2012 Doomsday Trends, Patterns, Analysis of Past Year 2010

The Doomsday search data of 2010 does not look great and it has been not so good year for the site owners. I have been trying to make sense of the search volume data which was collected for the last year.

Year 2010 was used by many doomsday related site owners as the building block of the themes. Many new sites appeared and grabbed the headlines.  Jan, Feb and March 2010 saw the new sites and appearance of the doomsday supplies related stores on the web.  Over the next quarter, the website owners realized that they have chosen the wrong niche as the search volume is not better than other general themes.

April, May, June 2010, doomsday experts began to vanish. In this quarter, lesser number of books came. Also the news and media sources started not to focus too much on the doomsday theories. The sensational quotient of reporting news related to doomsday reduced to nothing. All three months did not see any unusual rise in the search data.

July, August September 2010. This particular quarter began with the same pace and did not see any major change until the mind of August when the search volume peaked. Something unusual happened during that time. Soon after August, the search traffic returned to normal.

October, November and December 2010. The search volume did not improve. It continued to decline. Year 2010 ended with the bad note for the doomsday related sites.

Contrary to popular belief, the doomsday sites did not make very good money during the last year. The search data and volume is not so much that it would let you keep site running and earn the profits.

In other words, if you still have patience to keep running your site without caring for the loss or profits from your sites, there may be few rewards for you.  The doomsday related sites which were registered in late 2009 expired in 2010. About 80% of them were not renewed.  The experiment of one year revealed for them that it is not great profit to keep sites running with the doomsday theme.

So, where do we go from here.  Ironically, 2012 Olympic games related search volume is not picking up. We could change the site and its type to general news sense. Anyone who has a site related to doomsday, I would advise the owners to have patience. Do not get carried away by the hype. You may not earn that much as expected but certainly would be able to get great stepping stone for building the right site.  What are you going to do with the doomsday related site post 2012. On that sometime later for sure.

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