2012 Doomsday Racing Minds

Are Doomsday Experts really Intelligent? Or just smart salesmen?

People are racing their minds in many directions on the speculation, this may happen and this too may happen in 2012. Lets focus on the expert problem in 2012 doomsday theories.  The argument is that humans are incapable of understanding the hidden evidences.  There is a strong case against the so called experts.  So, does expert problem exist in 2012 doomsday theories?

To me, It exists. What if these experts predict and plan everything for doomsday and doomsday do not come at all. Or something other man-made hits us which equals to damage on the large scale.  The point is, these experts are no better than any morning walker in the park.  We need to understand how an expert is formed.  A fake expert is the result of greed and hollow science.  A confused expert is the result of over-education. A true expert does not exist.  The nature of doomsdays and the events which can not be predicted, points to the fact that theories can not be believed. The validation problem exists with these theories.

Take any popular doomsday theory, some elements are common and you can find them easily.  A new doomsday expert with a book in his hands appears and claims that he knows something which other experts do not know.  A fake and smart expert thinks he can beat others in the game and his book can become one of the best sellers overnight. The problem is, all the experts think alike, trying to beat each other.

Then comes an unknown guy sitting far away and trying to make sense out of theories.  The scientific and social models are not enough to understand the events which are yet to come.  Doomsday experts are mostly copy cats.

None of the large scale events occurred according to the books and pre-existing theories.  If doomsday experts know too much, they must be the first ones who must relocate to safer places. I never heard any doomsday 2012 expert selling his home and running away from luxurious beaches.

The polished and refined crap can earn money. The books of doomsday experts are just garbage.  These books do not make sense at all.  An expert thinks himself wiser than the others while he knows deeply, he is just faking it.  Let 2013 come, many of these doomsday experts will vanish or probably will be searching for next big theory which can be used for producing another book.

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