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Doomsday Sites lost Internet Traffic after May 21, 2011

It is certainly not the good news which you would like to hear. Post May 21, 2011, the doomsday sites are experiencing the down trend of internet traffic and visitor counts.  Almost thievery third website which dealt with doomsday subject has been hit very hard. The overall traffic is down over 90%. People have begin to think and assume that doomsday threats were fake. Yes they were and still they are. The issue is not of true of false.

If public has interest in one subject, certainly people are going to search for the term and internet traffic increases gradually. But when something happens and the user interest is pushed to peak and when the event is over, it drops being in many figures. Right now, the things are not looking up even for the supporters of the doomsday having the sites and blogs. Many people thought of cashing on the waves of the May 21, 2011 rapture.  Yes, they did so but soon after May 21, 2011, it all came down very badly.

So, where do the doomsday site owners go from here. Well, the theme has already been exhausted. Harold Camping’s next October 21, 2011 is not a grand event. Masses are not going to believe him. His predictions will have zero impact on the internet traffic but the rule of thumb also point that Harold Camping may be able to generate some more steam for next date. There would be some people who would read Harold Camping’s date for the first time, so they may come searching for the sites.

But for now, the internet traffic does not look good.  My site is doing good still but there are thousands of other sites which have lost their earnings as well.

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