2012 Doomsday, is Oregon Safe?

High Deserts safest if 2012 Doomsday occurs

I read at many sites where several people claiming that Oregon is the safest place if doomsday 2012 occurs.  Well, Lets examine this thought of safety.

Oregon is 260 miles wide and its length is 360 miles. The highest point is mount hood which stands to 3425 meters or 1249 feet. The lowest point is sea facing front which is zero at the elevation level. Desert in Oregon has elevation of 9,733 feet or 2,967 meters. It is 130 miles long and 200 miles wide.

As the above facts state that you have the points in Oregon which are uncovered and none stays there. The high deserts of Oregon have right ingredients which are good for surviving if the doomsday occurs. In any extreme situations, the central part of any country is considered safe. You must move away from the borders and coast-line to avoid any incident of high waves.

The last reported earthquake was near the coast-lines. The central Oregon has been more over  silent for many years now. There is no possibility of big events taking place there. The desert is hit last when ever natural calamities occur. You need to be away from the mountains and coast-lines.

Anyways, the news and data so far points that Doomsday 2012 is hoax. The above guidelines may be adopted for any situation when you have to reach the safer places. Reach the places which are still in desert but have the high elevation points. You would need to learn to survive in natural conditions. Just in case, you need to find the safe place, focus on the lower and eastern part of Oregon.

There are many other places which can be considered safe but Oregon having its long coast-line, you need to be careful where you go if something happens. Some of the survival tips can be read at this site. I do not like to scare the people and really do not believe in anything which is not science. I do not think Doomsday is going to come ever.

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