2012 Doomsday Message from Founders

Sal Rachele has doomsday 2012 message and promises to deliver the message from founders.  Really? Let’s try to make the sense of his claims.

Sal Rachele lists himself as an educator on 2012 doomsday matters.  He says he is a teacher, mystic among other such items in his long list. Oh yes!, Sal Rachele is a musician and recording artist as well.

And top of everything, Sal Rachele is author of the book titled “EARTH CHANGES and 2012: Messages from the Founders”.  Lets go little bit deep into his background. Sal Rachele does not list his education details. All he tells us about his background is, he has been Silva practitioner for last 25 days. Lets establish a fact, this guy knows nothing about science.  His books Earth Changes in 2012 just talks about the so-called founders and the message which is coming our way. I think Sal Rachele does not understand what he is talking about. His theories does not make sense. Lets find out why.

He claims to have the message from the founders who created everything such as DNA, Galaxies, Humans and Universe among his long list of creations of founders. Is he saying evolution theory is wrong? Is he trying to say, DNA was created first and injected into humans? And top of that, Is he trying us to believe that Big-Bang theory is false? His book  does not make any sense when it comes to read it in the light of established science.

Like every other doomsday experts, Sal Rachele also has a book to sell. I am not saying he does not have expertise in psychic matters.  Look at the way his book claims to falsify the existing and established notions of science, He does not hold the right arguments to convince the world. Sal Rachele’s doomsday 2012 message and claims stand to be just the gibberish science of telling the world that founders or god privately told him a secret. While there is no secret on the ground and Sal Rachele must be knowing well the truth. He must have discovered by now,  selling a book is one of the most difficult tasks.  And if you have a bad book, it becomes impossible to sell your books outside the circle and followers.

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