2012 Doomsday may be hoax and fake generated theory

Doomsday 2012 is polished hoax and rightly planted with generated fake theories. No theories are real.

No one knows exactly how rumor mill began to work overtime for the doomsday related news.  There are over 200 theories which point to only one thing that something big is on the way in 2012.  Lately, there was news of people who saw the images of Jesus on the moon in various cities in India. Why it happens at only few places not whole the world. May be it is just happening to few individuals that they are able to see things which are not visible to others.
As the days are getting closer to 2012, the new theories are emerging everyday. Prima facie, those all theories are inconsistent and do not explain many things except assuming the hand of God in everything.  Anything which is played in the name of god, drives some sort of doubts whether it is someone either being fooled or someone is fooling around.  The fake theories of doomsday of 2012 have generated lot of confusion. It is all leading to frenzied situation where people began to take fake as real and start believing in. Well, you do not need to decide and be biased on many things.
At this point of time, doomsday of 2012 appears to be hoax.  Just read the newspapers, do you seriously think anyone is scared because world is coming an end.  Most of theories are not credible enough and worse, they can not tested in controlled environment.  All the theories rely on the fact that they can not tested until the real doomsday.
Sizable investment has already been made by the people who think hype of doomsday can change their fortunes. Neither planet niburu is true nor is the new big change awaited in year 2012. You can become an expert without having knowledge of history, geography and world events, all you need strong ways to influence media. You are certainly there where you are the expert and of course you would find some believers as well.
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