2012 Doomsday Theme, Lessons Learnt in 2010

There are some lessons which were learnt as we went in 2010 to explore the doomsday themes.  Just2012.com finds out what it meant to be in the themes in the year 2010 for 2012 doomsday related topics and subject as a whole.

2012 Doomsday as Niche:

Contrary to popular belief that doomsday related sites are hit. It is not so.  Just2012.com believes if a site would be hit with the theme, it would be first this site because this site has conducted experiments in almost all types of subjects that are related to doomsday.  Certainly 2012 doomsday is a subject and niche where competition is rising every day. It is an estimate, almost 10 new sites appear on the scene and most of them have approvals of networks.  I seriously do not think if someone made substantial money so far.  It is something like this, people read the content, they enjoy and move on.

Market of 2012 Doomsday Related Supplies

Many people thought they can sell thousands of products to the people who are willing to buy the supplies of life saving products which can be used. Just2012.com thinks, it is too early to sell these products. Market is not ripe. People do not think 2012 doomsday is a credible threat.  There has been very low sale of such products so far.

Sale of books related to 2012 Doomsday

Many experts thought they would be able to capture the attention of thousands of the buyers and readers. Well, it did not happen so. The peak time of the sale of the books was when 2012 Doomsday movie was released. After that very few books are being sold.

Vivos Bunkers and Market Hype

Some ideas look great on the papers. As I have written earlier as well, what would you do with Vivos Bunkers if  the Doomsday is not true.  I really have no figures of the sale value of these bunkers. I seriously do not think Vivos is any near to the target.

Problem of credibility

The biggest issue is, there are no big names supporting the themes of doomsday 2012. It is not on the right track. No credible scientist wants to associate his name with this them. Also, many people shy away from speaking on the subject.  In the absence of acceptance of media and other popular mediums, the doomsday 2012 themes remain low-key affair. The theme looks good as you evaluate it. But it is not better than focusing on the sites related to cars or any other subject.

Time Variable

Almost all the sites related to doomsday 2012 are bound to work with in the the period which is brought by the time variable. Anyone with a blog or site which contains the doomsday related subjects and topics, has just 2 years to get ROI. The investment made in the sites may not be recovered if the theme does not pickup.  The visitor count has to improve to make it better.

Be Focused and Stay Tuned

Even if you created the blogs and sites with few pages, Just2012.com believes that it is too early to take decision to quit or invest more money in the sites and content.

Have Better Content and Serve Better

Just2012.com has been built upon the strong content. It is important to think differently. If you can have the alternate views which are not only creative but also interesting, that would certainly work. Just2012.com can help.

The above lessons were evident in 2010.

Best of Luck for 2011!

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