories of doomsday of 2012 have generated lot of confusion. It is all leading to frenzied situation where people began to take fake as real and start believing in. Well, you do not need to decide and be biased on many things.
At this point of time, doomsday of 2012 appears to be hoax.  Just read the newspapers, do you seriously think anyone is scared because world is coming an end.  Most of theories are not credible enough and worse, they can not tested in controlled environment.  All the theories rely on the fact that they can not tested until the real doomsday.
Sizable investment has already been made by the people who think hype of doomsday can change their fortunes. Neither planet niburu is true nor is the new big change awaited in year 2012. You can become an expert without having knowledge of history, geography and world events, all you need strong ways to influence media. You are certainly there where you are the expert and of course you would find some believers as well.

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Message from founder, owner and writer Swati:

It is great news which I received through a friend. I checked it myself and could not believe that got PageRank of 2 now.

It is nice feeling to get the wider recognition of the hard work.  Thank you readers and other people for showing interest in my site.

Keep reading and I promise you to offer you more interesting views and news of 2012 doomsday related topics.

– Swati

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23 Months to Pray until Doomsday 2012

January 2011 has just begun and it trails to 23 months until so called doomsday of 2012 finds it destiny.  Is this time to pray?

As I write these lines, There are special prayers going on in many places which are urging god and good souls to save us.  I received private message from someone who is working with PeaceJam organization to raise fund to help the people.  I am not sure of their purpose or raising funds but the message tells me it is for the people in many countries.  The religious groups have taken notes of 2012 doomsday related issues. They still are not clear of their stand. Like Someone in Vatican still needs to come out and support of deny the claims of doomsday experts. Other religions are also in the same state.

On the individual levels, when someone watches the coverage on TV programs related to doomsday, one shivers with the fear. The fear of death and suffering is the worst among others.  Many people are remembering to pray next morning to save them if it all true.

Some special prayers for 2012 doomsday may already be in place. Some psychics are working overtime to devise the best mechanism to help others. Some god-men are also busy with the work of writing special prayers which could be handed over to the people.

In many countries, people have already begin to meditate like we heard the case of in-flow of the people at mass level to Bugarach in France.  Lots of people are gathering there to pray and meditate.

As the time would go on, more people are expected to join the groups to pray.

We need to understand the mechanism of such gatherings.  If one has interesting thoughts, he can always find supporters. Like minded people get together and they ask others to join by active advocacy of their thoughts. The result is group of people who believe in  a particular theory such as doomsday hypotheses. Praying is good but praying under the state of fear is not good.

Special prayers for 2012 doomsday or SOS messages specially written to ward-off the fears,  may or may not yield results. We would never come to know whether our prayers were heard.

Some people argue that power of prayer can postpone or remove the doomsday for ever.  In the times, when every expert is struggling to get attention, the silent prayers may still be good for others who do not wish to spend money on the books and supplies.

If you are serious about doomsday, just get the regular prayer and focus on loving god without any fear. God is always with you.  Have no fear. Pray like kings are supposed to do.

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If UFO and Aliens Come in 2012

There are many run-down scenarios what would happen if UFOs and Aliens come calling in 2012 and especially around doomsday of 2012.

Much of it will certainly depend on what you expect.  The folk-lore, legends, sci-fi stories, movies and novels have painted both types of pictures; rosy and scary.

Positive UFO and Aliens depicted in mediums:

1. Aliens are caring and they love to mix in social settings.

2. They are willing to be friendly and establish ties.

3.  They can understand the human emotions and best they can talk to us as well.

Scary Images depicted in various mediums:

1. They are ugly faced creatures.

2. They do not understand our languages and worse they can not translate it and we can’t work with their language.

3. They need plasma of blood to live and they are not friendly.

What would happen if aliens are mix of above two types. Some of them are friendly while others are not. It would certainly create many problems.

Suppose, if earth is already in trouble with the looming dangers of doomsday and at that time aliens come to capture the earth.  The humans would need to choose the enemy to fight first.

Some people argue that governments are preparing to tell the truth to its people and that may happen before 2012. The full disclosure from government may reveal some new facts like they already have established contacts with them and now aliens are safer to be with.

There may be another scenario that aliens are not equipped with technology to save world. And if the come to earth during that time, someone would have to save them as well.

The alien technology may be useless for us and there may be some social and political challenges to deal with new settings which would arise. According to Stephen Hawking, it is better that Aliens are not calling us back because they may not be friendly.

Doomsday 2012 may not be the right time for them come and visit us. does not have credible sources to believe if aliens are coming. We can not really confirm their existence and can not deny as well.

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Title of the book:
Doomsday 2012: Myths, Realities, Preachers, Books and Crap by Swati Singh of

I have worked on this book for last 6 months and I am pleased to offer my thoughts on the important aspects of Doomsday 2012. The book jumps to theories directly without taking you into history and geography of the terms and situations. It was important for me to keep the focus on right issues.  I have written on many burning issues and the problems related to theories and hypothesis of doomsday.

An average reader is helped to understand the basic things and more deeper issues like how experts are manipulating media to sell their books. The book also deals with the preachers who are calling for new humanity to begin. The book offers logical point of view.  You would find the book quite informative, to the point, free of fluff and jargon.

This is the first edition of the book and it has been self published. The initial response is very much encouraging. I received the response of many readers and all of them seem to be very positive.

The book is available at 25% discount and it can be purchased online at

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