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When is Doomsday? Some Clues but Nobody Knows Exactly

In last article,  the question what is Doomsday, was addressed.  In this article, I am going to through some light on another popular question when is doomsday?

As we open the lines of this article,  we re passing through the passage of time which is not very much tranquil.  The year 2011 has already seen one failed doomsday which was predicted by Harold Camping. His new date is October 21, 2011.  The most commonly referred date of doomsday is December 21, 2012.  We have no way to verify the claims to support or refute them.  The doomsday can not occur out of thin air.  There must be some clues or signs to show the world that something unusual is happening.

The natural events ranging from tsunami, earthquakes, flood, fire and other such things have been happening all over the world every year. There is no data to support the claims that something is happening for the first time which has not happened before.

To answer the question, When is Doomsday?, it is important to know of your interests. It may be the case that you are just curious to know when the world is ending.  The others may be serious in this all mumbo jumbo stuff.

If you are serious about knowing the answer, the plain and simple answer is,  The world is not going to end soon. There is no fixed date of Doomsday.  If we look at the doomsday theories and dissect them for logic, It becomes clear that almost all doomsday experts are fooling with the public.

There is no Doomsday and it is going to come never.  So feel easy.  You still have to pay your debts and do your job everyday.  The god created the cycle for you to follow. It would not dismantle so easily.  Is that wish of God?  It can not be said with certainty if it is so.

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What is Doomsday? A Question Deserves Answer

In popular culture and hyped environment of our times, Doomsday is just a thought of being end of everything you see around you.  That may sound little or more hypothetical because it is so. The more you explore about doomsday more you get into doomsday theories.  Some of them may be sensible but largely all of the doomsday theories have serious faults.  The doomsday theories does not make any reference to logic. They are just made to appeal to lots of people. What we call in literature is,  sensational piece of nonsense; it is the same way for doomsday theories.

So what exactly doomsday is?  Well, Mayan and other civilizations have supposedly predicted that world will end on 21 December 2012.  Nobody knows where this idea of doomsday evolved or who was the first person to coin the term.  The doomsday means end of everything. But if you look at it correctly then doomsday would seem to you a process which completes in a day and everything is undone.  The doomsday is an impossible thing because matter can not be created or destroyed.

Doomsday is not a universal event.  Doomsday on earth would not mean the end of the moon or other galaxies.  Doomsday is local event and it does not occur without warnings.  The doomsday theorists ignore the logic and other aspects of the events.

According to some experts, doomsday is also the event which transforms the humanity.  Doomsday according to them is an event on the horizon where the new understanding of love and humanity emerge. The spiritual awakening has also been linked to doomsday.

There experts are not unanimous on doomsday and its nature.  However, doomsday can not be verified with the theories.  Nobody has seen it in the past and nobody has experimented with it.  So if big bang is considered a doomsday for old, then it was the beginning of the life on earth.

2012 Doomsday is false and considered a hoax like May 21, 2011 doomsday was proven false because it did not occur.

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About Survival in 2012, useful resources at this site and linked ones

If you are interested in learning about survival in 2012 , You can use the following posts at this site which tell you how you can make it and remain on the planet earth for longer time.

I quote following four posts for anyone who is willing to use the information for surviving any natural calamities. has been of the view that doomsday is a false event and is not true. However, it is good for people to know how they can survive the natural disasters and other issues.

There are thousands of the sites which have linked to their pages and other resources.  It is advantage of having the visitors from all over the world and read what must be on fair side.

If you are thinking of linking this site to your site and pages, Please keep in mind, Full text copy is not permitted because that would violate the copyrights of this site. You can post summary with outgoing link to original post at

Survival in 2012 is all about knowing what works for the humans and what we should do when there are situations beyond our controls. It would make right note to see that doomsday experts are wrong and they do not know much about how to make it living.

This site has been on the middle path. It does not oppose or support the doomsday ideas. Its role is to analyze the different stories related to doomsday and offer the readers balanced view so that readers are not confused about the misleading information which is propagated by doomsday experts.  It has been great to be liked by thousands of the readers and our pagerank is the proof of the fact that is on the front of doomsday related sites.

It is good to see that is doing its job and will do better in future as well.

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Is the Threat of October 21 2011 End of the World Credible?

There is the same old story being repeated again. Harold Camping had his reasons for predicting the May 21 2011 doomsday which has failed. Now the same reasons are being offered for Oct 21 2011 as well. There is nothing new in these predictions. The World is also not focusing on the new date. There are no reasons to believe that any doomsday date would correct.

Undoubtedly, October 21 2011 End of the World is another Hoax which is not even taking off this time. There are no threats of world being over this time. The doomsday experts have predicted that October 21 this year may show us some surprises. In the shadow of the predictions by Harold Camping, the things do not really look good. But you must consider Harold has been wrong all his life. He is fond of predicting bizarre events and none of those happened in reality.

If you play it all by logic and rationale, it becomes clear that doomsday experts are fooling around. Their level of IQ is questionable and if they think they can take world for ride, they are utterly mistaken. It would not be long when their predictions will be biting dust and they would be looking for cover.

If you believe in these modern mad saints who claim to know all, you may be mistaken to do so. Keep your eyes open and see the reasons yourself. This world is not going to end so soon. One thing is pretty clear so far is that, doomsday is just a non-existent stuff which has no presence in the history and in future. October 21, 2011 would be passed as the past has gone. You would not even notice anything if you are busy in your work. You must keep away from the sites which ask you to believe them without involving the logic. Blind faith is something which can be troublesome in future.

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What is happening with Doomsday Sites?

Courtesy Harold Camping who was in so much hurry that he did not wish anyone make money except himself, he exhausted the theme so early that there is not much traffic now. I can tell you for sure if doomsday theme is seeing any movement. For now, it is as good as dead. Not many people are showing interest in end of the world and its theories. The similar is the case of Camping’s new prediction of October 21, 2011. It is not going to be very grand event this time. There is no media buzz. No newspapers are reporting anything. A doomsday expert is as good as first time and second time there is no value.

So whole the world knows that nothing is going to happen even on the new doomsday date. The result is so drastic and out of context that doomsday sites are dying everyday. The doomsday experts are changing their profession from doomsaying to sensible ones. Is it good? Well, can not be said with confidence because it is not only doomsday sites but also the companies which have invested heavily in the doomsday themes.

Will sites go out of business? Yes, there are strong possibilities of so. It may not be very good to see the popular theme going away. It all happened because Harold Camping could not wait and he wanted the world to end. Luckily world did not end but the doomsday sites ended for sure. So, it was doomsday for the experts and sites which were promoting the end of the world themes.

I was asked a question sometimes back, is there any hope of revival of doomsday themes? Well, it may be possible but media needs better positioned theories this time. Aliens with doomsday theme could make it good for everyone but that’s not even possible now. So, lets see how it goes from here.

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Fast Generate Doomsday Predictions with Automated Tools and Become an Expert

The famous doomsday prophecies may have their roots in little or more wisdom but if you look at the modern doomsayers, the things are not very intelligent. Doomsday predictions can be generated on the fly now. It is all possible because of the power of the web. Imagine a very thick book which has thousands of the pages and you have search for few words in that book. It would take very long time to find the words of your choice in that particular book. The internet and search engines can be used for searching any words and their relationship with nothing sort of intelligent.

The search engines are the best doomsday prediction tools which can generate predictions as you wish. You do not need to worry about the relationship with logic because no doomsday expert ever made the sense to the public. Just do some manual editing on what you get and frame your sensational sentences. You get the best of what could be termed as fake predictions of doomsday. The chances are there that you would be able to predict the doomsday better than Harold Camping did.

The list of failed doomsday predictions is very long. It would few of your predictions as well. So, ultimately, you are going to be in the list of doomsday experts. I am not encouraging you to make the frivolous claims. Just be reasonable. This piece of article is satire and spoof.

The other intelligent experts have gone little too far as they have books based on the unrelated facts. All the way to thanks to Google and other search engines. A doomsday expert was not possible to come out with so much speed in the past. The accelerated growth of the doomsday experts is because of media attention and the power of manipulation and money.

If you know the scripting, you can make your own doomsday prediction generating tool which would search and assemble the results for you. May be you are the next well known doomsday expert who is sensational and appealing.

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Are Bible Study Sites being Misused by Doomsday Experts?

If you look at the sites which appear in Google being in the top 10 results with the words “Judgement Day of October 21 2011″, you would be surprised to see the first two or three sites are just related to Bible Studies.  Why these sites have agreed to become the mouthpiece of the doomsday experts? Only the site owners can explain.  Also, many sites which are promoting the doomsday themes have got their whois details masked. It is done so to protect the identities of the persons who do not wish to come forward and own the responsibility. Good move. You gain a lot of things and without being responsible for the misleading the people at mass level.

Also, there is no protest against such use of the sacred text which is well respected and worshiped in many countries. Are few individuals using the religious books to prove their hypothesis of doomsday is correct.  All can be said is that God is not with them and certainly not guiding their so-called research to find out when the doomsday is going to come.  For example, Harold Camping proved that his studies and researches were meaningless and he was certainly miscalculated the things.  The media is to blame because it made people like him heroes out of nothing. If media stops paying attention to doomsday experts, you would see many of them would go out of business.

The sensible approach of without touching the religious books among the doomsday experts, is not very much common.  There are many sites which are promoting doomsday themes with borrowed text from Bible.  Bible is being used by those people for their personal gains.  Is that right? Who cares? At least doomsday experts do not care if they are right or wrong or their conscious is allowing them to do so. May be they are ignorant to know what they are doing is  not religious activity.

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Is Focus on Judgement Day of October 21 2011 or Just Another Hoax

With Harold Camping taking back seat and being in bad health at this stage of life is certainly giving the beaten looks to doomsday theories. Judgement day of October 21, 2011 is not being reported as it was the case of May 21, 2011. You need to understand the themes which were being played by several experts. Suddenly the experts have vanished and nobody is making enough news these days for the doomsday theories. Certainly the focus is not on the October 21, 2011, as there was no major incident citing the true nature of the events. Nothing happened on May 21, 2011 and soon after that Harold Camping fell ill. Many people sympathized with the man and of course he deserves that.

Coming back to the probable and false judgement day of 2011 would also prove to be hoax. This time the marketing companies are not making enough efforts to garner the publicity and media gimmicks .  I can see the media is taking very cautious approach to the news and stories emerging out the doomsayers.  The dooms day is not that way popular in culture in news.  You can think of the lost opportunities due to May 21 being false. Now almost all the sites are suffering because the cover was taken off too early.  Neither Harold Camping gets anything nor the supporters.

Judgement day of October will prove to be another hoax for sure. There are no reasons it can be true.  The good thing is that many monthly billed sites have gone away soon after may 21, 2011 was no show for doom events.  One can easily figure out now that there is something wrong with the things which do not have any base. The doomsday experts will vanish and the end of the world as told to be on October 21, 2011 is not going to happen. In that case, no serious doomsday expert will like to put his reputation on stake.  I do not see any wise guy doing that. What is the need of doing that when you can talk and write the symbols.

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Are Aliens and UFOs Running Some Websites? Do such websites exist?

It is a hard-debate and gaining momentum. According to some conspiracy theories, the Aliens are already present on earth. It sounds little bit off-track. But for a moment if we agree that such possibility exists. Then, next natural question would be, are these aliens have their websites and other online ventures.  I am trying to explore the possibilities.

A website can even be registered by someone who does not have his identity proof.  The point is that, you do not need to be existing physically to have the website.  If aliens have money to pay the registration sites, the domain can be booked. The other step is to get the hosting. The same point is true for this as well.

The only thing which works for Aliens and UFOs in this case, is that they do not have to establish their true identity because that is not a requirement. Having said all that, the question is, are there some sites which are being operated by aliens? The natural and most honest answer is, ‘I do not know’. But there are someways which can be used for discovering if some sites have Alien imprints.  The points are here:

  1. Alien operated sites would not have their correct address filled in registration details.
  2. Aliens would be able to manage the whois record of their websites.
  3. They would need to learn English or the languages which are spoken on earth to establish their online base.
  4. Such websites would not look like operated by humans. They would be running with bots and other things.
  5. All such sites would be heavily automated for doing many things.

The important question is why aliens would like to have the websites and online presence.  Well, it is not necessary to have sites for them. They would have email ids and other stuff. The point is that online presence would help them to learn faster about earth and life here.

One would think of why aliens need to be on earth in first place. Well, there are many theories which have given hints why it is so.  According to the doomsday 2012 theories, the aliens may be interested in saving us from the fate.

It is a general view that aliens operated sites may exist but it can not be said with certainty that such sites exist. The time will tell the answer of many questions and others which include the possibility of Aliens being on earth.

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