2012 Movie Review

It is just a movie. I was fairly disappointed with this movie. I expected movie to tell us reasons for 2012 events.

These are the reasons I did not find movie to be good.

1. Movie does not elaborate on the sequence of events leading to the main theme.

2. It starts happening suddenly that the big day has arrived for no reason.

3.  There is no linking facts to Maya Calendar.

5. Movie had everything happening at the same time and suddenly the halt.

6. Movie does not tell you that it is going to happen on December 21, 2012.

7. There is no Nibru Planet in this movie. Theorists would be fairly disappointed.

8. There is no global warming theme.

9. The story simply has many families caught in the events and everyone tries to save them.

10. The love stories and family drama, why you need it to be in a movie which is dealing with 2012.

11.  With the established facts, There is no way to reach Himalaya for Tsunami waves.

12. The movie changes theme from 2012 to saving humanity.

13.  Poor screenplay and disconnected events put this movie into bad science.

Now comes the real science which makes impossible to have it exactly same or more than that.

1.  Any geography or geology student will tell you that events on earth do not happen suddenly.

2.  If the earth has depleting crust, the events would be visible much before 2012.

3. It would not happen on a single day if it has to be. Any devastating event will take time to arrive and there must be sequence of events.

The Day After Tomorrow was better attempt than this one.

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