2012 Doomsday and Judgement Day

Is there possibility of combining 2012 Doomsday and Judgement Day?

Judgment day is supposed to be the day after final day or what ever time God takes to announce the proceedings to Judgement day.  Suppose, doosday of 2012 is real and it happens in future, soon after doomsday the judgement day begins.

Judgement day accorind to religious texts, can be held when the cycles are over. Thousands of years have passed since it was written that Judgment would promise the better life to those who are pure.

Coming back to the original scene on the ground.  The doomsday has several problems concerning the theories. The theories tell us that it is going to be destruction at wide scale. As the dust of doomsday settles, the kingdom of God would appear.

It all seems to me that Judgement day is itself a hoax woven with perfect marketing materials. Anyways, the doomsday combined with judgement day present the better possibilities of having the wold free of crime and injustice. Can God take control in his hands that time. The popular of world is so huge that all can not be invited to have the judgement delivered. Even the best of the systems and procedure would take thousands of years combined. It is all very complex subject but it makes sense to read the theories. You must keep yourself isolated from all such garbage of religious books.

The judgement if comes at all with doomsday of 2012, is bleak possibility but there are major occasion can occur. Is there a perfect reason to believe these theories?

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