2012 Doomsday Theory of Robert Bast Looks Well Mix of All

Robert Bast is Genuine but Book can changes many things for Logical Thinking.

Robert Bast has his own theory of Doomsday. His theory is a derivative of other flying theories on several thousands of the websites related to Doomsday. A good aspect of him is that he does not have a book yet. He informs through his bio page at his website, he is writing one book. A book spoils the expert of anything. The rebound cycle takes place. What happens next is, the expert of the theories, gets the challenge to sell more copies of the book. The complete attention goes to desperate moments of selling books. Complete energy is focused to make book a best seller. There are very few experts who do not have books yet. Robert Bast has a website, a forum and open channels to the public. It looks good and it points that he is trying to be open as much as possible.

To me, the book on the 2012 doomsday subject has limited market and it is limited by the possible duration of the book sale. It is costly venture for the publications. A publication knows well the book may cease to sell in 2013 or so. Robert looks genuine; he has not put very loud pages on his site, as you find on many other sites. His sites are simple and take you directly to the point. What he really thinks can be read in his theory. He names it “Bast Theory”, which deals with 4 points. One of these points is of mutation which has been rarely discussed else where. He makes a valid point from the point of view of evolution. But, we need a real doomsday in 2012 to make it all validated. So far, all those ideas are mere speculations and good to ride over the hype.

No expert, No theorist can force doomsday to come or postpone its date. We are dealing with something which can not be validated and 2012 doomsday according to Robert Bast, must not be ignored. He tells us not to be foolish to ignore the Mayan Calendar. Robert has his own reasons to believe in 2012 doomsday. May be a book changes something about personality and belief. Welcome to the real world where theories and experts are proven wrong. Is something missing? The theorists are too busy making random ideas that they forget the value of the normal cycles.

Almost all experts think that doomsday will come without warning. That’s not the case. Almost all the geological and physical changes came with pre-warnings and signs which could be understood and revealed with the help of scientific models.

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