2012 Doomsday Song By Jay Sean

Music Industry is Warming up to the 20120 Doomsday Theme

I took some break to attend to some of the pressing events in the past. I am back with more news.  The well deserved break offered me some time to introspect and think what I really want to do with 2012 theme.

Jay Sean and Nicki Minaj picked up the notes on the 2012 Doomsday theme. The song begins with right note and ends with the hope that we will live beyond 2012. Sound is good. Music is nice and lyrics represent hope. Nice beginning with doomsday theme.

As I predicted in the trends  earlier, more such songs will appear in the future. Doomsday is a theme which none want to miss to cash on.  The intentions can not be questioned because all of us know deep down that we will survive it and we need money to live and spend. So nothing wrong if someone does it with the songs.  I only hate to see the experts who earn their bread by misleading people. Artists are different creatures. They are far better than doomsday experts.

YouTube may have some part of this new song.  I just got the glimpse of it online.  Sounds good to me. At the end, it has to sell. It is part of the album which was launched recently.

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