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October 21, 2011 Doomsday Live News and Latest update

As the day unfolds, I and my friends will update this page with the latest happenings, scanning the news and media articles to see if there is something happening today, October 21, 2011.

It is 3:50 AM New York Time; There is no news of any thing happening or beginning to happen.  I am looking at the weather charts and also the seismic data to figure out if there are any changes happening deep level which are visible. The report is negative.  The geological conditions also seem stable so far. Harold Camping predicted the end of the world in the past as well. For his prediction of today, he is going to be no-show again.

It is interesting to see such predictions because people like Harold Camping make you feel that world still has space for foolish ideas and there is no value in them except their purpose to entertain us. David Icke and Harold Camping good job because they make you laugh and you learn the art of ignorance.  For now, the world is calmer place and better because some of remaining dictators are being wiped out by their own people. History is completing its circle but that is not related to doomsday of today. Watch this page for more updates as the day unfolds.

It is 5:50 AM NY Time, the day is peaceful than other days so far. There is no news of any sort of unusual news from anywhere. The internet is working fine and there is no disruption of any sort. Also, my mood is elevated today, I am not feeling anything negative. It is just a bit of toothache which is mild, apart from that things are in good shape. The traffic on the road is higher than usual, it is because of approaching festivals. Doomsday experts deserve applause for making me interested and lots of people are reading this page.  This page is being looked at the prime source of information on doomsday for today. It is not disappointing to see no-doomsday. We would all become insensitive to actual doomsday and would not even notice if it occurs in future. The doomsday seems to be an idea of empty minds and suits. There is nothing off track to report as of now. Yes, keep reading, we will report if there is anything of worth telling you periodically.

It is 11:30 AM NY Time, there is no update from all over the world if doomsday is occurring anywhere else. No doomsday is real sweet news.

It is 2:00 PM NY Time, half day is gone, there is no news of doomsday hitting the shores. Neither the doomsday making headlines on breaking news items.

It is 4:00 PM NY Time, There is no news from the other parts of the world. The doomsday is clear no show today.  The magnetic poles are intact and geological situations are stable. The doomsday does not get to see the light today. So far so good and it is better that we all are well.

It is 3:30 AM 22nd October, 2011, NY Time and Date; Everything is good except the reports of one earthquake of magnitude of 7.6 in Tonga, South Pacific. There is no new of damage yet. Apart from that particular news, there is no news of any unusual events.

For Gentleman named Harold Camping, it must be the last prediction of doomsday. And for those who wish to learn something from him, the most important lesson to learn is the art of manipulation and viral marketing to make fast and quick money.

With this last update, the update closes for now.  No doomsday leaves us having the beautiful world and enjoying the best of what life on earth can offer.

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October 21, 2011 Harold Camping Comes Calling Doomsday

This is the news again. Harold Camping has risen from his bed where he was sleeping due to old age and last prolonged illness.  So, what’s hot this time. There is nothing so hot that it would be picked up by the news media and internet sites. Harold Camping has been ignored this time as you scan the web for the news related to the doomsday of 2011, the Harold camping just appears in three news items.  It is not secret that he would be proven wrong this time. Beware, that you do not need to put your money on stake due to these theories. People like Harold and other so called doomsday experts appear sometime on the horizon and as their prophecies are proven wrong, they go away and are never accepted seriously. People laugh on them and they do not even realize that world is making fun of them.

For the October 21, 2011, just stay calm, nothing is going to happen. Last declaration by Harold camping was so loud that it almost broke a man who had sold everything and came to streets to wait for doomsday. The aftermath is of not worth of mentioning here.

There is nothing which could prove that world is ending on October 21 this year. Harold Camping is an old man. Probably he must respect the fact that world does not need his prophecies anymore.

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