2012 Business Ideas for Video Game Industry

2012 looks promising for many sectors and industries. The London Olympic 2012 has limited coverage in video gaming industry. There may be few game titles which will be made around the Olympic 2012 theme. But a large market is available to the game publishers and developers to capture the market with the games based upon 2012 doomsday theories.

It is not big surprise, if you search 2012 doomsday games on internet, you are going to see the results featuring many sites which have started to offer the basic games which can be played online. The theme is almost same. It goes like “save the world in 2012″. You are given few controls which can be used during the games.  Here is a list of such ideas which can be used by game developers.

  1. A game can be titled as Doomsday 2012.
  2. Full game can be developed for the title like End of the World 2012.
  3. Some cartoon characters can be developed for 2012 doomsday theme.
  4. You can make WoW and MMO types of the games.
  5. 2012 doomsday theme can be used for creating puzzle games.
  6. 2012 doomsday theories can be combined together in a horror plot which goes into the game.
  7. A game may be titled “2012 Invasion of Aliens”.
  8. You can create the intelligent games of strategy based.
  9. 2012 video game can be fully on the styles of racing and motor-cross ideas.
  10. A game can also focus on the post world after 2012 doomsday.
  11. 2012 doomsday theme can be blended well with almost all the popular genre of the video games.

The truth is, the market for 2012 doomsday games  exists and it has potential. The game developers can experiment with the ideas.  I do not have the complete data on the developments. Some big companies must be developing the game already. It takes time to develop the video game titles. It is very large industry and stakes are always high and so are the rewards.

All popular gaming consoles may have some games before and after 2012 is over.  The impossible 2012 doomsday has takers in the gaming the world.

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