2012 Astronomy

Is there something going to happen in 2012 astronomically in our skies? are there any legitimate astronomers who can through some lights on 2012 doomsday theories from the point of view of stars and galaxy?

There are many such questions which needs to be answered. I tried to dig for few sources which have explained the overall results with advanced charting system of the movement of the stars and planets.

First one is http://www.visualastronomy.com/2009/01/so-tired-of-2012-hype.html which actually explains the things in understandable manner.  Such astronomy for 2012 events does justice to some extent.

Kelly Whitt has written a piece of article titled Astronomy and December 21, 2012, you can read the complete article here  http://stargazing.suite101.com/article.cfm/the_night_sky_on_december_21_2012

What I am not sure about is, if the above writers are astronomers or not. But the point they make is that 2012 doomsday theories do not have substance in them from the factual science of astronomy.  I will try to look at the several other sources and compile one version.

The astronomy is in advanced stages and there are good equipments available which can track almost all the bodies in skies. There are many amateur groups  which are active in the field. The debate in circle is that 2012 Dec 21, night or day sky does not reveal anything which is unusual. In the absence of factual terms, the doomsday theorists have the bad science to their credit. Either they must be knowing well if they are seeing something which is not visible to thousands of the telescopes in the world. No astronomer reported to sight the planet niburu so far. The planet niburu seems to have special likings to doomsday experts. It has evaded the sight of telescopes so far.

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