2012 Doomsday Views from India

This is going to be a real fun-filled ride. I can promise to my readers that what you are going to read below is going to change your views for better.

India is considered to be the land of spiritual gurus. Several hundred devotees from western world come to India in search of peace and true meaning of their life.  The devotees are coming to India to seek solace in religion and the scriptures of the past.  I am one of them and really interested to know more about the meaning of life. But GURUS have no time. Why!

Recent incidents in India, present very grim picture about the spiritual Gurus. These gurus are stuck between the material and spiritual world. They claim to have attained the state of enlightenment and that state is quite doubtful. Several well known gurus are resting in Indian prisons and you must believe that they had thousands of followers. And some of them still have. They claim to have the branches all over the world. Material loving spiritual gurus are no different than the fake cults in western world.

So what the spiritual gurus are telling us about 2012 doomsday.  A well known guru  Dattatreya Siva Baba claims that Golden age is going to begin in 2012.  Too good!

Several astrologers and one of them at ganeshaspeaks.com, Bhavesh N. Pattni claims that 2012 doomsday is a hoax.

There is a particular TV channel in India, which has gone away from the normal reporting procedures, you can hear most of the swamis there almost everyday. All these gurus and astrologers are dressed like jokers and look like they want to impress the people with bizarre dressing sense. Most of these gurus have the habits of claiming the credit of everything that happens and for that also which does not happen.  It is not very uncommon to hear the gurus talking about the all great discoveries and inventions being written in the sacred books.  What is taking them so long to disover the hidden technology, is beyond logic.

There are plenty of Gurus, Swamis, Babas roaming on the streets, hogging limelight and being fed on the tax-payer’s money. Their only profession and contribution to society are TALL AND MOST STUPID CLAIMS of stars being that side or this side.  Here, Anyone can be guru without investing single penny and it really brings the big money and access to corridors of high powers.

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