2012 Movie comes today

2012 is eagerly awaited movie and pre-reviews look good.  Once general people see it and critics need to write their words, the more details will follow. There are expectations that it would set another record for earning revenue.  Even if it is not near to expected plot, you can hope to see to it Oscar’s list.

Now comes the crux. Why this movie has gained so much popularity even before its release.  All over the world, there is craze and madness over a particular date in 2012. Each and every self-proclaimed 2012 guru has his own theories and some of them do not make sense at all. Over all result is hype. The media is hyping 2012 well because absurd news has more audience than the sensible ones.  It is like dog-bites-man has lesser value over man-bites-dog news.

Anyways, gonna watch this movie over the weekend.

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