2012 Doomsday Dreams and Realities

People Begin to Complain of Bad dreams due to 2012 Theories.

In the newspaper columns the stories have begin to emerge and many websites have the discussions. Some people are so much disturbed with what they read online that they have started to have the nightmares and many of them have the dreams related to 2012 doomsday.

Are we getting too much into the theories? May be Yes, May be No.  A doomsday theorist must understand that he is not doing any good by scaring the people. Deeply, a theorist knows that he is just trying to sell his books.  A doomsday expert knows that his dreams must not come true because he is also going to vanish with his books if what ever he says becomes true.

Some dreams must not come true and 2012 doomsday dreams absolutely not.  Doomsday sayers are not disturbed but they are creating hype around the world.  Many people had a dream of sitting alone after doomsday. A lady had a dream that only her cat survived after doomsday.  A man had a dream of being on the island alone.  Another lady complained that she is not able to sleep after reading the doomsday theories.  Many people are going deep in their prayers so that doomsday could be averted. This is what doomsday theorists are creating. Are we liking it? No.

We are fed the stories of weird types by newspapers, TV channels and Internet. My advice to the people is, find something which is good to read and engage. The world has been here and will be here with you always. Nobody is going anywhere.  We all will remain here.  Doomsday of 2012 must not be taken seriously enough that it begins to impact your daily life.  And Do not pay attention to what these authors-theorists of doomsday are telling you. They are desperate to sell their books. They are not serious beyond that. Why should you be?

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