2012 Geology

The focus on 2012 from geological point of view has forced several experts to shed some light on this aspect.  As circulated in the media, the pole shift is expected on the sun. The sun shifts poles every 11 years.  So nothing unusual happened in the past with this shift.

Now comes the pole shift on the earth.  It was before 50,000 to 75,000 years, the last time poles were shifted. And nobody can say that 2012 is the exact year of this change.  Discounting the doomsday theories.  The earth’s magnetic poles are not constant and they change. These small changes happen every year and are subjected several parameters which can be explained easily.

There is none who claim to be 2012 geologist to focus especially on this year. However several geologists examined the changes which are probable. The larger picture is unchanged and there is no reason to panic.

Even a minor student of geology can explain that geological changes do not occur overnight. It takes several thousands of the years to occur and it does not happen in few days or hours.

Another aspect is, the theories  are pointing to volcanoes and earthquakes including devastating flood with rain of fires from skies.  Lets discount this rain of fire first. There is no such thing.

Earth’s history has no year which has not seen the earthquakes or volcanoes. Each year these events occur and at least few volcanoes are active all over the world. So if an earthquake hits the earth, it is not something which has never happened before.  There is nothing special about the earthquakes in 2012. These events may or may not occur. We do not have enough science ready to predict the earthquakes in 2012.

The other aspect is Planet Niburu or Nibru hitting earth and changing the earth for ever. There is no such planet. This planet is cooked story.

There are no big geological changes expected in 2012. The regular changes will keep on happening but not that type of 2012 doomsday theories.

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