2012 Doomsday and Global Economy

Are Economic Systems designed to withstand global natural disasters such as doomsday of 2012?

The economic systems around the world are so well connected to each other that these financial networks leave no space for few to survive. Lets assume that world is facing 2012 doomsday event. Let’s derive some conclusions from here. Just in case of such events, the financial systems will vanish overnight and the world would not see the stock markets any more.  The reserve funds may tender to become useless because doomsday is supposed to be the event on very large scale. The scale is so large that it would make currencies useless.  The world goes back to primitive age again with the survivors who do not need money to buy anything because world markets will crumble. The mother nature never demanded anything from the humans. Since humans created printed notes, the same notes will not hold any value.

Since all of the economic and financial systems will hold no value after 2012, the new economy will emerge and it will take shape again. The survivors will carry the economical and financial models in their head to recreate the stock exchanges again.

Let’s go back to realism from speculation, the doomsday event will not wipe everything.  The survivors have been here and will be there even after the 2012 doomsday. The survivors may not have the central governing bodies but in sometime, the leaders will be chosen and the new order begins.  The final outcomes depend upon the leaders world gets after 2012. The basic traits of supporting ones kins and relatives will always remain there. You may see emergence of kings again because most powerful and rich survivors will lay the rules for others.

The financial and economic systems have not been designed to bear the results of large scale negative events.  The small scale doomsday can wipe out many financial organizations and some of them go out of business for ever. Suppose, doomsday comes but it affects few places only. The people living in such places will not able to pay the borrowed money to banks.  The local lenders will be worst hit in such cases.  Many companies operate the financial business on the principles to raise the operational cost only. Take the examples of many banks in US, these banks spend more to run the business than their actual earning. Some of financial institutions have negative earning as well.  A doomsday of 2012 on small scale will spell doom for most of the financial companies.

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