2012 Doomsday and ESP Experts

Can ESP Experts find out if Doomsday 2012 is real?

I am not on the sides of ESP experts who claim to know the eternal truth.  I have read a book titled “How to Make Esp Work for You” by Herold Sherman. Sherman was one of the leading researcher of ESP phenomena. His work is credible and well tested for authenticity.

There are many modern age experts who use ESP or extra sensory powers to predict the outcome of events. The interesting part is none of those experts are rich. Meaning is, they can not predict the outcome or random numbers of games.  All of them have books to publish.

True form of ESP can certainly deliver some answers to the questions. The real psychic abilities are non-existent. What we get is the bunch of pseudo psychic experts who have different views. If  doomsday of 2012 is real then why these experts are not able to see common picture.

I hope someone comes forward with the procedure which can be tested and evaluated under the lab conditions.  The procedure can be repeated to work with ESP to make the clear and verifiable results of the doomsday scene of 2012.

No expert except Harold Sherman presented himself to be tested.  Harold could offer some insights but he is no more. His book can be a great guide to someone who wants to experiment. Read with caution. Book has many warnings to follow.

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How to Make Esp Work for You
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