2012 Doomsday Inception of Theories

That is pretty interesting idea to trace the idea itself when the 2012 doomsday inception begin. It could make a good case to study how the doomsday and year 2012 got linked together.

There many be some queues to understand. It must have started with the thoughts that world can end one day. The further thinking and the mix of popular culture made it something like which is being received all over the world so well. Many people argue that even if doomsday of 2012 is hoax, there is nothing which have captured the attention of the masses like this ever before.  It certainly sounds good to see such entertaining thoughts arriving and media grabbing them.

Lets go to some more layers below the inception of the theories surrounding the doomsday.  Many theorists and cult leaders believe that doomsday will unearth the some of the natural power which will be magical and can be controlled by the humans. This may sound good in the sci-fi movies and the novels. There is no proof that such magical powers even exist on the earth.  The idea of doomsday and possible one, is really scary. Beyond that it is good to see people making money out of the well defined and mix of the pulp fiction doing the rounds. Certainly, it is so well popular now that you can write many books and produce the items and goods around it. There is big market of doomsday merchandise items.

An idea or many incepted ideas of embedded theories of doomsday are re-defining the beliefs and cultures around the world. TV channels have dedicated thousands of the air-time minutes already and there will be much more beyond that. It is long way to 2012 year still. Watch out for more exciting news.

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