2012 Doomsday and Poland

Is there a connection between 2012 doomsday and Poland? Or it is simply the matter of coincidence?

Recently, Poland lost its president Lech Kaczynski in a plane crash in Russia. For a small country it is big accident and there were other several people from the government who lost lives.  The tragic and sad event has brought people together to find the answers.

Polish people are searching for przepowiednie nostradamusa 2012 (Prophecies of Nostradamus 2012) as they call it.  Nostradamus was a genius of his time. Problem with his written material is that it can be interpreted as one wishes.  Several internet boards are having the discussions on this topic. Almost all of them are trying to link the scattered facts with the available interpretations.  Nostradamus may have said one thing while the interpretations are point to another things.

Poland does not have a clear visible link with doomsday theories except the recent incident.  Almost all European places are considered safe from the natural calamities on larger levels.  Nostradamus prophecies for 2012 doomsday are cleverly interpreted and the several people believe that what ever happened, was already told by the sear.

While the clear facts after investigation do not point to any unusual things which may have occurred.  The air-plane was more than 20 year old and had several issues.  To link the air-accident with doomsday theories would be something like linking an incident with someone who knew all but failed to tell us before the actual event took place.  There seems no established basis of believing that it was told to us in advance.  The experts of Nostradamus literature always tell us about the things which have already happened. But in their own right, they fail to predict the future with their knowledge.

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