2012 Doomsday and Plant Life

Can Doomsday of 2012 spark the Mutation in Plants?

The question is not easy to answer. The history have witnessed the changes in plants and some of them have been the results of naturally induced mutation as well. The doomsday theories point to several aspects. A doomsday on small scale will not do anything observable in plants.  But if the heat and changed conditions prevail, there would be some changes which would be visible beyond the doomsday as well.

We have to understand the answers to basic questions. From where the fish comes in the newly dug ponds.  How insects come in closely guarded green houses or in the laboratories.  Many people argue that these species come from the old eggs which remain stuck to the seeds and the air becomes a channel for them reach the plants and ponds.

Arguably, the doomsday will not wipe the complete life on earth. Even if it happens at very large scale the burried seeds and the eggs which have been under the earth for very many years will begin to cultivate.  Such phenomena is not uncommon. Many people report that Alaska and Greenland’s upper region is losing its ice sheets. The result is jungles in the places of ice.  The plants are growing in the places where once ice sheets used to be there.

Just in case doomsday of 2012 gets over in few weeks or months, after that the new plants will emerge. Few of them will not be able to survive changed conditions but certainly soon after plants will develop resistance to the changed climatic conditions.  That’s where positive or negative mutation begins.  The mutant plants may be of more heights or may remain dwarf. Mutation is a process which can not be predicted.

If doomsday happens and it occurs, the mutation will also follow for sure.  The new plant life and Eco-system will emerge.  The new plants will be able to withstand the tough weather. As evolution is slow process, it may take few thousands years when altogether new species or sub species of plants will emerge.

It all sounds slow process but that is evolution and mutation has big role to play.  The mutation is already in the progress but Doomsday of 2012 ( if true) can accelerate the process.

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