2012 Doomsday Changed Definitions

2012 Doomsday Definitions are changed to suit the ends.

It is certainly no good case of finding the common definitions leading to common understanding of what way or what sort picture 2012 doomsday paints for us.  It is certainly a very different world where the experts decide what can mean doomsday.

The leading magazines such as TIME and other media online, do not point to anything which would make sense to common man on the road. The movie painted something else while the other experts tell us that everything you saw in the movie was mere fiction and that too a bad one.

Despite several attempts to get the answers from the qualified experts, there are no unanimous voices which can point one way to predict and other way to save our lives. I am not buying the arguments in support of doomsday. I am urging the experts to get together and find out if they have a meeting point on the horizon.

Doomsday in present terms and context can be anything which brings apathy and pity.  For poor countries, the flood can also means the time and arrival of doomsday of short duration. The time variable plays an important role when we want to make sense of the theories.

The theories are dying and meeting their own fate. I sometime doubt if we have got serious people in the game to tells us with confidence that doomsday of 2012 is all false or true.

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