2012 Doomsday Theories View from Europe

Europe has history of many characters who originated from the islands and palaces and became names to remember. It is interesting to see the wave of doomsday believers in Europe. 2012 movie sales figures in Europe point to very interesting facts.  But a movie is just a piece of fiction. What about the 2012 doomsday theories in Europe?

Well, the answer lies in the language barriers. Most of the rants and hype is surrounding the English specific sites.  The books and other material is primarily in English. It presents the good shielding from the theories. However, Vatican is in Europe and someone from there indulged in prophetic practices.

2012 doomsday theories do not have European connection.  I read somewhere, that some people are trying arrange funds to a common pool which can be used just in case prophecy becomes true. There is no fear among the masses and there is no sign of the people being scared.

Poland has 2012 European Football Championships being planned and the preparations are going on in full swing.  UK has the people who are competing with the partners in UK to sell their books and other material which is based upon the doomsday theories.

The doomsday sites are not happy with the traffic coming from Europe. Advertisers still favor the internet traffic which comes from USA and Canada.

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