2012 Japan: Earthquake, Tsunami, Prophecy and Doomsday Theorists

It is really in bad taste when someone uses the natural calamities such as japan earthquakes and tsunami as mediums to market the books which nobody would buy either. Recently, I read the material which has been posted by Friend G. and some one named Great Sun. Do you find anything believable in those two names? I tried to find if anyone could be accounted for what they say. There are no addresses, phone numbers and other details of those two person who are marketing the doomsday books. They have a press release telling the people that they know great deal of 2012 Japan prophecy. Their press release talks about something else and when you arrive at their site, you get no credible information related to anything like doomsday or so-called prophecy. There is a book which is being sold.

Most of these doomsday theorists think they can beat the scientists. Every other theorist with the books has the last words of truth being told. The important question is, why to choose Japan’s calamity as a plank to sell your doomsday book.

Calamities must not be used as ploy to market the books. People need sympathy and help. They do not need anything of doomsday crap. Another aspect, Will these so called know-all-doomsday-crap guys come forward and reveal who they are actually. They are revealing great doomsday codes, but first reveal yourself.

It is common feature among the doomsday theorists, they wish to sell their books using the names which are not real. If you are not a con-artist, what is the harm in revealing your true name and face? Anyone who is talking of doomsday prophecies linking natural calamities, has clearly lost his mind. Are you going to believe such doomsday experts who are not willing to reveal who they are.

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