2012 Doomsday Profile of Cities and Regions of Canada

The safest places in Canada must be found and it must be convenientĀ for you to live there for longer time.

A careful profiling of cities and regions of Canada reveals many answers when you want to avoid certain places.

The lands which always face the tough weather are better equipped to handle the extreme situation. The population living there is the safer than other places. Largely Canada has many safer places for following reasons.

  1. The population is already acclimatized for tough weather conditions.
  2. The age-old traditions are passed from one generation to another which are learnt to have right immune system to protect body from snow bite.
  3. Most of the people have already learnt to use the equipments which can save lives.
  4. People living in extreme conditions are better equipped with survival strategies.

The above 4 reasons combined with other factors put the people in Canada in the list of the people who would be safe in the scenarios of any doomsday type events.

However, not all places are safe. The major towns and regions are listed as per severity rate based on various factors.

  1. Avoid Quebec Region for its proximity to sea which is cold and can become dangerous when the giant waves lash the ground.
  2. Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Ontario also come in the same category which is not considered good to stay during extreme conditions.
  3. British Columbia on the western shore is not safe region for its geographic conditions.
  4. Avoid any place which is near the sea. You can figure out the names of other places.

The places in the safe list are :

  1. Alberta, Edmonton and Calgary region. This is central and mid part of Canada is far away from sea. You can find comfortable living there.
  2. Northwest Territories and towns there can survive all the conditions of tough to extreme situations.
  3. Saskatchewan is also under the moderate category.
  4. Another town which is in the same moderate category is Manitoba. Choose the locations which are in west direction from here.

The local phenomena and history of natural calamities would be important data when you choose to live under safer conditions and at the places which are considered fit for living for centuries.

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