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May 21 2011 Sites are bad Investments with no Future Value

I see so many sites with the May 21, 2011 having main words in the domain names and several variations of them also exist. Such sites which have fixed date of their existence as after that they would not remain useful. Their visitor numbers would go down drastically.

Why someone is investing so much of money in the domain names which have no future value simply and otherwise whether world remains or ends. No matter what happens, these sites would lose their relevance for sure. I think those sites are bad investments. Any search engine would not allow them to have major traffic to go to them. One needs to see what sort of returns are expected out of these sites which hold the value for just less than 90 days from now.

Some of those May 21 2011 sites are very beautiful and well designed. Certain investment would have included the cost of domain name and expenses over development. The developers of these sites must have charged the owners hourly rates. And now webmasters have responsibilities of updating those sites.

If someone thought to sell books and material during 90 day period, it is race against time. Such things do not work. Doomsday of May 21, 2011 is not the theme which would appeal to the people on global level. I am looking at this theme from purely analytical level. To me, having such short period to gain some returns, does not sound great. It is always better to think long range when you have venture on the web.

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Doomsday 2012 and Search for Aryan Connection

Aryans have the historic links with central Asia. They lived there for centuries and then something happened they begin to migrate to different parts of the world. Aryans had legacy of being the sons of God and were supposed to come to earth for only purpose that was rule the world. Hitler believed in same ideology and used to think of himself as one of leaders of aryan race. Can Doomsday 2012 have some relationship with Aryan race?

Aryan history is full of controversies. Some historians believe they invaded India and while others think Aryan were Indian people. Discovery of India book sheds some light on this subject. What is unbelievable is that Aryans missed to mention the doomsday. The wheel of time was categorized by Aryans in many of their books. Aryans wrote many great books and also theorized many hypothesis. Aryans looked at the time as sections of many Yugas.

If doomsday occurs, it would be beginning of next Yuga according to various shashtras. Aryans were considered very learned people that time and they were more over contemporary to other cultures and civilizations of that time. Aryans books must have the doomsday or end of the world mentioned somewhere. If doomsday is so big event, it can not be missed by the old Aryan civilization.

There must be some link and connection to various Vedas and doomsday of 2012 or any date such as May 21 or October 21, 2011. Also, there must be some similarities between Mayan and Aryan civilizations. It is not possible Mayan mentions doomsday and Aryan miss it all-together. Someone may come forward with the research in mythology and offer some possible links or establish the connection between doomsday and Aryan theories.

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Decoding the Mystery of October 21 2011 Doomsday Soon after May 21 2011 Rapture

Tall claims of October 21, 2011 doomsday are making rounds in the media. Are media and the public being taken for a ride?. Masking the domain names by paying extra $7 is good thing because it wipes off your accountability of claims which you can make on your hosted site somewhere. This is what I discovered when I tried to look for details of the domain name You get no whois details of the person who owns the domain name.

Another thing, you browse the site, all you get a PO address along with a email form. Good to see all this. You can make very tall claims and still remain nameless and faceless. These are all signs of Guerrilla Marketing tactics. Only creators of the theme or those who have access to site’s analytical data would know the truth whether it is all failing or getting popularity. I see some of the photos of Caravan moving in different parts of the world. This all may be staged or may be true. Nobody can say for sure.

The intriguing piece about all this is, the masked details. You can not reach the individuals and organizations who made the claims and delivered the next doomsday date as October 21 2011. According to the claims, this all is going to begin on May 21, 2011 and world would be destroyed on October 21, 2011. I fail to understand why all doomsday dates are having 21 in them. Those billboards must have been expensive to afford or suddenly the messiah has descended on the earth and offered lots of money and said, go save the world, if you need money, here it is.

Some of the perfect hoaxes are not so well created that they would look credible. Some of them fail to take off. Some of them become popular especially when you sponsor the billboards. Other than Bible prophecy, if there is anything worth to say, world would like to hear. But first, a Gentle Question, Who are you?

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Truth about May 21, 2011 Rapture, Judgement Day and Absolute Madness

I have been monitoring the news related to this subject for many days now. Some people are calling May 21 as rapture when God is going to take away few people with him to heaven. The concept of heaven and hell does not translate well with anything other than which is not religious. So, only creators of Heavenly kingdoms know who is coming next and when. As far as I know none is going to feel like anything rapture on May 21.

Someone spelled out the words Judgement day on May 21. This is equally unreliable as phony news of rapture is. Anyone who has been in the circles of economists know well the judgement day happens everyday in stock market. You do not see it anywhere else. I got another source which tells that all the doomsday dates are wrong. Everyone is reading it wrongly. The site of ebiblefellowship tells the new date which is October 21 2011 when the world is going to end. There is no end to to madness. Are these guys saying that doomsday must come early and they can’t wait until December 21, 2012. Everyone seems to be in hurry. Why I am writing here because this new date is also based on the similar theory which is the basis of May 21 2011.

May be they are missing the point. Any of these very pious, religious and pure-at-heart gentlemen will accept the responsibility if world does not end. Do they love God? I can’t say if they truly love God or humans. One thing is pretty sure that they love to predict the end of the world no matter how phony their ideas are.

The truth is, world is not going to end. The news and hoaxes of world being end are no more than bad efforts to gain the attention for sometime.

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May 21 Doomsday in Media and News

I was looking for something else on the web but noticed again someone mentioning the May 21 2011. I searched further to find out whether the theme of new doomsday date is being picked by media. Though, it is just 5 pages searched in the news section on many news sites and search portals. There are other news sections and sources as well which are not trust worthy for now. Most of these news quote one or other sources which are not related to others.

May 21 2011 doomsday is not serious threat and it is not even qualified to become one yet. No major newspaper have taken note of it yet. The online media avenues did not like it. Although the search trends are showing upward movement. This trend would begin to decline sooner than expected. The current rise in search volume will go well until May 2011. There would be another date post this one when someone would come out from nowhere and predict with his logic about the new possible date of doomsday.

These games of predictions have been going all the time in history. Before the advent of internet, newspapers used to be good mediums to publish such news pieces. Now you do not need much of that paper based news, as these theories can be spread faster on the web.

The doomsday theorists are using the web to get to the believers and other people. These are just for sometime and some gets his or her due limelight for sometime. The doomsday is bit heavy subject for those people but creators of doomsday theories know well how to use the online media for their own benefits.

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Planet X Nibiru is false as shifts date from 2003 to 2012

Planet X Nibiru or Niburu had earlier date of 2003 to visit earth. The stories began to come to mainstream media around 1999. 2001 year could be traced back when many people argued the arrival of Nibiru. It’s earlier name was Death Star Planet X Nibiru. Someone named Zecharia Sitchin claimed in 2002 interview that 2003 will be the year when Nibiru will be seen and collide with earth.

Coming back to amazing stories of Planet Nibiru. It is very clever and smart planet which is not visible but shifts the dates of arrival. Like, the date of 2003 failed so someone shifted the date to 2012. And if 2012 date also fails, may be the date will be shifted to another decade. These stories are interesting. And if you are someone like of Zecharia Sitchin, you know how to take public for ride and also manipulate the media. His books are crap. I got to read the summary of The Lost Book of Enki. I did not find anything intelligent or worthwhile to read in that book. Zecharia Sitchin seems to me a fine artist who can dig out unrelated facts and weave the stories. More surprising is to see, mainstream media offering him platform to preach his ideas. At least, David Icke is known for his ways. But if somone comes out and says look I have done research for 50 years on this and I have got a book, this is somewhat not so amazing, especially when his all claims are false.

Planet X Nibiru is just the creation of the people and wild imagination of those who had enough time to theorize many things. I can bet, you are not going to see Planet Nibiru even in 2012 like we did not see it in 2003. I also bet, someone is going to change its date of arrival again. It will leave you guessing when Nibiru is going to come.

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2011 March Update : Dead Animals, Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Doomsday Theories

A new wave of doomsday theories is sweeping the web these days.  Few things happened recently. This post discusses mainly three incidents; deaths of animals, earthquakes and tsunami in the background of doomsday theories.

Lets make a quick disclaimer; does not support or endorses the doomsday theories in any form. It just analyzes them to present the fair views.

Coming back to the events.  Unusual deaths of birds in US and different parts of the world occurred during the winters. Mainly these deaths have been reported from the places which had experienced extreme cold weather this year. Birds were not able to bear the change in temperature and they died.  Many such cases have been occurring for long time and almost every year some of the unusual such incidents are reported. For example, there is a village called Jatinga in Assam State of India. Jatinga is known for the suicides of birds.  The poor birds get attracted to the source of lights during the night and they die in great numbers. Thousands of the birds die every year there in Jatinga.  These deaths are unexplained but certainly are not related to doomsday.  The point is, something unusual may happen and it may not be related to any of the doomsday theories.  What these theorists do; they pickup these incidents and wrap and package them using the themes of doomsday and present them to the world.

To bring the clarity on the earthquakes, one needs to check the site of USGS which is US Geological Survey agency. It monitors the earthquakes and tsunamis along with the minor and major tremors which shake different parts of the world.  Earthquakes occur almost every week.  Check the site of USGS here .  Do you seriously think that earth quakes are related to doomsday? They are not. If they had been any relation, the doomsday would have occurred several times in the history. It did not occur.  Doomsday theories sound great to read but are flawed on the basic logics.  Anyone who wishes to know about the earthquakes just browse the site of USGS, that is the best source of information on the subject.  Your quest in these subjects must be motivated by the curiosity to know the changing geological statistics of the world. Certainly, you would be better informed than others.

Tsunamis are related to earthquakes which occur under the sea. The tectonic plates are moving and sometimes they collide with others.  Tsunamis are as natural as earthquakes are.  Again, there is no relationship of doomsday with them.

Recently a radio group which claims to know the Bible very well made a claim that doomsday will occur on may 21 2011. There is no basis of this claim other than few chosen lines of Bible. The art of proving anything is great but it is not necessarily weighted by the logic.  World has taken note of the new doomsday date of May 21. It is the curiosity which is bringing lots of people to search engines and they are trying to know as much as possible. Marie Exley may be motivated to earn the living by promoting the may 21 doomsday theme.  I do not see any reason why these theories can be believed. Will Marie Exley accept the responsibility if doomsday does not occur on May 21, 2011?  Will Marie Exley apologize to the world for misleading the people? These are the questions for anyone who preaches doomsday.  

Let’s see what happens on May 21. I am going to write an open online letter to Marie Exley, Harold Camping and their group if doomsday does not occur on May 21.

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Tsunamis are not signs of Doomsday 2012

First of all, my heartfelt sympathies are with the people in Japan where the recent earthquake and tsunami have occurred. May God give the affected people to bear the loss of property and lives.  Our heart cries for the people of Japan.

Tsunamis are no fun. They are serious threats.  The tsunamis have been here as part of history of earth. Recently, their occurrence has increased.  There are many geological reasons behind these events. Largely tsunamis and earthquakes are monitored and up to some extent the pre-warning is also issued.

Sometimes, tsunamis occur so fast soon after earthquake that nobody gets enough time to run away. Tsunamis leave behind the trail of destruction and loss.

In the case of tsunamis, people are urged to maintain calm and follow the procedures which are issued by disaster management agencies.

Anyone who links the tsunami with doomsday has lost his mind.  There is no relationship of tsunamis with anything else other than the movement of the plates below sea level.  One must not link two of them together and must not fuel the false ideas.

Affected people need support not the hypothetical ideas.  World must rush to help the people who are in need at this hour.  Japan may need the efforts and help of the world to rebuild the infrastructure and normalize the services there.

Stay away from the sites that does not acknowledge the losses which occur due to tsunamis.  Also stay away from the sites that tell you anything which is linking tsunamis with other things.

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May 21, 2011 Doomsday, Early Prediction, Doomsday Clock runs reverse

I was having good time until I noticed the new doomsday date that is May 21 2011.  Like me, thousands of the people are looking for possible clues to find out whether this news is true. The roots of this particular new doomsday date of May 21, 2011 lie in the group of 10 people who run a radio station somewhere. Do we care who are these people? Are we trying to save our backs rather caring about who told us what.  And are doomsday clocks are running reverse now? May be yes, May be No. Even those who created doomsday theories do not know for sure whether they are wrong or right.

Read the latest daily updates here :

My first suggestion to anyone who is in the state of panic after reading the new predictions of doomsday on May 21, 2011 which is not far away from now, just take a glass full of water, yeah, drink it and sit down. Take long breaths. The world is not going to end.  Now, you need to get online and find out the truth.

I checked the claims of this new date. All those logics are badly flawed and would not stand the chance when run on the statistical models.  The doomsday is not occurring on May 21, 2011 because:

  1. Bible can not bring the doomsday on earth. It is the truth whether you believe it or not.
  2. Neither Bible is the book for ultimate truth nor it holds the key to doomsday.  Bible can be interpreted as you wish and many people use the most beautiful book to fulfill their own purpose of creating several hoaxes.
  3. Anyone who says doomsday is coming on certain dates, can he or she or group of people take full responsibility if doomsday does not occur?
  4. Most important, any group or individual who creates hoaxes, is nameless and faceless entity. You can not take them to court. Their accountability is not established. They are not responsible for anything. They would claim, we said something why did you believe it.
  5. Just read the news, there are no signs of doomsday yet. There is nothing as such doomsday of any date.
  6. Enjoy the news and see how people create more news out of this May 21, 2011 new doomsday date.

Coming back to 2012 Doomsday, that is still far away.  More stories would emerge by that time.  Take all of them with pinch of salt and read and enjoy them with caution because they do not mean anything beyond fun part of them.

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Is Doomsday 2012 History Channel Report Biased?

Doomsday 2012 : End of the days is a documentary by History channel. It was aired in 2008 for the first time.  The video opens with the expert talking on several issues.  The video runs for hour or so and it presents the views of several prominent experts. The video is being sold at the online shop of history channel. It has been one of the most sold videos in the times of history channel.  This video contains good material which can be used for understanding the doomsday 2012 theme up to certain extent.

When this video came out for the first time, the viewers reacted sharply and criticism began to pour in. Some of the reactions also included the history channel dubbing as promoting superstition and fueling the themes which are primarily hoax. History channel’s video may be what can be called as promotion of hoax. The surprise element is that someone from a well known channel took note of the hoax and made a video on that. You are not wrong. It is not debunking it. It is supporting the doomsday ideas.  There are no doubts why this video is one of the most discussed topics on the discussion boards online.

This 94 minute long video does leave some space for curious quest. The viewers end-up believing what they see on their screen than exploring it further. If a person like you and me have to explore the hoaxes, we have limited tools. When an expert or subject matter expert tells you something, you may believe in that theme.

History channel made some money with the sale of the video. Now the same video is available with bonus video of Mayan Doomsday Prophecy. History channel must have taken neutral views of it and must have presented the balanced opinion showing the viewers how a doomsday hoax made to the newspapers and most importantly electronic media.

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