2012 Doomsday and Moon Effects

In the Event of 2012 Doomsday, is Moon to be affected?

According to some news pieces, the Doomsday Ark will be housed on the moon. There may be some species which can be stored there.  The moon can be used as storage place for keeping the sensitive and secret data over there.  There DNA and some flowers seeds can be stored. There is no further news whether the plans of such Ark on the moon are functional now.

Besides being an Ark there. The popular question is , is moon safe in the event of Doomsday? According the theories, the doomsday will have the elements of solar flares as well. If that happens moon would be the first thing to be fried. If the magnetic system of earth goes out of sync, it would affect the position of moon as well. Moon may come closer or may go far away. The other effects may be seen on the moon as well. Anything which is coming from the sky may hit the moon as well. There may be bigger to smaller objects that may crush the moon.

The point is this, In the event of doomsday, Moon is the most unsafe place if we go by the theories to planet niburu coming to earth. The argument is, why it can not hit moon rather than hitting the earth. The theorists may be wrong. The Doomsday is a theoretical concept. In theories it is possible to prove that Moon may be the first target of anything big coming and destroying it.  Earth has the last chance to be hit.  It is possible if doomsday occurs in 2012, Moon may be destroyed by some big size asteroid hitting it and it goes off for ever. If that happens the several geological cycles will be go haywire and out of balance.  It is difficult to predict what would be the conditions on the earth if moon is not there.

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