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May 21 2011 Rapture is False, Do not Panic

The false rumors of  May 21, 2011 rapture are now gripping the small towns in India. Someone placed the hoardings in the remote towns of various states in India.

Read the daily updates here :

If you have read those banners and hoardings. The first thing you should know is that :

MAY 21, 2011 Judgment Day or Rapture is a false and hoax news.  Everyone is going to safe. There is no such thing as doomsday. What ever you have read about Doomsday is False.

I have been telling my readers that they should not be carried away by the doomsday theories and anything which shouts loudly about doomsday of any date.

Get yourself educated on these matters as they must not affect you and your thinking.  My blog is front-runner among those who refute the doomsday claims.  You should be aware of the tricks doomsday theorists play.

All those banners, hoardings, billboards and others are just the mediums to market the sites which are here to earn through scaring the people.  Anyone who is new to these theories and have found this blog, my request is to read the articles on my blog as many as you could read. You would get the clear picture of what it is.

FamilyRadio and its people have gone beyond the permissible limits this time.  Everyone is free to put forward his thoughts but when it comes to creating the panic at mass level, the police takes care of all such people.

The doomsday or May 21, 2011 crap is not even fine for reading for entertainment purpose. It is vicious campaign to scare the people. What these people wish to achieve by spreading false news of doomsday, they must be knowing better.

I urge the people to maintain calm and educate themselves so that they must know, Doomsday is the biggest hoax. It is false and it does not exist. There is no such thing called end of the world. May 21, 2011 rapture is also the same way false as other theories are.

I promise, I will write the detailed article on the same matter again after May 21, 2011 has passed. I am going to ask very difficult questions to FamilyRadio and its members.

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April 21 to May 21 2011: Daily Update on Judgement Day or Doomsday

April 21 to May 21 2011: Daily Update on Judgement Day or Doomsday. We are going to call this space as page of updates. I am going to update this page everyday with the latest news on the doomsday front.

This page will have the daily update from today going forward to May 21, 2011. Also, we will collectively evaluate the claims of camping brothers and family radio find out the falsehood of the doomsday which does not exist. This page will report the everyday happenings from the news and media along with the reader’s views on the judgement day of May 21 which seems another lame hoax for now. This page will have total 30 or 31 entries.  So here we begin with our update.

May 22, 2011

There is no End of the world. The World is alive and doing well. The day has passed without any major incident all over the world.  It is the morning which must have been awaited by Harold Camping and his followers. The media around the world is asking some serious tough questions.

May 21, 2011

The day has come but nothing is happening. The world media has written great deal of the story for today. All of them are waiting to see if something happens. Nothing for now. Will come back to write when the day is over.

May 20, 2011

2 days to go before Judgement day hits. Well, Hoax has never bee so much entertaining as it is this time. Having bill boards to promote a hoax is fun to watch and see how fast the billboards come down if nothing happens.  Stay Tuned! We are going to call Bluff a Bluff and a Spade a Spade and of course an Ace an Ace for sure.  Just wait for a day!

May 19, 2011

The count down has begun. Is it exciting? Well No. The world is not paying attention to the rants of campings.  There are many beautiful things happening in the world right now. Who is worried?

May 18, 2011

Believe me guys, the world is a beautiful place. You should enjoy it. Do not live your life with the fear of doomsday. There is no such thing visible or proven so far.  Teacher Wang spoiled the game for Harold Camping.

May 17, 2011

Some blogs and news sites still are reporting the case of the man who had spent his all savings before May 21, 2011.

May 16, 2011

The feelings of misleading the people at mass level are echoing in the mainstream media. Harold Camping deserved to be surprised. He will be of course. Though, he insists that doomsday of May 21 2011 will occur. There is nothing new in that.

May 15, 2011

Some groups have taken a march in Manila. These groups must be stopped immediately from spreading the rumors. They can not do this to public.  Nobody has right to scare the people at mass levels. And if they do so, the jails and police action are the answers for them.

May 14, 2011

Hows and Whys of doomsday and rapture does not mean anything as of now. Harold Camping and his supporters are beating the drums of rapture. There is nothing in-sight as of now.

May 13, 2011

There are no reports which could prove the case of Rapture of 2011 May 21. It is all fake so far. There are few reports in media which are mocking the doomsday theories.

May 12, 2011

Many parts of the world have reported the rise of the billboards. There is nothing beyond that.  No Doomsday signs. Teacher Wang in Taiwan fails his supporters.  Taiwan is doing well.  Teacher Wang does not know what to do and how he has been proven wrong.

May 11, 2011

The mainstream media and news sites are playing “lets see what happens”. It is curious course of the things which has begin to roll to see how the Hoax plays its part in popular culture.

May 10, 2011

Harold Camping is an old man now. Does he need money more over for what? The reasons for the generating hoax are beyond understanding. Media is just clueless why it is so.

May 9, 2011

12 more days to go, Harold Camping is vocal about his prophecy but nobody wishes to believe him.

May 8, 2011

There is no word from anyone so far if there are any signs of Judgement day on May 21 2011. The news is dying down its own natural demise.

May 7, 2011

Most of the media is just turning blinding eye because the Ad making machines are just scaring the people. Most of the major media sites are keeping away from all this.

May 6, 2011

As I wrote this, I noticed that spoof and jokes are emerging in mainstream media.  Two main news sites  and other sites have tried to find some truth behind the Billboards of  May 21 messages.  It is the right way to know who is funding the hoax.

May 5, 2011

The date has come and there is no sign of anything. You do not need to link the other stories now. World is too busy to notice the judgement day. It is not there and its signs are not here. So no news is good news for now.

May 4, 2011

You would not hope for the judgement day of May 21 to catch the bad Karma. It is happening all over the world. May 21 is emerging as one of the polished hoaxes.

May 3, 2011

The noise is dying down with its natural pace and you would not hear any of that in near future. The mainstream media has learnt to ignore it now for better. Being Osama in the news, there is not a noise which is far louder than that. The doomsday has taken back-seat now.

May 2, 2011

If you ask me what is this all going on. This is all a very sick joke.  Is world liking it? I do not know. But I have received the messages from the readers of this blog, that May 21, 2011 is a bad joke and it must be stopped immediately.

May 1, 2011

Somebody posted on YouTube saying that Harold Camping played a prank in 1994. He is back again with the bad joke.

April 30, 2011

The latest reports show that May 21, 2011 Judgement day is being taken very lightly and some jokes have appeared.

April 29, 2011

There are no signs of anything yet. The news channels have toned down their voice now. I think they were warned against showing the content on TV.

April 28, 2011

Some more news items appeared in the news papers but most of them are full of skepticism.

April 27, 2011

There is nothing so unusual today which can be reported. The mainstream media has chosen to ignore the content which is related to May 21 Judgement day.

April 26, 2011

As I woke-up and turned on the TV, several news channels were running the story of billboards. It sounds too bad.  Huffington Post has picked up two posts related to May 21, 2011. Apart from that there is no news from mainstream media. It is all hoax. Today or tomorrow the world is going to understand that. It will not be right to support the claims of Harold Camping. He is an old man and does not know what is he talking about. His earlier prediction on similar lines in 1994 also failed. There are no reasons why his predictions would be true this time.

April 25, 2011

Today has been silent day for the news related to rapture. There is nothing new for today. I do not see any signs of anything yet.  It has been nice day.

April 24, 2011

It is  all silenced media today. There is nothing which has been released or written by any media houses and their publications for May 21 doomsday.  The media is creating distance from the situations, stories and the people who do not sound having the right track. May 21, 2011 does not make any sense as of now. This is the chance to test the theories and other hypothesis. Even if those theories are proven right for any chance, they would gain. But if reverse happens, they stand to lose and the Doomsday theorists will choose to go into hibernation for sometime.  It is not very exciting to wait for the news. It is end of the week now here.  April 24 remains without action on any fronts.

April 23, 2011

There are some updates for today. San Fransisco Chronicle has picked up the story and has published in its blog section.  Philadelphia Inquirer has also reported the news related to May 21, 2011 doomsday.  May 21 World Destroy is also the word which is keeping the people busy on various news portals. MyNorthWest has also published an article focusing on family radio and the predictions.  Goddiscussions has also begin to debate whether May 21 prediction and prophecy is true.  There are many other news and articles which have appeared lately. The other news stories are also in the circulation. Most of the reputed news sites are not supporting the theme. They are cynical about the whole prophecies and their authenticity.  It is all leading to new debate why world is being offered the predictions when nobody takes them seriously.

April 22, 2011

There is no news from the cross-sections of the media. Although there are some news items of Boxing, Motorcycle actions and the sporting action that would take place on May 21. There are no signs of panicking world at large. Even the people who took the prophecy little bit more seriously, are now realizing that they were mistaken and they are trying to come back to mainstream. World is moving with normal pace. There is no major news of any big events. The political setup all over the world is busy preparing for this or other elections. It is sounding dull and lazy over the doomsday themes.

April 21, 2011

There is no major news from the different sections. Also, there is no news of any big typhoon, storms or earthquake today. The Mail and Guardian has picked up the news of May 21 today. In past 24 hours there are no major events reported. As well the mainstream media is ignoring the rants of May 21 judgement day sayers. There are many sporting actions are scheduled for May 21. It all sounds normal today. There is nothing as big news as of today which can be associated with anything other than its own meaning.   Comeback tomorrow again for the update.

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Why You Should not Pay Attention to May 21 Warnings, Sites and Hyped News

It makes no sense to me why there are so many doomsday sites trying to beat the drums very loudly and taking the peace away. I was reading a news yesterday which was at the well known news source, the journalist seemed panicked.  The fever is gripping the literate and illiterate both. It does not make any difference whether you are educated or uneducated, the fear of life is equal for all. Agreed but a cosmetic fear which has been generated by the fake sources, would not mean the same.  Almost all the May 21  2011 related sites are focusing on few things which do not have even slightest touch of intelligence in them.  I haven’t heard or seen any doomsday sites talking sense. You can forget about the existence of brain when you read those news pieces which shout loudly and the collective noise is a problem and is getting close to being menace now.

Almost every news related to May 21, 2011 rapture is exaggerated and hyped.  You need to sit down and figure out with the logic and find out the truth.  Read the news which is credible and does not have too many assumptions.

Let Bible be the book which we have loved to read. You should not go beyond and find out the codes which do not exist.  May 21, 2011 doomsday theorists know well how to use the innocent book for supporting their ideas.  Does it sound like guerrilla marketing? To me, it does and there are no doubts if you discover this all is marketing gimmick.

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May 21 Approaching, Are You Scared?

Let me assure you first of all, There is no need to be scared of impossible May 21 disaster. There is nothing which is coming our way.  There have been many such dates in the past which were tagged with doomsday like scenarios. All of them were false. Those who are beating the drums of May 21 Doomsday are crazy.  Most of them do not know what they are talking about.  It is very easy to prove anything right with the help of religious books. Some of the crazy ideas are put forth using the age-old methods which do not work anymore.

Here are few things you can do to avoid being influenced by those theories:

  1. Ignore the sites which advocate the doomsday. You need to believe they are not telling you the truth. They are in the game because money is there.
  2. Make a folder and setup rules where the doomsday or May 21 Judgement day related emails will go. You can delete the folder without reading those emails.
  3. Discuss with the people who are clear headed and know the science and bit of it.
  4. The world is going to be here post May 21 as well. So do not think that you would not be required to pay your debts after that. The world is not going to be destroyed on May 21.
  5. Read Bible as it must be read. Not from the point of view of doomsday.
  6. Live happy and blissful life with compassion and love.
  7. Have the feeling of being strong with your thoughts and beliefs.
  8. World is beautiful place and it would remain so. Get along with the others, because they are your friends.  Tell your group, that doomsday is hoax.
  9. Spread the word that May 21 rapture, judgement day is false. Let more people know of the truth that hoax needs to be ignored.
  10. Ignore the people who are roaming in the streets with doomsday banners and posters.

Just follow the above and lead the life which is not only happy but also free from the elements which create unnecessary tension in our minds.  Think creative, World is not going to end so soon.

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Asteroid 2005 YU and Comet Elenin Expected in November 2011

Some of the things do not relate well but they seem to be credible threat. Asteroid 2005 YU and Comet Elenin are being written about on the web. There are some references of NASA as well. These two bodies are expected to pass near the earth in early November 2011 or late October this year. Are they credible threats? For now, if we believe the available data, yes they are.

They are very large objects which have enough power to destroy earth. Asteroid 2005 YU is supposed to be the record holder as the next occurring of the large object of its size is not going to pass before next 17 years or so. There are some distances which you can find discussed on the web. I have read most of them. They do not point to the possibility of any major destruction but there are other parameters which are worrying the observers these days.

These two celestial bodies may bring the large amount of dust and smoke with them. The tail size of a comet is big enough to last several weeks.

Can it be said, these are going to be doomsday carriers? No, Absolutely Not. They are not and must not be linked to theories. We need to wait until more data is available. That may take time. Just in case, you are interested to know the NASA’s version of the developments, read the page here :

I and my site do not support the doomsday theories in any manner. I am trying hard to educate the people so that they do not waste their time and money on the doomsday related hoaxes.

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Games People Play in 2012 Doomsday Forums and Discussion Boards

I have been checking few forums and discussion boards to see what sort of discussions are going on there. Most of those interactions of the people can be categorized easily. The patterns and trends emerge on how people react to the doomsday news which is shown on their local TV channels. As for the first time when someone sees or hears the doomsday dates, he heads directly to the web and he wants to talk with someone. The doomsday sites which are full of the theories, confuse the person more over. The common topics of the discussions are something like:

1. Is Planet Niburu real?
2. I am scared of doomsday. Is there any way to escape?
3. Are there any doomsday signs?
4. Will UFO and Aliens arrive in 2012?
5. Is news of May 21 2011 Doomsday true?
6. What will happen after doomsday of 2012 or any doomsday?
7. If human race survives, will there be any social order change?
8. Are doomsday bunkers expensive?
9. Are earthquakes and tsunamis signs of doomsday?
10. How would I know when end is near?

People ask the questions and people answer them. Some people try to remove the fear and levels of anxiety by telling the people that doomsday is a hoax and they do not need to worry. While this is all happening, someone posts new thread telling that he is having weird dreams which are full of doomsday scenarios. You never know what to do for the people who have begin to feel scared.

Also, many owners of the doomsday sites participate in the forums. Sometimes, the authors of the books also promote their books in these forums. The forums and discussion boards of doomsday 2012 related material, do not do the full justice with the themes. The users come back either being more confused or thinking that they need to read more. They go to another board, where the same story is repeated. Yes, many users open the same thread at many discussion forums.

The game goes on. In the meantime, some of those users come to the sites which are debunking doomsday. It gets all more complicated because neither supporters nor the debunkers offer full explanations of their beliefs. If you just have read the doomsday related news for the first time or you are here reading this post, take all the doomsday related sites little less seriously. You need to understand, you would not get the right picture of being someone right or wrong. You have to form a belief whether doomsday is true or false according to the facts you discover.

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2012 Japan: Earthquake, Tsunami, Prophecy and Doomsday Theorists

It is really in bad taste when someone uses the natural calamities such as japan earthquakes and tsunami as mediums to market the books which nobody would buy either. Recently, I read the material which has been posted by Friend G. and some one named Great Sun. Do you find anything believable in those two names? I tried to find if anyone could be accounted for what they say. There are no addresses, phone numbers and other details of those two person who are marketing the doomsday books. They have a press release telling the people that they know great deal of 2012 Japan prophecy. Their press release talks about something else and when you arrive at their site, you get no credible information related to anything like doomsday or so-called prophecy. There is a book which is being sold.

Most of these doomsday theorists think they can beat the scientists. Every other theorist with the books has the last words of truth being told. The important question is, why to choose Japan’s calamity as a plank to sell your doomsday book.

Calamities must not be used as ploy to market the books. People need sympathy and help. They do not need anything of doomsday crap. Another aspect, Will these so called know-all-doomsday-crap guys come forward and reveal who they are actually. They are revealing great doomsday codes, but first reveal yourself.

It is common feature among the doomsday theorists, they wish to sell their books using the names which are not real. If you are not a con-artist, what is the harm in revealing your true name and face? Anyone who is talking of doomsday prophecies linking natural calamities, has clearly lost his mind. Are you going to believe such doomsday experts who are not willing to reveal who they are.

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Increased Sale of Doomsday Bunkers and Approaching May 21

There are some news reports which point that the sale of doomsday bunkers have increased by many folds during the past few weeks. The increased demand is being attributed to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. However, there is another doomsday prophecy which is nearing. That is May 21 2011 which may people think is going to be true. The Bible group has their way of telling the things. It is good for Vivos to book those expensive doomsday bunkers which had not been sold so far. Sometimes the prophecies and the media news works great for selling the things. The news of catastrophic events is the best marketing material for Vivos which may expand its base if the demand increases.

The Bible group says that doomsday has the fixed time now. It would be around 6PM on May 2011 when doomsday would be experienced. It is height of the belief in something which does not seem real even now. It all seems to be leading to several issues. People may line-up for buying those bunkers. There may be long queues at the offices of Vivos. There are no signs of doomsday yet but the media news may gear it up so well that Vivos earns profits from this whole affair.

Those doomsday bunkers are not located outside US. In other parts of the world, the people are saved from buying those bunkers which are of no-use beyond few years even if doomsday occurs. It is still maintained that Doomsday is a Hoax.

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