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False Countdown to Doomsday 2012

Many sites are blogs have those doomsday counters and clocks going in Days, hours, Minutes and Seconds format.  Those scrolling numbers mean nothing. Why? Read Further.

As popular date of doomsday is 21 December 2012. Many sites posted the lengthy discussions focusing on particular date. Since doomsday is considered a hoax so are these counters. As people like to read and think of something sensational. The doomsday counters or count down to doomsday 2012 offer some moments of thrills and fun. Many people may mistake them for real. All these doomsday counters take the base time of their beginning or placement date as main anchor and would become zero on 12:00 AM 21 Decemeber 2012. That count zero does not point to anything. Neither a counter going backward would approach the doomsday nor the end of the counter would mean that it is the end of the world.

Nasa Explains clearly why the world would not end, you can read in following page

NASA – 2012: Beginning of the End or Why the World Won’t End?

The counters do not mean anything from the logical perspective.  Some of the questions of larger perspective has been answered in details.

The doomsday count down buttons, logos , counters and backward going clocks are available at many sites. They are nothing more than programmed backward counting mechanism. They have nothing to do with doomsday. The doomsday counters fuel the rumors as many people may begin to keep their track of the reducing numbers.

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Doomsday 2012 Related News Make Great Folklore of Our Times

2012 Doomsday phenomenon is certainly making the rounds in media, newspapers and most important electronic media such as TV and internet. Doomsday related blogs and sites have their own way of presenting the things. Some of them amount to mere amusing posts. Many experts have discussed the ways which can be used by masses to survive 2012. Everything has been linked to Doomsday. Some of these elements include Pole Shift, Mayan calendar and yeah unknown planet called Niburu. Everyday, there is a new theory of doomsday.

There are many songs, stories, movies, documentaries and other such things which have filled our times with the things which can be used for reading, watching and entertaining ourselves. There are many experts who say that there is no doomsday. Also, there are many astrologers who have provided 2012 doomsday or end or the world predictions. I got chance to interact with the people who are considered experts of interpreting Bible prophecies related to doomsday. Some of those ideas are very much amusing.

Many people are not happy with the History channel which is supposed to have aired the 2012 doomsday related series of documentary.  You can find many sties which have even the doomsday clocks as well. The wiki page is among the most interesting pages written on doomsday.

This all good to read and future generations will remember our times through the stories related to doomsday. The great folklore is in making courtesy doomsday sites.

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What is Official about Doomsday of 2012?

Can there be something like official doomsday 2012? Can there be official rain water?  The list goes on.  There are many such online sites and avenues which claim to be official. Who gave them certificate of such claims?

A single search on the web with the keywords doomsday 2012 reveals many sites which claim to be official sites of doomsday 2012. I read that again. Yeah that true. Either people do not know the meaning of word official or they are simply fooling around with online readers. These are poor gimmicks which have lost the relevance and their usefulness.  The online visitors who do not know there can not anything like official doomsday, are mistaken and led to believe that they are on the site which is authentic, it is not the case.  Also, there are many books which claim to be official books and guides of doomsday. or better something like Official Guide of Doomsday 2012.  Are these people crazy? There can not be better explanation than dubbing them with the intent which is not of helping the people to realize that doomsday is the polished hoax.

How can natural phenomena be an official one?  No authority is responsible for causing them. Are these sites and books trying to claim that doomsday is their copyright and they hold the authority on that subject.  The truth is, there is no such thing and if you notice the word official written along with the doomsday title of any book, site, products, services, you need to stay away from all of them because they all are not authentic. Those may be scams.

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Review of Doomsday Books of S. Douglas Woodward

S. Douglas Woodward, Doug is no ordinary writer. He has been in the corporate cubicles for very long time. He has been in the churches for many years.  Doug has right background to make difference to the Doomsday Theories.  Lets find out what he has to say on the subject of doomsday 2012.  We are going to look at his ideas whether they are advocating a particular way of thinking or just maintains the neutral views as expected of someone like him.

His first book is titled “Are We Living in the Last Days?: The Apocalypse Debate in the 21st Century. This particular book has won many A+ from the readers. Doug focuses on the Bible prophecy along with his opinion from the believer’s point of view. He touches many topics. His book is important for the believers who think Bible can provide the answers to many crucial questions.  Doug has researched his subject well. He understands the Bible prophecies better than anyone else. Mind you, Doug is not doomsday theorist.  What ever he presents in this book, comes with authority and believable ideas.  If you like to read religion based interpretation of the things around us, get this book fast. It makes sense and it does in its own right. His way of telling the explanations of  theories impresses. No doubts, many people have bought several copies of this book to keep them safe so that those can still be read even after years.  Although, I am not fan of such books,  But Doug’s book leaves me asking for more.  May a revised edition be planned to release later.

His next book is titled “Decoding Doomsday: The 2012 Prophecies, the Apocalypse, and the Perilous Days Ahead“. I read the summary of this book. Doug claims that last day of history can be found in Bible.  Doug offers some possible reasons and clues in his book. You would find wealth of information not only from doomsday point of view but also it would make sense to understand why the world is looking certain way.  Doug decodes doomsday so well that you would like to read it again from cover to cover.  A serious effort from an author who can be trusted for his ideas. He is genuine and his work is proof of that.

You would find these books useful if you are looking for right ideas of what doomsday is. You may keep these books along with the others to use as reference points.  Doug’s  books do not scare you. He is warm and friendly with his approach and makes his point without telling you that world is going to end.

Doug has  written books with the focus and he maintains the neutral views.  His way of telling the things is influenced by Bible. His books do not leave you confused and scared. As you read his books, you feel the warmth of friendly words.

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2012 Doomsday Trends, Patterns, Analysis of Past Year 2010

The Doomsday search data of 2010 does not look great and it has been not so good year for the site owners. I have been trying to make sense of the search volume data which was collected for the last year.

Year 2010 was used by many doomsday related site owners as the building block of the themes. Many new sites appeared and grabbed the headlines.  Jan, Feb and March 2010 saw the new sites and appearance of the doomsday supplies related stores on the web.  Over the next quarter, the website owners realized that they have chosen the wrong niche as the search volume is not better than other general themes.

April, May, June 2010, doomsday experts began to vanish. In this quarter, lesser number of books came. Also the news and media sources started not to focus too much on the doomsday theories. The sensational quotient of reporting news related to doomsday reduced to nothing. All three months did not see any unusual rise in the search data.

July, August September 2010. This particular quarter began with the same pace and did not see any major change until the mind of August when the search volume peaked. Something unusual happened during that time. Soon after August, the search traffic returned to normal.

October, November and December 2010. The search volume did not improve. It continued to decline. Year 2010 ended with the bad note for the doomsday related sites.

Contrary to popular belief, the doomsday sites did not make very good money during the last year. The search data and volume is not so much that it would let you keep site running and earn the profits.

In other words, if you still have patience to keep running your site without caring for the loss or profits from your sites, there may be few rewards for you.  The doomsday related sites which were registered in late 2009 expired in 2010. About 80% of them were not renewed.  The experiment of one year revealed for them that it is not great profit to keep sites running with the doomsday theme.

So, where do we go from here.  Ironically, 2012 Olympic games related search volume is not picking up. We could change the site and its type to general news sense. Anyone who has a site related to doomsday, I would advise the owners to have patience. Do not get carried away by the hype. You may not earn that much as expected but certainly would be able to get great stepping stone for building the right site.  What are you going to do with the doomsday related site post 2012. On that sometime later for sure.

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Crowdsourcing the Doomsday 2012 Theories, Debunking or Supporting both

On broader level, the doomsday theories are utilizing crowdsourcing to win more supporters. Crowdsource is a new-age term which defines the movements at the larger level where lots of people with diverse backgrounds are involved in common cause.

You can name it crowdsourcing or the participation of the by-standers who had no interest earlier but they become part of the doomsday theories now. Some of them do not like the theories, they turn into debunkers. While those who like the doomsday theories, they end-up supporting and telling the people why they should believe that doomsday 2012 is a true event.

The technology is playing important role here. Crowdsourcing with the help of social media, discussion groups, chat boards is leading the way.  Suppose someone is searching for a general term say dog food, and coincidently, he lands at the site where doomsday topics are being discussed. The new user may be converted into supporter of detractor, depending on the material which he read for the first time.  If internet is not there, the doomsday theories would be very expensive to crowdsource.

On a bigger note,  you search the web for any doomsday related keywords, you would find numerous sites. Some of them are real bad and do not have anything worth to read. The crowdsourcing ideas can benefit few hundred web sites which would have more readers because crowdsourcing moves with the chain of the linked nodes. One node discovers new node automatically and the ring is formed.  Doomsday 2012 may not be true, but crowdsourcing is certainly making right way of promoting the ideas.

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2012 Doomsday News is Bad for Financial Systems

Only sizable number of people believe doomsday 2012 is true. Imagine if this number grows into huge,  it can wreck havoc on our financial systems.

The small numbers make us happy and we are not worried for them as the small group of people does not matter when the statistical models are run on the financial data. Especially, the lending machines are not sensitive to rising patterns due to doomsday related news.  Suppose a country has 10% people believing that doomsday of 2012 is true and it will occur. What these people are going to do? There are some possible guesses. Certainly, people are not going wait in the bunkers and on the hills of Bugarach in France to become the victim of end of the world.  There are some behavioral models which can predict the impact of such belief on financial systems. More people are going to apply for borrowing money from banks and other financial institutions.  Most of these loans would go to the people who do not have repayment capacity. What banks do in such cases. They provide loans which are not secured and are from the open market. Such money is not going to come back. A certain way of belief will point to spike in the trends of loans. It may offer some possible clues when the numbers pile up. There is no way of detecting them at the time of application. The profile of areas can point to few possibilities but banks would not be able find a way to deny such loans which are being taken for granted as borrower believes he would not need to pay it back because after 2012 doomsday, things will vanish.

Banks need to establish the profiling system which can monitor such applications which are for the money and the borrower does not really need that.  Bank must say no to the people whom it thinks, need not money for anything. The unsecured loans are toxic for the banks.

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Doomsday 2012 Short RSS Feeds can Save Lives

Short RSS Feeds can be of great value when you have no time to read the full text but would like to have life saving tips as soon as possible.  All this can come to your phone provided post and during the doomsday scenarios the Internet is not down.

Thousands of the bloggers are spending great time writing the materials either supporting or debunking the theories.  I think we are getting too much carried away by the waves of the theories.  What the world needs is the way and mechanism of the information being available when it is needed most.  The RSS feeds are great choices when you have to offer the fewer content to read.

RSS feed of one or two lines can be of great value. Some one can break the long procedure of rescuing the people into smaller one liner steps that can be relayed as RSS feeds online. Most of the phones are Internet enabled these days and even the most basic phones have apps which can read the feeds.  The special RSS entries coming directly from the sites would certainly be helpful when someone wants to know the way to escape and save others as well.

Some rescue plans and life saving procedures can be presented with short text as that would not take very long time to read and understand. The step-wise procedure would be easier to follow. If doomsday comes calling in 2012,  the RSS Feeds of short message would be one of the most demanded things.

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Doomsday 2012 Food Ideas for Survival

As we are the species which needs to eat food to survive.  Humans do not have natural means to survive without food for several days.  Humans need water and food to keep the body functioning.  Several serious issues can occur if the water is not taken periodically.  It is essential for humans to keep their stomach full for generating energy.  One needs to understand the basic fact, humans need energy at the primary level not as such food per say. Eaten food works like fuel which provides warmth and energy to the body and brain so that it can work perfectly. Keeping in mind these facts, here are some food ideas which can work during extreme or doomsday like scenarios.

  1. Lean to eat the unprocessed, uncooked and natural food which is abundantly available.
  2. Fish and other water animals can be good source of food.
  3. You can sample the leaves of the trees and plans to find out if eating them is safe.
  4. Learn to lit the fire with natural articles. It would help you to get the warm food even in deep woods.
  5. You must find out how the food items can be preserved for longer time. The duration would depend on the area you live in.
  6. Dry-fruits, beans and edible plants must be found in the jungle and you must know how best you can use them.
  7. Most important, if you get some seeds, you must learn art of growing crops.
  8. With little efforts you can have your food although not that one which you expect.
  9. The fresh water can be arranged from the ponds and other water bodies. You would need to remove the impurities with the help of clothes and rocks. Finally water will be usable.
  10. Cook for groups and discuss with them the best plans for future to arrange the right quantities of the food.

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Asteroid Apophis is not related to Doomsday of 2012

Apophis asteroid is in the news again. In the past, NASA has revised the scale and data several times. It is supposed to be small asteroid but if it hits the earth, it can bring the havoc of the scale which would be enough for creating big lake. It has impact date sometime in 2036 which is far later than 2012.  It has no relation with doomsday of 2012. So earth has now different date of doomsday like scenario which is primarily being debated by the scientists and experts alike.

There are serious plans to save earth from impact of apophis. It is over 2 decades away from now. The technological advanced defense products would be beamed in the space either to destroy it there or its direction will be changed. Russia has serious plans to deploy the systems which would monitor and destroy it.  Apophis would be visible around 2029. It has path lying from Africa going to Asia.

Asteroids are bad news for earth. There have been many smaller asteroids which have hit earth. Several species became extinct after the massive impacts in the past. There is disagreement among the Russian and NASA scientists over the possible dates of impact of Apophis.

The hopes are pinned on the scientists and several space agencies which would find a way to save earth.

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