2012 Doomsday Escape Plans for Poor People

Accepting that you are poor, may brighten the chances of escaping doomsday.

If you take a look at the statistics about the casualties when deadly earthquakes or big events take place in the cities. It includes the floods as well.  The people who are accustomed to living in rural areas know the tricks to escape and beat the destiny in its own game.  Your status of being poor is an advantage.  The rich and famous people will suffer more if doomsday occurs.

Here is a list of items which you must keep ready with you just in case doomsday or anything as natural calamity strikes you.

  1. Build good boats with generally available wood and material near your place. You may include the people of your community to build few of them.
  2. Buy Lots of candles and keep them with you. The wax candles must be in your home always. As you do not know when the electricity grid fails.  Just in case of extreme cold and dark nights, these candles will become a way to save lives.
  3. Study the plants and fish species which can be used for making the candles or can burn as candle.
  4. Learn to use plants and create something to wear as clothes.
  5. Keep the area map with you so that you know where you are heading.
  6. To augment map, you can think of keeping compass as well.
  7. Try to work with community to setup radio service which can keep on working just in case the natural calamities have cut off the contact with other world outside.
  8. Learn to use Solar Powered equipments. There are many batteries which can be charged with Solar power can last of many years.
  9. Store some seeds of the normal edible plants which can be used for growing the crops.

You need to remember that if doomsday occurs, you need to plan for many years to survive. You may add more items to above list such as electric torches and other items.

And most important, keep a plan ready to move to the places which are safer and reachable easily with the help of the boats which you assembled.

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