2012 Doomsday Social Challenge and Perception

This is the continuation from the last post.  Suppose mass migration takes place and new communities are formed after so called doomsday of 2012.  World has never seen such a large level mix of the races and humans from all over the world. Your college degree may not be worth in that case because your university will cease to exist.  The new world order in 2012 and after that, poses serious questions for the sociologists and social scientists.

As the migrants from different parts of the world will have the power to neutralize the existing political system in the new places. This will force the leaders of that country to think from the beginning.  New boundaries will emerge after few years of social and political struggle.  Migrants will demand voting rights in the countries where ever they go.  The countries stand chance to lose their own culture and majority of the migrants will decide the long run of new cultural traditions. That is how the new communities are formed.  As of now, migrants are forced to accept the traditions of the countries. But this equation will destabilize if doomsday of 2012 occurs.  Not all species are going to extinct.  Come what may, some of us will still survive. The survivors will decide their own fate which will take them to streets and fight against each other.

Every social and economic turmoil leads to well known paths. Social scientists are not unaware of the changes. The big question is, we are not ready yet.  Humans have advanced their knowledge of universe and have progressed technologically. But the other bitter truths are; still we have civil unrest in many countries and third-world is a reality where people die of hunger.

Partly, money is going to decide who will survive in 2012 doomsday scenario.  And Partly, it will be sheer luck for the other people to see another day.

And to me, We are lucky humans, we have survived with the time because we exist here. Doomsday of 2012 may be hoax or may be true, nobody is sure of what it is or what it is not.  We have both the supporters and opposite sides telling us their versions.

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